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  1. Italy52

    Crew News --- Question for you

    We are booked on the May 18th 2020, 14-day Maasdam cruise to Alaska. I know your cruise is the one before ours. I have a question for you: do you know when HAL will be posting the excursions for the remainder of their ports that do not have any options listed yet? I went into the HAL website and did a mock booking and it showed a lot of excursions that do not presently appear as options on our BOOKED cruise. The options, if they do happen, look wonderful. Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to provide.
  2. We have booked with Jayleen's Alaska several times and have always had an enjoyable time. In fact, we are doing a B2B this June and have booked with Jayleen for our northbound and southbound trips. Below is Jayleen's link in case you have not already checked it out. If you look at TripAdvisor you will also find reviews of her excursion. https://jayleensalaska.com/
  3. Italy52

    On Millennium. A few thoughts

    Thanks for the post, I appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  4. Italy52

    On Millennium. A few thoughts

    How is the food in the buffet? Nice variety? Last year I had a heck of a time just finding a vegetable to go with my food.
  5. Italy52

    Major Marine Tour in Seward 5 hour or 7 hour

    Northern Aurora -- We have also been on the tours operated by Kenai Fjords where it's open seating. We usually pick seats that are close to the door so we can quickly exit and take pictures. Numerous times we have come back and found our seats were now occupied by people that are sick and wanted to be close to the door so they could quickly exit due to motion sickness. I have to hand it to the crew as they are champs when it comes to clean up and trying to help the sick passengers.
  6. Italy52

    Major Marine Tour in Seward 5 hour or 7 hour

    I have been on the 7.5 hr. tour once and the 6 hr tour numerous times. Just a personal choice but we preferred the shorter tour as we didn't see much of a difference as we were hampered by the weather on the longer tour. With regard to motion sickness, we have NEVER taken a tour where people were not affected by the motion. I am always amazed at the folks who come on board the vessel and proceed to take motion sickness precautions once the tour is underway or when the water starts to get choppy --- too late people! Take precautions earlier so you can enjoy the experience.
  7. Italy52

    Millennium Revolution -

    THANKS a million for posting the pictures --- the buffet layout has been a sore spot for us over the years. The new layout looks very nice and inviting. Hopefully, the quality and variety of options has gotten better with the new make over. We are looking forward to returning to the Millennium in the near future.
  8. Italy52

    RCCL vs. Celebrity

    We have sailed the Radiance and the Millennium numerous times to Alaska. To us, there really isn't much of a difference. Remembering past sailings, it seems like the cruise lines alternate pricing (one year Radiance is cheaper than Millennium and then vice versa.) We like the idea that both lines share the same ports as this allows for pricing flexibility without giving up any of our favorite ports. The one thing the Millennium has going for it is that it is coming out of a major drydock (some people like the newer ship look.) Perks are always a draw for some people. In your case, it appears that you are getting some good perks and will come out ahead even with paying the extra $500. If the above deal were mine, I would have no qualms about taking it --- remember though, this is YOUR cruise --- check out the Celebrity board and make sure you feel comfortable with YOUR decision.
  9. Italy52

    hubbard glacier

    I contacted Allen Marine this morning about the Hubbard excursion and they just got back to me. The excursion is still happening.
  10. Italy52

    Cannot stay logged in.

    I am being timed out as well --- frustrated!
  11. Italy52

    hubbard glacier

    Is this your cruise date? If so, did you reserve the excursion? If reserved, look at your reserved excursions and see if it is still there as "reserved." Curious to know.
  12. Italy52

    hubbard glacier

    Yes, the information on Hubbard does show scenic cruising and that is because the cruise ship will be cruising and we will offload from the ship so to me that does not constitute the excursion is cancelled. As I stated, our reservation is still "a go" until I hear directly from Princess. I will say that when I booked our reservation it only showed a few slots left for purchasing. Perhaps the reservation for your date is sold out or it just hasn't appeared as available yet on your excursion listing. When you talked to Princess I hope you were able to talk with the excursion people and not just a general Princess representative as sometimes they don't know the whole story. If truly concerned, you could contact Allen Marine directly and inquire about the excursion.
  13. Italy52

    hubbard glacier

    I just went and checked our Princess reservation for June 30th Hubbard excursion and it is still showing as "reserved." When are you cruising?
  14. Italy52

    What are some “must haves” to pack in your suitcase?

    We have taken numerous trips to Alaska and the one item that I always pack is sunscreen. We spend a lot of time outside on deck and have experienced wind as well as sun burns.
  15. Italy52

    hubbard glacier

    Last year, this excursion was announced but it never happened and reservations were cancelled. This year, the vendor is offering it again and it appears to be a "go." We love Hubbard and have reserved the excursion for our June visit. Once we get back from vacation I plan to post our comments about the experience. I can't think of any reason why we would not be able to see calving (if it is happening) from a smaller boat.