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  1. Could someone please post the links for the first two shows, as we aren't with Facebook either. Thanks!!
  2. Google "101 Things To Do On The Big Island Of Hawaii" for ideas.
  3. In looking at the POA deck plans, deck 7 is above what appears to be quite a few public spaces. As a standard rule (which hopefully someone like us will tell you rather than you learning by experience), you DO NOT take a cabin above or below the pool or above/below any entertainment venues. They are usually noisy and not worth the risk. You need a one deck buffer of cabins between you and the public areas. This is strictly our findings though, and "YMMV".
  4. Honest question - Just curious what the fascination is about Crystal's Pigs in a Blanket - or maybe you are teasing? We have had them three times as hors d'oeuvres when we visited the Symphony here in Hawaii over the years and didn't find them remarkable in any way.
  5. With all due respect, if you looked at the entire package and knew what was on offer with Silversea, then why did you choose to bore yourselves with them??
  6. As noted, we were mentioning about the need for a taxi to The Feast at Lele only. Sorry if it confused the issue.
  7. ...and no need for a taxi for The Feast at Lele, as the walk between the tender port and luau site is an easy one.
  8. In looking at the photo of the server in costume we notice the passengers pictured are balancing plates of food on their laps. Is this usual?
  9. We'd be curious to know it what ways they do so? You may have meant Regent Seven Seas (one cruise line, not two) and a comma just got in the way and made it sound like two lines.
  10. Agree with your thought. We found this on the internet about Seabourn and dated June of this year... "Casual, resort-style attire including jeans and shorts, is welcome in all lounges and dining venues UNTIL 6pm." In thinking about it, we would be rather uncomfortable (read: underdressed) going around the ship in the evening in shorts when everyone else is wearing something longer.
  11. Apparently at least Silversea, Seabourn and Regent (our cruise lines of choice) think so, as pant suits are listed by all of them as elegant/casual wear on their ships.
  12. Perhaps you mean "Leisure Suits" that were for men at the time. We believe the pantsuit mentioned is meant for today's woman.
  13. When we took the Explorer through the Panama Canal in 2017, we ran into the Navigator in Cabo San Lucas. She was on her world cruise. When she left Cabo she slowly circled the Explorer, and the Navigator staff hung a large sheet off the aft area of the ship that said "Navigate The World". Their staff played "What A Wonderful World" over their loudspeaker. Gave us goosebumps in a good way.
  14. The Pride of America's claim to fame is that it is a way to tour Hawaii and unpack only once, and most of the passengers' time is spent off the ship. It is not known as a culinary destination or experience.
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