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  1. I got some last year at the Tortuga Store. I hope they are still in existence I want more when I go back.
  2. Thanks for the info! I am from Ellsworth....halfway between Bangor and Bar Harbor....You?
  3. Thank you all! Does either of them feel less crowded than the other?
  4. How about instead of throwing it in the trash...you just leave it for one of the many other cruisers who might appreciate the fun behind it!
  5. Good Morning We are thinking about booking a family cruise for my granddaughters graduation. Its been a while since we cruised Royal. Grandparents mid to high 50's parents, low to mid 30's and kids 5 to 18. Maybe a few more but not sure yet. Does anyone have a preference between these two? Things you don't like? Can I have the good, bad and ugly of both ships? Thanks a bunch! Happy Cruising!
  6. Thank you both. I'll pass it on!
  7. Son and Daughter in law are setting sail in a couple of weeks. His birthday is happening while on board. Can she get decorations or a cake by going to guest services or cherry on top...or does she need to do it from the fun shops ahead of time? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you. Do you have to reserve shows ahead of time? Is there a package deal for the "extra" restaurants? Is Muster like Carnival where you do it when you get onboard...or is everyone crammed on deck like the old days?
  9. Good Morning- Its been a long time since I cruise Royal (2008 I think). Looking at Symphony of the seas in January. Can you tell me about changes made since then....Drink packages, I think I read that you now have to reserve shows in advance....dining packages...etc.....Help a cruise dummy out please...haha
  10. We have cruised on both and think that they are very similar.
  11. I don't remember the names...but one was a summer fun one....there was an 80's songs one and another one that I don't remember what it was...but it was great!
  12. I was on the pride last week and we had Tea Time. It wasn't listed under the activities on the hub app...but under the food and drink sections. It was listed on both sea days.
  13. You are very welcome...thanks for tagging along!
  14. Could I bother you to get a picture for me? I forgot to get a pic of what is in the Jamaican Sunrise at the Red Frog Pub last week...It was my favorite drink during my whole vacation.....
  15. Do it! You won't be disappointed! This was our first trip with 5 ports. We had a blast!
  16. We each were able to take 1 12 pack of 12 oz cans. You can also take 1 bottle of wine. They have to be in your carry on...not your checked bag.
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