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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Have you had a chance to visit Upcountry? We enjoy every day here and have no intention of going anywhere else - unless Regent has a cruise we just can't resist.
  2. BermudaBound2014 - Off subject a bit but worth an ask, we were just wondering what keeps you busy during your extended visit here? We have a home and two acres of forever growing plants, trees and flowers to consider and that keeps us kind of busy, but we are running short on interesting things to do that aren't touristy or overdone. We're too close to the subject to be objective, and you seem to have a handle on things. Mahalo.
  3. The POA is a great concept, though not for us. When she showed up, that was fine but when she stopped sailing here, out of sight was out of mind for us. The same for Florida and cruising. We were able to get everything back for a Regent trans-Panama when it cancelled last Spring. We took the money and ran, and won't get back into cruising until/if things calm down. Speculation would only be frustrating. Does give you something to do though when Kapalua gets slow. We had a second home there for years. It was lovely but boring, and too many snowbirds.
  4. Your comments above about Maui were very interesting. If you truly believe what you wrote, one wonders why would you possibly want to make an investment here? It is hardly an inexpensive or uncomplicated place to own property or a business. Very honestly, we really can't comment about the POA as we have no attachment to it and haven't given any thought to that.
  5. Gee, do you get the idea that some posters here aren't too happy about the way Hawaii is being run?? Do note that "POM" should be "POA".
  6. Perhaps that is because every county is different and they don't all have the same problems. One size does not fit all here.
  7. The following is from a website about gluten-free cruising: Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Overview: A chef or restaurant manager will meet with you to discuss your preferences, review menus, and select items for the next day’s meals. In many cases, gluten-free options can be provided at the time of the meal as well. Contact: Email the line’s operations team at least 90 days prior to sailing.
  8. No. Just Oahu, Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii and Kauai.
  9. Think of it as having a day off from work. You don't want to dress up or leave the house. You just want to hang around being casual. When you go back to work you can get dolled up again then.
  10. Not being old grumps, but one thing that bothers us is that the vaccine is not available here on Maui now unless you are in the 1A and 1B groups. We are well into our 70's too, but there seems to be a lack of vaccine - and we can't just drive to a neighboring state to get our shots
  11. There was a great difference between what the POA provided and what the Superferry provided. They both float, but the similarity stops there. The ferry was operating without an EIR, and that did not help it. Just Google "Hawaii Superferry" and you can read all the details pro and con that went with the idea of a ferry.
  12. The Safari Explorer does cruises within Hawaii part of the year (and does Alaska part-time too we believe). A little too informal for us, but at 36 passengers it might fill the bill for some.
  13. We aren't "dumbth", but can report they were well before C-19.
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