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  1. Not supposed to name companies-usually use Airfares.com or just fly.com.Using Celebrity Air this time as no one came close to the one way from JFK to Buenos Aires non stop.He this helps
  2. Yes -have done this a few times -great company and I just said No to the jewelry pitch
  3. Using the Cruise line consolidator-have been to SA now our 5th time -used consolidators and all was good -this time direct flight by cruise line supplier best price and a Direct flight.
  4. And no one else wanted to be saddled with it!
  5. Sounds like a bloody snob to me -I Love meeting the crew families and chatting to no snob values there!them -seems as we have a “Class snob Dowton Abbey” going on here .carnival saved Cunard from bankruptcy-but of course I’m American -
  6. We took a cab and went to Rabat the capital -excellent!
  7. Having done many many cruises on both cruise lines -I thought this was very fair and very accurate indeed.I still do both liners depending on the time and itenary .Well said and thank you.
  8. I have seen every thing -from the sublime to the ridiculous-as long as YOU are happy and comfortable.
  9. I wonder if I will be able to Buy Nitroglycerine sublingual spray for Angina without a prescription-on a cruise stop in Australia I bought it without a script for $20 Aussie and in the USA with script it’s Over $200! Weird!
  10. Yes indeed -I drank Twinings Green tea
  11. Yes you you can but nice to do a brisk walk to somewhere?
  12. Just booked Queen Mary for Oct 24 day-good itenary
  13. There are many good day trip safaris from Port Elizabeth -your ship should list them.Great place for animals
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