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  1. I received this email this morning. I know that some on CC are not on the various mailing lists. I assume Celebrity will benefit as well. Royal has put together a health panel for dealing with Covid-19. I sure hope this team has been operating for a while and Royal is just telling us now... Because it is a little late to be putting a plan together... Anyway I think it is a good idea... I just hope the team is effective and more than a PR move... and a political move... Although heaven knows the cruise industry needs some political assistance... given their foreign flag status.... A Plan Backed by ScienceInsert other media
  2. you might check out this link... it is actually for cabin11160... which is just down the hall... similar cabin on the corner ..with side window... Cabin info 11160 they have included photos...which should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect... along with a review of the cabin
  3. Candidly... I would not count on sailing this year... things are still in flux. We went ahead and did a lift and shift on our Dec cruise. I want to find out from other cruisers... if cruising is still fun... before make final payment. the fact that people are getting their money back in stages... tells me all I need to know about their cash flow situation. The longer this thing goes on...the more it becomes like musical chairs... there could come a time when you can't get your money back. If I were the OP... I would lift and shift that cruise to 2021... and avoid making final payment on a cruise that is likely not going to happen. I am so glad I don't work for Celebrity or any cruise line... I can't imagine the logistical nightmare this has been and continues to be... crews scattered around the globe.. some still trapped on ships... Countries that may or may not let you dock... let alone airlines that may or may not be able to transport passengers and crew, CDC orders requiring hospital level care including ventilators (ie and ICU unit on board).. and now a new virus in China... what a mess. I will be amazed if many cruise lines don't go bankrupt before the end of the year. We went ahead and did a lift and shift to Nov 2021 to give us more time before final payment... hopefully by early 2021 we will know more about who is and who is not sailing and where they can and can not go.
  4. Enjoyed your review... we were on the same cruise... Family thought we should cancel... but I thought we would thread the needle so to speak... we did cut it very close. While onboard I read online that there were 3 workers at port Everglades who came down with the virus... so we planned on self quarantining anyway.... we heard about the cancelation of cruises beginning March 15th on our drive home and then a few days later we were reading about Reflection turning around and coming home. So we really did cut things close. Before we left I actually stocked my pantry.... TP, canned meats, beans, rice, soup, noodles, pasta sauce etc. My husband and friends thought I was crazy.... but I am my father's daughter.. he was a big be prepared guy... I was glad I did... especially the TP. While I am pulling from the pantry... I do want to keep it stocked... cause you never know. But the March cruise was terrific and one we will hold onto the memories of for quite a while. We were scheduled to be on a Dec cruise out of Tampa... just took advantage of the lift and shift program to move it to Nov '21. I want to hear back from people sailing to see if it is still an enjoyable experience... particularly before hitting the final payment date. Anyway loved to relive the trip via your review.
  5. I suspect a vaccine will be longer to develop than we would like and once one is approved it will likely not be as effective as we would like either. Flu vaccines for elderly were developed long after a basic flu vaccine was available. As I recall they use an additive which helps activate T-cells to aid the effectiveness of the vaccine. They may have to do something like this with a covid vaccine as well... but they likely won't play around with tweeking a vaccine until they have one that works. The next question is how well does it work and for how long... does the virus mutate requiring changes like the flu vaccine goes through each year. What I hope they get soon is a series of effective therapies... seems to me that is more likely to happen. We are starting to see treatments for the most severe... what we now need is a Tamiflu equivalent... something you can take at the first signs of illness. Seems to me if there is a basket of treatment options available... cruise ships could more easily sale.... until that happens... I am just not sure when ships can sail safely. I for one am getting stir crazy. Thought about a car trip to Hilton Head... but then wondered if being stuck in a hotel or condo room for a few days would really feel like getting away...other than a view... why spend the money... and unlike a cruise...that new view does not change.. in the meantime I am taking my Vit C, zinc, and Vit D... and using my mask
  6. You might try this link... insert your cruise info on the form and they will tell you what cruises are eligible. After calling and getting info... I was directed to this form and moved an 11 day to another 11 day cruise... I was trying to go from 11 to a 10 day... Interestingly the shorter cruise itinerary was similar to my original cruise and the one I ended up with is much different... basically went from a Eastern Caribbean to a Southern Caribbean. lift and shift form
  7. I get a lot from both... but you know... I don't block them because... some I am interested in some of them... and am not sure until I see the offer....
