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  1. Just as a side note, do remember that luaus are evening affairs. Some people like to go-go-go with daytime excursions and then they are too tired to enjoy the luau. Pace yourself accordingly.
  2. The Pride of America only tenders at Kona (on the Big Island). It docks at Oahu, Maui, Hilo and Kauai.
  3. Many cruise lines include their menus on their websites. Have him take a look at them and see if there is anything that suits his fancy. If so, perhaps go for it. If not, nothing lost.
  4. Where is the fun in wearing a wet bathing suit to a restaurant??
  5. Do note that Sears is closed now. The Pride of America obviously hasn't been docking in Kahului for some time either. Not good for business, and unfortunately not worth coming in from Lahaina to visit.
  6. With all due respect, if we wanted to get away and relax without worrying that everyone is thinking about us and our attire, it wouldn't be on ships the size and passenger count of Royal Caribbean's fleet. You want to get away from the world, not take it with you.
  7. Regent Splendor, September 2021 courtesy of a Splendor passenger:
  8. You might also keep in mind Long's Drugs (part of the CVS chain of stores) in the Lahaina Cannery Mall. Good for souvenirs and any drug store type items you might have forgotten to pack. You can google them for more inflormation.
  9. We remember a cognac sampling one evening in one of the lounges on the Explorer. Georgiana brought three very decent cognacs and spoke about each one. No reservations needed (it was mentioned in the daily schedule) and complimentary. Very pleasant.
  10. Apropos of that, we are wondering what little amenities Regent will keep and what will go?
  11. Does this apply to Owner's Suites on all of their ships or only the Riviera and Marina?
  12. We feel that Prime 7 has a certain laid-back ambience to it that lends well to a special occasion. We just didn't get any special feeling like that from Pacific Rim.
  13. If your ticketing is changeable, are there any flights you may be able to use if you fly out of Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami? At least in our experience FLL is also a much calmer airport (understatement) than MIA, and not that long a drive away.
  14. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing, but do note it is a connecting suite.
  15. We'd be curious to know if this was on the Riviera or Marina or one of the smaller ships? We're reserved in an Owner's Suite on the Regatta but wonder if we should rethink Oceania? What impressed you about the Suite?
  16. This is an excerpt from Maui Now. You can check their website for the full story: County officials are calling Maui’s new set of rules “Safer Outside.” It includes the previously announced vaccine guidelines for eateries, and newly announced reduction in capacity for commercial recreational boating, ground transportation, and commercial tour operators. There will also be no spectators at indoor or outdoor sporting events. “We are calling our new set of rules Safer Outside,” said Maui County Managing Director Sandy Baz, who explained that the newly revised Public Health Emergency Rules For Maui County are “not quite Safer-at-Home.” “This means that all gatherings up to a maximum of 10, should be held outside whenever possible. We are modifying social gatherings inside [to] five people, [and] outside up to 10 people,” said Baz. “For outside shared areas, individuals must comply with physical distancing requirements of at least six feet of physical separation from all other persons who are not part of the same household. And this goes for everyplace that you’re at.”
  17. Unlike rather charming Lahaina, Kahului is a commercial/industrial area that really has nothing to offer a visitor and is not in what one would consider an inviting area for walking. It is not someplace where you would want to spend the day. In our opinion, if you can find transportation to your liking, take it and go see the other parts of the island.
  18. If by "death highway" you mean Kahekili Highway, it runs from Wailuku to Kapalua and not around Olowalu to Kaanapali.
  19. Just curious what interesting car destinations you have in mind?
  20. NextOne: If you haven't done so already, check out "Maui Now". It is a valuable source of information about Maui and the rest of the State.
  21. Add to that the following from Maui Now: "Maui Memorial Medical Center continues to experience an increase in COVID-19 positive admissions...This is the largest number of COVID-19 admissions the hospital has experienced throughout the pandemic, according to a Maui Health spokesperson.
  22. We have found it very wise to remember to avoid any suite that is above or below a public area.
  23. Because it costs less to take the cruise ship than it does to bring out the yacht.
  24. Aloha! Yes, La Veranda could b a problem, and we imagine you will get input here from fellow cruisers about that. Our question would be if the small interior stairway shown on the deck plans across from 1072 (not the larger stairway by the elevators) is for crew to move tehmselves/supplies/room service, etc. from deck to deck? If so, the door opening and closing there could be annoying. We may be over-worrying though, so please check with your TA about this.
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