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  1. We've done a few of them. Both good and bad responses above are correct in our opinion. I guess it depends on who's in the cast on whether it's good or not. Food is always good and wine is so-so. At 50% discount, I might try it again. T
  2. It's very noticable when you look at old pictures or newsreels of baseball games from the 1950's and earlier to see the folks in the stands wearing suit & ties.
  3. You have similar likes as we do. Some folks really like sitting on the balcony looking at the ocean but we prefer to people watch so CP's are better for us. We haven't tried Boardwalk but I've read that, depending where they are, they can be quite loud. On the other hand some of them have nice views of the aqua show. Nice to have a choice.
  4. We've stayed on deck 11 and deck 12 not too far from elevators. No problems and we booked again for the 1/27 Oasis sailing on deck 11. Privacy not an issue - close the curtains! No noise. We can hear the music from pool deck during the day if out on the balcony. Door seals were good in our cabins. We don't use balcony much anyway so it suits us. Perks and lower price are a good value for us. T
  5. I agree with both of these comments. Upselling OK but there's a point where it's overdone and inappropriate and it seems to be getting worse in the past few years on both Celebrity & RCI (I haven't cruised any other lines)... No flames please .. just an observation T
  6. Gee Stan. You sound a little more "huffy" at me than I am about the upselling. No need to attack me about an observation I have. T
  7. We just got off a 14-day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Reflection out of Ft Lauderdale. I'm already annoyed by all the upselling of drink packages, specialty dining, spa etc. etc. You can't go anywhere on the ship anymore without being hawked all the time with the upsell pitch at every venue entrance. This cruise beat all for the annoyance. I've never seen these two tactics before: 1. During the Elite event in the evening, the servers tried to sell specialty dining. I wonder if they get a commission? 2. While dining in the MDR during our late seating, the head waiter came up to our table of 8 with a chef from the galley. The two of them together pitched specialty dining while we were eating our dinner!!! Unbelievable! If it gets any worse, I wouldn't be surprized that they drive people away. Has anyone else experienced this or worse? T
  8. Drink of the day was $1.95 and Screwdrivers and Bloody Marys were always $1.95 everyday. T
  9. Thanks again for doing this live review. We will be following in your footsteps in November 2019 (on Celebrity though). Cheers T
  10. I read that they now load 3 drinks on the sea pass to use at any venue. But they also limit you to 3 drinks in the Elite event as well. Very short event too (2 hours I think). We are on Celebrity Reflection next week so I'll find out first hand. T
  11. Bill & Marie, Thanks for posting this. Sallie & I are going on our first Panama Canal Cruise on Celebrity Infinity in November 2019 and this review is great. We were on the 2017 Radiance Hawaii cruise with you and really enjoyed it. Hope to hook up with you again. (I gotta get me a suit like the Alley Cats are wearing). T
  12. For us it's always been in the hall and occasionally the porter will put it in the room. Except once!... When Sallie stashed an iron in a suitcase on one of our earlier cruises. I had to go to the :naughty room" to retrieve it. T
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