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  1. Don't remember all the colors as we were looking specifically for black and that was the first option the representative pulled out of the case. I asked my husband about the color selection and he thought he remembered black, red, blue for sure and then maybe some other more colorful ones but can't say for sure what they were.
  2. For me, I would choose Glacier Bay as we have never had a problem with access. For Endicott Arm, there have been some problems with access. I think the reason people have a tendency to say that Glacier Bay is a "must" is because of its beautiful scenery and it's accessibility. There are numerous trip reports with photos (mine included) of Glacier Bay. There might be some of Endicott Arm/Dawe's Glacier as well (I can't recall for sure.) I really do encourage you to look at some of the trip reports for first-hand experiences.
  3. We paid $12 in June for our wristband while on board the Royal.
  4. For me, I don't care for the above itinerary mainly because port time in Ketchikan and Victoria are minimal. HOWEVER, I am not you and don't have to take into consideration little ones. You know your family better than anyone and the port times just might be perfect for the little ones attention span. Sounds like the ship and its amenities are a good fit for you if I understand correctly. As a suggestion, you might want to take a look at the excursions for each port that are offered by your ship to see if any of them closely match what you are looking for out of your visit to the port. Also, you might want to take a look at some of the detailed trip reports shown at the top of this Alaska board --- If I remember correctly, there are some family cruising reports. Alaska planning takes time and it is good that you are looking ahead. You will get lots of suggestions and comments. The bottom line to keep in mind is that this is YOUR trip and you need to be happy with your final decision. Wishing you many memorable moments on your upcoming trip.
  5. We were on the Royal B2B to Alaska in June and had a couple of bad charges as well. First was double charge for tokens in the laundry room and the second was for drinks. The Guest Services people did credit us back the amount charged to us in error. We have always checked our bill daily and will continue to do so no matter what ship we are on.
  6. Interesting observation --- we did a B2B in June on the Royal to Alaska and felt the same thing about the northbound vs southbound passengers.
  7. We were on the Royal B2B Alaska in June and we had to leave Vancouver an hour early due to the tides so we could go under the bridge.
  8. Don't have scheduling information on repro cruises connecting to Alaska cruises just yet as I am doing my homework for 2021. Crazy I know, I am a planner and always looking ahead.
  9. You all have been extremely helpful, I appreciate it very much. We are just beginning to explore some of the options for the California Coastal connection to the Alaska B2B for a future cruise.
  10. I am hoping to get some responses from cruisers that have done the following: We are interested in taking a coastal cruise that leaves embarks in LAX (San Pedro) and disembarks in Vancouver. We would like to stay on the same ship (assuming it can be done) and then continue on with a B2B in Alaska (Vancouver-Whittier-Vancouver.) If it is possible (which I believe it is), would we have to disembark our first cruise (coastal cruise) in Vancouver and go through Immigration before getting back on the ship for our B2B to Alaska? Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. How did you find out your cabin was upgraded?
  12. We just completed our first medallion cruise in June. At the pier, we got our medallion and it was attached to a lanyard. Once on board, we went to the medallion shop near the photo gallery (our ship was the Royal Princess) and we purchased a watch band and had the medallion dropped into it --- worked great for us --- I think the cost was about $12 each. There were other options to choose from at various prices.
  13. The above has been our plan for 27 cruises to Alaska and it has never failed us.
  14. Thanks for the "heads up."
  15. Thanks for the post, I appreciate it.
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