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  1. With regard to the vouchers being used on the ship, can I get a can of soda or do I need to get it as a fountain drink?
  2. I have never used this process. Was wondering -- I booked a guaranteed inside cabin and I still do not have cabin assignment despite the fact that I am only 16 days out and sailing on a ship that has reduced capacity so I know there is availability somewhere on the ship. I assume that since I do not have a cabin assignment I can't participate in this program? If I try to enter my last name and reservation number for the program all I get is a spinning circle.
  3. Sorry --- I got this board confused with the Royal Caribbean one. I am going on two cruises in August (one on Princess and one on Royal). Please disregard my post -- just deleted it.
  4. Your reply makes sense and is in line with what I thought EZ Air would do. I hope Mary Ann 2 sees this post as it should help ease her mind. Thanks for responding to my comment.
  5. You would think with the name "EZ Air" all aspects would make your air travel easier, I guess not. We used the Princess round-trip transfer system last year for our Seattle-Seattle cruise. For our departure from the ship, we claimed our luggage as usual at the pier, took it over to the bus and had it loaded, the bus dropped us off at the same place we left to go to the ship. We claimed our luggage from the bus and then entered the area. There were a few ticket counters (can't remember which ones, sorry) and a couple of kisosks. The area wasn't very crowded. We were staying ov
  6. There is always that possibility with any ship that you take. We have taken this excursion multiple times and never had a problem. But, we do take Bonine the night prior to our cruise and don't stop until the cruise is over --- never had a problem with seasickness.
  7. Hope it all works out for you. I do have a question for you: We have never used EZ Air and was wondering if you use it on disembarkation, do they give you boarding passes and check your luggage for you much like the Luggage Valet service? If so, that should save you some time not having to check in luggage and waiting in line at the ticket counters.
  8. A week ago I called Princess Shore Excursions and said that I wanted to choose a later start time than what I had on my reservation. I was told to cancel the reservation and then rebook to get the time I wanted. Did that with no problem. My OBC was back in my account and then out again within a few minutes.
  9. We are on the August 22nd cruise. We do not have an upload feature for the vaccine either. Not worried as we have to physically show proof so I think that will suffice.
  10. Some people wait and some book in advance. For us, we like a particular small independent vendor so we always book ASAP. We currently have reservations for this August and June 2022.
  11. I haven't gone through Seattle yet with TSA Pre-Check (will be doing this in about 3 weeks) but I can tell you we used this service when we left from Sacramento and Juneau and we were glad that we had it. We had a layover in Seattle for our Juneau trip and we could see the long security lines and I remember saying to my husband that I was glad that we got the TSA Pre-Check for our upcoming trips. In both our Sacramento and Juneau TSA Pre-Check lines we waited no more than about 10 minutes, if that. The fee was $85 per person and it is good for 5 years of travel -- so far, we are very please
  12. Italy52

    Budget Queen

    budgetqueenalaska@yahoo.com -- this is the email address she used to have on her Cruise Critic submissions. Last time I saw one of her posts was around 2020 on a NCL board.
  13. Just checked my phone and now it is showing that I need to add payment info for Shoreside charges. We don't want that. Also, where did you find the information about adding vax information? I am wondering if I should delete app and then reinstall --- so nervous to do this since I have had lots of issues in the past. Comments???
  14. We have used Jayleen's Alaska multiple times and always enjoyed ourselves. Not only is Jayleen a local vendor, she is also women-owned. Check out TripAdvisor and her website for more information. https://jayleensalaska.com/
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