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  1. Have dstayed in all 3114 to. ? And love them! Nice big windows and no sea sick ness—I have sailed since 1961 where we had communal bathrooms- no snob here -I’d rather see the world -even in the engine room if needs be!
  2. loerie

    Millennium Ocean View cabins

    We normally book 3114-3116-3118big windows -very nice
  3. loerie

    Just off Q Elizabeth ...very disapointed

    If the food was below par no wonder the Americans did not “Dress up” stop picking on us!
  4. loerie

    Africa reviews?

    Stay on board -Nothing in East London-useless port(I’m ex South African ):loudcry:
  5. loerie

    QM2 theatre

    And very comfortable for a nap-seen many a “Napper”:')
  6. Did this cruise this year-Starboard for us and we love going thru Suez -during the day we just gazed for hours -walking from one side to the other-we had done this a few years ago and noteiced huge changes on both sides of the Suez Canal .We enjoyed this trip so much are repeating it in 2020 -Singapore to Rome -wonderful!:p-only st night are lights dimmed -quite romantic!
  7. From long gowns to “shabby chic “ to “Sunday Best” No big deal!:D
  8. loerie

    Dubai India Cruises 2020

    We have already booked Connie March 17 -Singapore thru to Rome 2020-we did this cruise back to back this year and so enjoyed it that we are doing it again . Only draw back is that we will be 80 years old -:Dso hope we make it!
  9. In May we disembarked there were quite a few dogs-it seemed that the dogs were so well behaved -one couple had 2 dogs-had a porter and husband seemed to be in control of paper work and wife had 2 dogs on lead-we were fascinated and it seemed to go very smoothly-I know this does not answer your question but may make you feel happier! As soon as the dogs were walking to the mini van that was arranged we had such a good laugh at the way these 2 dogs were sniffing the air and wagging tails as if to say .”Here we come NewYork!”
  10. loerie

    Weather on a November Crossing

    Have done 2 November and I May crossing-all 3 had gale force winds and huge waves for st least 4 days -still enjoyed every minute!:D
  11. loerie

    A Proper G&T

    When it’s 96 outside with the same amount of humidity-load up the ice please-very hot summers in the US -not like the UK!;p
  12. loerie

    Agadir Shore Excursion

    No!-they are huge!-but it is a never ending vista of mountains-it is very dry -desert-we always go for what is different and have never been disappointed
  13. loerie

    Agadir Shore Excursion

    We loved Tarrandout! The drive is great a# you see the stunning Atlas mountain-would do it :hearteyes:again in a heart beat
  14. loerie

    Cruise port in Colombo, Sri Lanka

    We were there in March -very few facilities and no terminal
  15. loerie

    Make it more fun

    You are so right!! hit the nail on the head!