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  1. We’re looking at that Norway itinerary or a similar on in May. We’re elite and hope the Royal perks we’d get are good (especially the drink vouchers).
  2. I haven’t sailed Royal Caribbean in over a decade and have largely cruised Celebrity due to their better food and service. My last two Celebrity cruises (post covid) were only OK and has me thinking about a change. Royal is offering an itinerary on the Jewel (we’ve sailed that class and like the ship) to Europe that Celebrity is not offering and I thought I’d ask if any loyal Celebrity folks have sailed on Royal recently and what your thoughts were on the food, service and entertainment. How did the food compare to Celebrity? How was the overall service? How would you compare entertainment? Lastly, did you find Royal has started to nickel and dime like X has? By no means am I expecting Royal to be as good as Celebrity but if Royal is still a decent offering then the itinerary may be worth trying.
  3. On the Celebrity forum someone posted an excel spreadsheet that could help you determine if the cost was worth it based on your eating/drinking habits. The key driver is usually the amount of alcohol and coffee one drinks. It doesn’t take a large number of drinks to make the packages worthwhile but if you only have 1-2 drinks a day it usually doesn’t make sense. The convenience factor of having a package is also a factor…. Even if it costs slightly more it’s a vacation and it’s nice to not have to think of the cost of each drink.
  4. I used to book directly with the cruise line (Princess, HAL, Celebrity, etc) but find that since the pandemic I have to use a TA. I get a better price as well as shipboard credit. Not all sailings are discounted so one has to look a bit. Saved a few hundred $ on my upcoming cruise as well as a bunch of shipboard credit.
  5. I’ve brought fresh flowers onboard in Florida and Barcelona. Will be sailing out of Sydney in November to New Zealand. Can’t find anything on Princess stating whether that’s allowed or not. Does anyone have experience sailing out of Sydney?
  6. My last two cruises on Celebrity were OK. Felt the ships and staff were top notch. Food was OK but not stellar (also thought the entrees offered were the same old same old). Biggest disappointment was the wine selection. Paid to upgrade to premium and on both cruises they were pretty much out of everything. What pushed me over the edge (no pun intended) was the pricing of cruises I was looking at. After many years away from Princess I recently booked a Princess cruise on the Royal Princess. It’s a New Zealand cruise and is priced at $1,800 CDN less than a similar X cruise. In addition the price includes two specialty dinners and unlimited gym classes. Given the savings and my prior experience with Princess I figured I may as well give it a try. Stay tuned for my comparison.
  7. Does anyone else find it a little frustrating when you’re on the Princess site and after you’ve chosen the cabin type you’re then given the option of selecting your cabin or allowing Princess to choose later only to see that every deck shows Guarantee Only for every deck? First world problem I know…. But if only Guarantee cabins are available why show the option of choosing a cabin?
  8. Try clearing your cookies. If that doesn’t you you may have to check Canadian TA sites or resorts to calling Princess.
  9. @SnowshoeCat Trying a few things but it seems AC adjusts to Canadian pricing anytime Canadian city is input as a routing point. Qantas just announced a sale so it might simply be best if I fly YHZ-LAX on one ticket and the LAX-SYD on Qantas. Lots of time and still weighing the options.
  10. @Globaliser Looked at stopping overnight in Vancouver however fare increases significantly. Good idea but unfortunately doesn’t work 🙁 @Fairgarth Flight from YHZ to SYD on Air Canada is approx $3,600 (cdn) return depending on dates. Flights from LAX to SYD (via YVR) on Air Canada are approx $1,400 (cdn) with flights from YHZ to LAX approx $640. Basically saving $1,500 by routing through LAX. Savings would be reduced by hotel/meals in LAX but well worth it (not including the fact that breaking up such a long flight isn’t a bad idea). Simply trying to avoid the last leg from YVR to LAX and instead book a direct YVR to YHZ flight.
  11. @em-sk Thanks for the info. This isn’t something I would do on a regular basis and am only considering because it’s so frustrating to see such a difference in fares if my departure gateway is LAX (I realize AC is just trying to compete with US Airlines that can fly to Sydney direct from LAX). One of the reasons to short check is to spend a day or two in Vancouver to rest and visit family and friends. We can also get a direct flight home from Vancouver where we’d need to connect if flying from LAX. Appreciate the info.
