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  1. 2chiefs

    What makes Royal special?

    Agreed. If there was only one best cruise line for everyone then there would ony be one cruise line in business. "One Man's Ceiling is another man's floor" (Paul Simon)
  2. 2chiefs

    My X to Princess to NCL Review/Comparison

    We're the same way. We don't dance or party into the wee hours. A nice show after late dining and we are done for the night. It's what we've always done on RCL and we are looking forward to our next 14 day cruise on Reflection (2nd time on X). We are open for other cruise lines however and may try NCL if the price/itinerary is right. Thanks for the review..
  3. 2chiefs

    Bad Behavior in the Diamond Lounge

    Maybe he was the headliner juggler Bob mentioned. T
  4. 2chiefs

    Adults Only Area-Infinity

  5. 2chiefs

    Adults Only Area-Infinity

    Am I to understand that the heated T-pool in the Solarium is unique to M-class only? Thanks T
  6. 2chiefs

    BOGO Johnny Rockets Milkshake

    Interesting. That would be a little difficult. I've used BOGO drink coupons many time where the bartender would allow me to come back after I drank the first one. But milkshakes? Hmmm Drink one now and another an hour later might not be wise. It doesn't hurt to ask though. I'm sure it depends on the person at JR at the time and whether he/she can remember you... Or, be bold. Drink two!!
  7. 2chiefs

    Junior suite?

    One more thing: A little larger cabin. Very nice on longer cruises or B2Bs.
  8. I'd rather leasurely sit in the airport for a few hours sipping some coffee from one of the restaurants and reading a book than sitting on the ship with nothing open and people scrambling off. We've never had a problem checking luggage in 4 hours ahead of time. I prefer a little cusion going to the airport anyway as traffic could be an issue if something major happens on the freeway which would shut it down. (It's happened to us before). Better early than late as far as I'm concerned.... T
  9. 2chiefs

    December cruise questions

    I don't remember any Christmas cookies... They build ginger bread houses so you'd think they would at least make some gingerbread men cookies. Anyway, nothing can beat the ranger cookies anyway!!
  10. 2chiefs

    December cruise questions

    I can't remember any special Christmas dinner. I'm not saying they didn't have one. If they did, I guess it wasn't memorable. We've been on two Christmas cruises.
  11. I agree. Never been fond of them. Sometimes the buns are dry as well. Hot dogs were good last time I tried them however.
  12. 2chiefs

    December cruise questions

    We do too! For the OP: We cruise every December and have cruised a couple Christmas' and one Thanksgiving. Decorating usually starts right after Thanksgiving and keeps going till the Chrismas cruise. If the ship is building a new gingerbread house neighborhood, you'll see it being built day by day which is fun to watch. Unfortunately, we didn't see any Chrismas shows except during the actual Christmas cruises. I believe they will have Christmas movies on the pool deck and in the movie theater close to Christmas (not sure). For Christmas cruises, we've seen some very nice Chrismas themed shows, ice shows etc. Also, they will have crew and passenger caroling in the promenade or other open space.
  13. 2chiefs

    Alternative to Celebrity

    Great! We look forward to it. See you and Barbara on board. Also, if you aren't on the roll call already, there is an active roll call going for this cruise as well. Lot's of good information being exchanged on shore excursions.... T
  14. 2chiefs

    Alternative to Celebrity

    I believe we are on the same cruise on December 7th. I hope to meet up with you. By the looks of your screen name, it appears you are in the German Navy? My wife and I are both retired from the US Navy. Perhaps we could meet up and compare notes? Cheers T
  15. 2chiefs

    Alternative to Celebrity

    I think the OP was looking for something a little less expensive than Celebrity. I would like to try Azamara if I could find a nice deal. T