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  1. Symphony has "Hairspray" My favorite was "Mama Mia"
  2. That does appeal to me, but I can only find the "sample menu" online and it does not list those items.
  3. The menu online (sample menu) only shows fish sandwiches...but if they do have a cheeseburger or crispy chicken sandwich, that would be great!!!
  4. Hubby loves seafood, I do not...if he were to reserve lunch at Hooked, could he eat at the bar, while I joined him (not eating, but woukd have a drink) Thanks
  5. We had a cabana on chill island and waterpark tickets...the big thing for my husband, kiddo and cousin (cousin husband and I stayed at Cabana all day) was the going back and forth. Between the wait time for the slides and the "commuting" back and forth, they did not enjoy as much of the waterpark as they woukd have liked...
  6. It would probably be about the same as a club balcony suite for 3...the only connecting rooms they show have the Pullman beds and it bothers me that they jut out from the wall..
  7. Would NCL allow this.. Thinking of booking 2 rooms, 1 oceanview and 1 inside.. If I were to list husband in inside and myself and 15 yo daughter in oceanview, could we get an extra keys and put daughter in inside..They would be across the hall from each other.. Thanks
  8. You can book now up to April 2025, hopefully after tonigh/tomorrow you can book up till April 2026
  9. looks like Wonder will be doing 3/4 nights starting Sept 1st, 2025
  10. When we brought my daughter, (she turned 13 last year) it was a 10.00 charge...I believe they had a special kids menu...
  11. Are they the corner cabins on deck 10??? Those are great rooms, they do have a pole, but room and balcony is much bigger ...Search youtube to see..
  12. I would think any viable access OUT of a venue being "blocked off" would be considered a hazard, and f it was/is...it should be reported immediately
  13. Hi, on the Wonder they show yellow padded chairs by the pool and also stadium seating.. Are they reserved for suites or can anyone use them?? Thanks
  14. Hi, I wondering if someone could verify if there was a "Mongolian grill" in the Windjammer...maybe it is just there for dinner... Thanks
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