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  1. If it's a NRD, pay the final payment and wait for a refund when they cancel it. If refundable, cancel now. Refunds are fast now for straight up cancellations. Just got mine in 3 days. You are not cruising in June! Why does the gift have to be a trip?
  2. Canceled a September cruise last week and got refund in 3 days. Shocked in a good way!
  3. So BIG DEAL! Everyone in the world knows he said that. At the time neither he, or anyone else knew what the problem would grow into. Guidelines have changed through the whole pandemic and still are changing as needed
  4. If there is anything wrong with you and or are 65 up, it is a lot worse than that Pretty much zero reason to put off the vaccine IMO. If you want covid to go away, getting the vaccine is contributing to that
  5. Show us all where he said "masks are bad" and you win a prize
  6. Their lock downs caused the country to have less than 1000 deaths since March. The USA, where so many do as they please has, that and more every day. I guess you'll have to lose someone close until you get it. If someone says herd immunity by April it has to be true because you want to believe it so much
  7. So what if temp does not go down?
  8. When did 99 become a fever in the medical community? To hold someone up for a 99 is STUPID!
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