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  1. If you are renting a scooter from special needs at sea.... their small and scooter for <350lbs will fit in most cabins... but it would be best to pick a cabin where the bed is by the window/slider. Most ships have the bathroom door open towards the entry making it a bit difficult to park your scooter and get into the restroom... if the bed is further back...you have more room to work with.... Yes sometimes people are a bit rude... I tend to lead the way to make room for DH and his scooter. The newer class ships like Oasis have more elevators and they are a bit larger than the ones on older ships.. They will help you get off and on the ship while in port... but here is a hint... check the tide schedule... because it is more difficult to get on in high tide... but crew will help push. The challenge I am still working on is excursions.... DH can walk... just not long distances. next cruise I am going to investigate the possibility of leaving scooter our of the way someplace near the gangway and then see if we can get wheelchair assistance to the buses... or see if I can borrow a wheel chair for a bit... If you just plan on driving around town..it will depend upon the port as to how accessible it is... Just don;t let it stress you and roll with it ...so to speakc
  2. PelicanBill --- I hope this thing turns or fizzles. We are on Equinox leaving Ft Lauderdale, Monday Sep 23 and on Thursday first stop is supposed to be St Thomas... any thoughts on likely path we would likely take? It seems that even if the turn is fairly sharp that we would likely still be sailing in fairly rough waters. Not sure how far out seas are impacted by these type storms. It doesn't look like Ft Lauderdale will be directly impacted... at least based on the little we know now. I really do hope it turns before the Bahamas... they need a break.
  3. So you received a piece that was larger that the piece your wife got or you got a REALLY BIG piece that was larger than your wife? What was that Godzilla size? :)
  4. I like doing that the first night.... Tuscan grill is not crowded... set you dinner time to be around sunset and get a table by the window. MDR tends to be a bit hectic the first night... I like to let it settle down a bit. Now I love Murano... but you can't beat the sunset looking aft as you sail away from port.
  5. This is an airline program...in that each airline has their own rules.... so your flight has to depart within a window.... so not too early and not too late... but it depends upon the airline and port. We wanted to do so but our flight was leaving 5 minutes too early. Other people wanted to spend the day site seeing... but because their flight departed after 6pm they were turned down... so you need to ask about the policy for your airline when you get on board... so you can plan. but it is well worth the $25/pp... especially if your spouse has mobility issues and you have to handle everything..just one thing off the list
  6. One last note on risers.... I did note in a letter to Celebrity that they might want to have risers available for those with bad knees. Dont know if they will have them, but I have heard that if you have GERD they can elevate the head of the bed... so I suspect they may have risers of some type on board... so you may want to ask in advance... to see if they can provide them in your cabin
  7. As a side note: at home we use these risers under the legs of my husband's recliner... really helps take the pressure off his knees
  8. The risers I purchased were 3" risers.... bought on Amazon... can't recall the price...but I think it was less than $10. The seat is only 15" high... so the 3" risers bring it up to 18"... more typical of a chair height.... worked well... But I will warn you that a lot of the chairs in the public areas are low. If you are using a scooter... you may find it more comfortable to sit on that than in seating in Eden... for example. Some chairs in Martini bar were good... but they have this long sofa that looked a bit low with no arms to assist. Cafe was fine as were seats in the buffet... but you can forget the pool... unless you are comfortable crawling out of one of those loungers and other chairs.
  9. I think it depends upon what you want in your cabin. I pick an ocean view to enjoy the sounds of the ocean and essentially connect with the sea. The cabins along the MC will have more activity... perhaps are more interesting in terms of views and sounds etc. If you think hearing sounds from the MC or have concerns about it passing by your cabin... no humans on board... will annoy you then go to the other side. The Gateway deck exits on the starboard side, so if you want a cabin facing the dock... I think starboard is what you want... if you prefer facing opposite where you are docking... then port side. We had an IV on port side... I loved it myself... I think if I did Edge again, I would try the starboard side... near.. but not too near the MC, just to experience some of the movement ...without having it disrupt my view too much. One thing to consider is that the section with the MC... sticks out a good 12 ft or more.. so depending upon where your cabin is... the view left or right could be impacted somewhat.
  10. You will likely remember this cruise more than any other.
  11. I guess those of us traveling in a couple of weeks need to keep an eye out for the next storm.... saw this from James Van Fleet.... looks like another likely hurricane heading towards the Caribbean.... This the 5 year in a row we have sailed during Sept-Oct time frame... been lucky so far....hope our luck holds.
  12. Nice to know... I may see if they can do that for me. Interestingly when we took the Edge last December.. I noticed the very low sitting chaise lounges in the cabin... so I brought 3" risers to raise it. DH has bad knees... so the higher the seat the better. I use them on his recliner at home... helps reduce stress on the knees.
  13. Honestly, now that I am older.... my focus is more on the what ifs as far as health is concerned. I haven't purchased a high end policy, so it generally limits how much it will pay out in terms of the cruise cost... We started purchasing travel insurance about the time we turned 60, but that is also when we began cruising more often. Have only used it once... ironically... we made it onto our ship a few days after Irma...but a few months later, coming back from another cruise, Atlanta airport was closed due to an ice storm. When it became clear that we would be trapped in Miami for at least 3 nights, we decided to rent a car and drive home. It did not dawn on my until we got home that travel insurance might cover some of this... and they covered hotel, meals and the rental car... so I recommend it highly... but you get what you pay for... I generally get a cheap policy realizing that it will not over everything... Before Irma hit.. our plan was to drive to Orlando and then on to Miami... then I wondered what happens if the ship takes off and we are stuck on the road. our policy would not cover that... now they may have covered us catching up with the ship if we had a flight that was cancelled.... Anyway... if you purchase insurance for a cruise in hurricane season, check to find out what they will and will not cover when it comes to a hurricane.
  14. I actually talked with them.... things can slip up.... now I was on one of the inaugural sailings of Edge, so perhaps they did not have their 'supplies' complete. But if you don't get one... do ask for an extra pillow or two. I feel your pain ... I have the same problem... almost completely resolved when I sleep somewhat elevated. Maybe some day they will have adjustable beds.... perhaps by 2050 :)
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