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  1. Depends on who your friends were in HS. If they were gutter mouth, they heard it. If not, they didn't Trust me. You obviously haven't heard some of what I have in some of the late night adult comedy. Swearing is the least of the problem with an under age attending
  2. Some are pretty raw and would not have been heard anywhere. Not even in school. I don't think my 17 yr old would want to sit with her brothers during that show.
  3. I'm surer if it was frowned upon there would be something in the letter where it says you receive 3 free drinks per night during the hrs of ..... Like for personal use only?
  4. It is widespread and has been since it was established. Why do you or anyone else care what others do with their free drinks from the coupons?
  5. Never a problem in many cruises since the perk was implemented. They are your drinks to drink yourself or share with your party. It's nothing that is hidden
  6. I wouldn't do it. I drove professionally for 40 years and hate renting cars in unfamiliar cities
  7. I am absolutely sure there is more to the story
  8. Royal makes horrible mudslides. How can you like them made with ice instead of ice cream?
  9. They always end up refunding the mistake. Certainly no need to dispute charges which has already been said is a last resort
  10. As someone else has said, you are adding them to the total due when it comes time to pay in full. No reason to do it until then
  11. from my favorite TA site Passengers Cruise Rate Discounts Taxes & Fees Total Guest 1 (Adult) $2,346.00 $-212.00 $163.67 $2,297.67 Guest 2 (Adult) $2,346.00 $-1,279.00 $163.67 $1,230.67 Guest 3 (Adult) $1,390.00 $-448.00 $163.67 $1,105.67 Processing & Service Fees FREE - No Booking Fees! Fare Type: Buy One, Get One Half Off Non-Refundable Rate Subtract $226 balcony discount and you have $4408 Total Price: $4,634.01
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