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  1. Yes - it will take time to know more. I do hope for the sake of our enjoyment and for the future employment of those who work onboard and for the others whose living depends on this enterprise that it all can be resumed sooner and not later! I have been in very large organizations throughout my career - change can be slower in taking effect however leaders do make all the difference for the health and wealth of all participants. So I will be patient & hopeful as developments occur and ready to resume my cruising! Thanks Keith for the reassuring words.
  2. All in unison: "I am the butler now!" My privilege is not now to be pampered, fed and entertained on the Crystal ships - now it is to "butler" my feline friend Ms. Kierke (aka Kierkegaard) now honored in my profile photo. My thought is the viral pandemic might be a conspiracy by our four-legged friends to keep us home! If so, she is getting kinda bored with me, so maybe we will all get to travel again sooner rather than later. Can we hope?
  3. Suzie, I meant to say please remove the entire row from the spreadsheet. I am now clear that (good news) I have not lost any $$, and (bad news) my $$ is in FCP value so it only can be spent on voyages. However this is not such bad news as it appears I can keep moving it from one to another booking and not lose $$ as long as I stay away from the penalty or admin fees (and I do have my eye on a Symphony sailing in Mar 2021).
  4. Well I have been made to understand now that my original cancellation of a b2b2b in March 2020 that resulted in 75% FCP and 25% refund (same day Crystal announced a change to 25% FCP and 75% refund but I got the older deal only because it wasn't yet in the system when my TA cancelled with the Crystal rep on the phone) and that the FCP $ amount is not money that can ever be refunded or have a FCC bonus even when Crystal cancelled the voyage to which I've transferred the FCP money. So I have been punished for my 0% lending and for repeated attempts to cruise with Crystal in 2020. I still am keeping a 2021 booking made with cash and a 2022 one made with FCP money from the original 2020 booking. So 2021 voyage could be cancelled. But hey, I could wait a full six months for the money to be refunded anyway. I will be looking for a viable 2021 sailing opportunity in any case, so might as well keep the $ and booking in play until we know more about the future. I am considering booking something which has a nice low solo supplement and good value now before we see things get going again and the fares start going up. Maybe a river voyage? SuzieQFT please remove my refund note from the spreadsheet as my TA was told today that the $$ I put as my full payment on the now cancelled Oct 2020 Serenity Caribbean voyages is NOT refundable and NOT eligible for any 25% FCC, as I thought initially. Best of luck to all waiting for refunds and wish we'll sail again soon!
  5. Just put in to request refund of my full payment that was supposed to be made into 100% FCP + 25% FCC after Crystal cancelled. I chose this option instead of asking for the refund. My TA says they say they will not give me a 25% FCC because this full payment was money that I had applied from previous cancellations I made (voyages that Crystal later cancelled). Now at the back of the line for a refund. Sailing date 10/29/2020. Cancelled by Crystal on 7/30/2020. I requested a full refund on 9/21/2020. So I got snookered into 2 extra months in the 0% lending club.
  6. Thanks for the tip - watched the trailer. Finished "The Crown" recently and need a new Netflix series.
  7. Yes. https://www.mnhs.org/millcity/learn/architecture-and-art
  8. Next trip to Minneapolis try to see the Mill City Museum - a historical site with lots of fun interactive stuff on flour. Of course that will be after the pandemic. Those planning a future Mississippi River cruise can go upstream as far as Saint Paul, then with a hop, a skip and a jump be in downtown Minneapolis. Or, like Roy a few years back, take Amtrak. https://quirkytravelguy.com/quirky-attraction-mill-city-museum-minneapolis/
  9. Just finished off my CSA juicilicious red seeded watermelon tonight. It lasted a whole week as my dessert every night. I have had those orange seedless ones before, they are as tasty as advertised. Hope you get along with yours and come back to tell us all the tale...
  10. Last November on Mozart learned that we could all still book on the Mozart if we wanted, just need to go through TA in Hong Kong. They were keeping English speaking staff and planning to market in South Asia also (eg India).
  11. Do you think there is any chance for me to go on Dec 2021 Symphony Holiday cruise? I would think NZ and AU won't be open (even by then) to USA travelers. Even if possible, I will not like flying to get there and back, so probably will roll this deposit to one closer to home.
  12. This weekend - starting in 2 hours with Florida Keys - NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, if you are not from USA) has their virtual marine sanctuary visits again. See https://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/visit/2020-giys-activities.html#jul31-fknms All will be posted for later viewing also. Something maybe to "tide" us over while we are stuck (most of us) on land?
  13. Yes got those also. I do not think we will be sailing anytime soon, sadly.
  14. Oooh - Seychelles? You were just there on Esprit, I believe. Google helped after you gave this latest hint... Circling back to the food topic: Here is a link about the lipstick tree with a recipe for puerco pibil (wonderful dish I just made in slow cooker w/ banana leaves) https://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/4119
  15. When I read that in your comment I have to say I thought "oh yeah, that cruise - that one that was 3,000 yrs ago". Well it does feel like ancient history now!
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