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  1. We have found it very wise to remember to avoid any suite that is above or below a public area.
  2. Because it costs less to take the cruise ship than it does to bring out the yacht.
  3. Aloha! Yes, La Veranda could b a problem, and we imagine you will get input here from fellow cruisers about that. Our question would be if the small interior stairway shown on the deck plans across from 1072 (not the larger stairway by the elevators) is for crew to move tehmselves/supplies/room service, etc. from deck to deck? If so, the door opening and closing there could be annoying. We may be over-worrying though, so please check with your TA about this.
  4. Covid-19 may have changed things, but believe it or not there is air service to and from Nuku Hiva (Marquesas). The airport has the IATA code of NHV, and Air Tahiti is the prime carrier.
  5. To our knowledge, inside cabins are just that, and don't have portholes.
  6. You would give up pampering to be a part of the masses? Why sail in a special section then?
  7. Are you trying the location at 2355 Kekuanaoa in Hilo (808) 935-2898? They are 3.5 miles from the pier and say they are open Monday-Sunday from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. We checked April 9th on their website and there was nothing to indicate they are closed. Sounds like a phone call might be in order.
  8. Perhaps you might want to look again. We checked the Hertz website for Hilo for example and it shows they are open every day.
  9. With all due respect, we beg to differ. When we were sailing with Regent, Seabourn and Silversea prior to Covid-19 they had (and hopefully will continue to have) a Captain's table.
  10. We have always been curious about why the butler escorts you to your restaurant of the evening and has a brief chat with the maitre d' before you are seated (we are talking all-inclusive ships in this case)? It is very nice, of course, but we have never requested this.
  11. That location is now closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  12. You don't get to Hawaii much, do you?
  13. Not to concern yourself. If things go back toward normal operations, there will be a shuttle/shuttles from the dock to the airport car rental area at the airport. Even if you somehow had to take a taxi it is less than three miles from the port to the airport car rental area.
  14. USA Today just had an article about the number of tourists on Maui and how not everyone is getting along. Interesting but sad reading.
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