  12. Frowned upon yes, illegal no. Have done it a few times over the years but generally when doing carry on only. Given the suitcase and having to deal with customs and immigration I believe it will be pretty difficult. And yes, I’ve looked into having my bag shipped but the price is pretty astronomical. Still searching for other options to deal with this.
  13. Hope I have the terminology correct. Been looking at flights to Australia and have noticed flights via Air Canada (via YVR) are significantly cheaper if using LAX as the departure city. It still makes financial sense to fly into LAX and spend a day and the. Connect into Sydney but it would save a lot of time if on the return flight I got off in YVR rather than continuing onto LAX. Given today’s baggage/customs process I believe I would be unable to short check my luggage to YVR nor would I have an opportunity to otherwise pick up my luggage. Just wondering if anyone has YVR experience. Difference in airfare (even with a stop in LAX is $1,200-$1,500 cdn). TIA
  14. I had a flight in September with a change of less than an hour. Air Canada advised me of the change and included a link to different options if I didn’t like the change in time. I choose a completely different routing that worked better for me at no charge. The fact that the AC rep indicated you should not be charged which would indicate there is no issue.
  15. To the OP. My guess is your issue is with inexperienced Flights By Celebrity staff. As the Air Canada rep said, based on AC changing your flights you should have the option to choose a time that works better for you. Just like Celebrity reps, not all are created equal. I’d call back, ask to speak to a supervisor and see if they will make a three way call. Beforehand choose the specific flight you’d like to be changed to and try a mock booking on the AC website to ensure there are seats in your category.
  16. Booked on the Enchanted Process out of Barcelona in October and can book flights direct with Air Canada for $1,120 return. Same flights on EZ Air are being quoted as $1,654 (that rate is the non refundable rate). Called EZ Air to see if something was wrong with their site and was told that was the same price they were seeing. All pricing is in Canadian $. Not a huge deal as I will just book direct with Air Canada but wanted to post as this is the first time I have seen cruise air significantly more expensive than booking direct.
  17. Our ship was at the first birth (101) and the walk took less than 15 minutes.
  18. Did it last year. Walked from Moxy hotel direct to the ship.
  19. @St 4711 I think you’re right about the OBC. That said I rebooked CAP and my fare went down almost $500 (had already booked CAP with $100 OBC). Thanks for the tip about 3rd party booking. Tried one of our airline websites and they didn’t even have the CAP pricing. Will check a couple others.
  20. @lx200gps It’s still on the Princess website for me but shows prices unavailable. I also saw an add on FB which did show prices but gave an error message when you clicked to book. Seems like the same list of itineraries they originally had. Hopefully it gets expanded to include Australia and New Zealand.
  21. Called and indeed the “Canadian $ at Par” promo is alive. Seems the website is messed up. I confirmed pricing on a new cruise and while I was at it repriced my Med cruise that was booked during the promo (saved a couple hundred dollars).
  22. Went to the website today using a new device and saw a number of cruises available with Canadian $ at par…. Only issue was I couldn’t upgrade to the Premium or Plus fares. May give my vacation planner a quick shout.
  23. Makes no sense…. In addition to seeing a price difference between standard and plus your standard rate is significantly less than what I am seeing 😳
  24. I’m looking at a few cruises and have noticed that for certain months/departure ports when you select Princess Plus the prices of the cruises doesn’t change (normally selecting Plus results in an increase in the fares shown). I’m looking at Canadian booking and two examples are August sailings from Vancouver and October sailings from Barcelona. Oddly if you don’t select a departure these same sailings still don’t change when selecting Plus but it’s clear that sailings from other ports increase in price to include the Princess Plus package. When I try to complete a booking it’s clear that the booking does not include the Princess Plus package. I’ve reported this to their IT department and will be calling my vacation planner today. Attached are two screen shots showing the same price regardless of which pricing is chosen. If you’ve booked recently it might be worth double checking you got what you wanted…. Perhaps this is just a Canadian booking issue but who knows.
  25. Using the Canadian version of the site I’ve experienced the same issue. I’ve searched for Princess Plus but noticed when I check that box the pricing does not change. When I get to the point of selecting a category the normal pop up asking if I want to upgrade to Premium does not appear and when I continue my booking there is no mention of the perks. I’ve reported this to their IT department and will be calling a vacation planner tomorrow. Huge glitch in the website.
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