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  1. The shoe may fit right now, but how about after it gets a makeover to satisfy whatever new procedures are required?
  2. If it means no cruises for 5 years, all of the cruise lines will be out of business.
  3. With all due respect, for us it has nothing to do with "freedoms". It has to do with having to wear something stuffy and uncomfortable and pay a lot of money to do so. Why cruise - and pay a good amount of money for it - if you are going to be uncomfortable?
  4. Just a thought you may have considered already: We were tired (in more ways than one) of going through airports while trying to manage ourselves and our luggage, so we decided to try a luggage forwarding service and make it easier on ourselves. It is a tad expensive, but some things are just worth the money.
  5. We based this on Regent making up a new cruise if they would be allowed to do that. It could be as mentioned - from the west coast over to Hawaii. Do Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island. Then back to the west coast with a short stop at Ensenada. The Mariner knows the Pacific well, but we would love to see the Explorer or Splendor too. This is just an idea, but if it ever happens, sign us up!
  6. If Regent sent one of its ships from the west coast to Hawaii, it would be able to dock in Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the big island of Hawaii. A true luxury cruise (such as Regent) to Hawaii and back might be interesting. Drop by Ensenada very briefly on your way back to satisfy making a foreign port.
  7. Here on Maui we seem to get a fair amount of interesting things such as the green flash, double rainbows, moon bows, blue and other moons, etc. We were told that it has to do with Maui's latitude, and places with more or less the same latitude can also see them. One thing we like for sure is the sky filled with stars.
  8. Now if you can only get Regent to agree about that and cancel our May 17th Mariner (Miami-San Francisco) cruise and get to a refund, we would certainly appreciate that.
  9. As we recall, it is a more formal way of saying Tour Desk.
  10. As we recall, TC actually stayed in 1200 and not 1201. They are both the same though. We stayed in 1201 on a Panama Canal cruise and found the suite perfect for viewing everything. The master bathroom is something else. The shower has a window that takes one whole side of the shower stall and looks out over your forward deck. The bathtub has a large picture window that looks out over the side of the ship. We were not bothered by any motion of the suite, but that is just us. As you know, it all depends on what weather and seas you encounter. We didn't try 1012 because it is on the side of the ship and the balcony wasn't as big as we wanted. 902 (we could be mistaken, so do check it out) has a slanted wall in the bedroom that is a bit awkward. We also believe 902 is a connecting suite, and you may/may not care about that. We would certainly stay in 1201 again (or 1200).
  11. She was originally set to sail from Europe to Miami in May and do a cruise from Miami to San Francisco (actually the last segment of the World Cruise). We are still booked on that May 17 - June 4 cruise, but have heard nothing from Regent about its status. Obviously it isn't going to work now for a variety of reasons. Wonder how much longer they will keep this cruise supposedly active?
  12. We still have a booking on the Mariner from Miami to San Francisco May 17-June 4. Don't see how that cruise is going to work now, but we want to hang in there to find out if/when they will cancel as we prefer a cash refund to a FCC.
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