  8. If you haven't received this offer... log onto the website and make you that you have asked to get emails on offers etc. I recall clicking that years ago... now I must get three emails a day from Celebrity and Royal for various things...
  9. On the S class ships.... the 'lowest class' veranda cabin is 2D. These cabins are on Dec 6 and are considered partially obstructed. They have the lifeboats outside. Frankly not much of an issue to me, unless you are sitting on your veranda looking out... then the davit, which holds the lifeboat in place might be an issue. Next are 2C.. these are slightly more expensive and also considered partially obstructed. Next up is 2B. On deck 6 these are located on the hump and forward. 1A cabins are my favorite. They are on the side of the hump... verandas are larger and shadier than regular verandas.... Although 1A cabins on higher decks include the center of the hump as well as these side cabins. 2A cabins start to show up on deck 7. The next is 1B... they show up on deck 8. Beginning on Deck 9 are the concierge cabins.... C1,C2,C3. Concierge class is higher priced and includes some perks... like chocolate covered strawberries and other items. I am a frugal cruiser, so I stick with the basic 2D, 2C, and 1A cabins. I like being on Deck 6.. easy to get to 5. Now the other group of veranda cabins are the Aqua class... these include even more perks... separate dining room... access to spa... and tent to be located forward... so closer access to spa. This is my observations on the different categories. Personally... I prefer being lower on the ship and near the center. Sea sickness has only been a problem on a few cruises... but I would rather not chance it. DH uses a scooter... but in a pinch can do stairs... so I prefer being close to elevator/stairs and a deck away from key activities. I believe cabin sizes across veranda cabins of all classes is the same or close to the same. If you wonder about how bad an obstructed cabin is on S class... check out this link.360 views of obstructed cabins
  10. Our original plan was to wait to see if people like cruising before we made our final payment... now that the start date is in Sept.. that would mean that we would not hear anything about cruising until after final payment. If you move now... better chance that your cabin is available. I am not sure what you do, if you don't like the cabin or if your original one isn't available... I don't know if they contact you first or simply assign a comparable cabin. The replacement cruise is actually a nicer one...in my opinion. It is over Thanksgiving and instead of Eastern Caribbean it is the Southern Caribbean... so the ABCs, Key West and Grand Cayman. Similar to our last cruise..but that is okay since we like these islands...
  11. We were scheduled to be on Dec 2 2020 cruise out of Tampa to Eastern Caribbean... 11 day cruise. I called Celebrity thinking I could move it to an April cruise with a slightly shorter but similar itinerary. I was told I could not do that under terms of the lift and shift program.... so I hung up. Looking at policy I realized it had to be a shift of closer to a year... so I called again. This time the agent was a bit more helpful... telling me that there are specific cruises that you can shift to and that number of days needed to be the same and about one year out from the original date...plus or minus about 4 weeks. He told me I could do this on the website. It is not easy to find... but you fill out a form with the dates of your cruise... and they will tell you what cruise meets their criteria. So I filled out the form... about a day later.. I got an email... saying that since I had cancelled the Dec cruise they were canceling the excursions etc that I had booked. So I went onto the website and saw that they had moved my cruise to the new date... perks remained the same, as did cost of cruise and cabin number and dining options... all were the same. I would see if I can locate that page to do lift and shift... plug in your info to see what cruise options pop up,,, then back out and look at that cruise and see if you like the itinerary and dates offered. Or you can call them and ask what options are available.
  12. I recall reading some time ago tha Royal had laid off quite a few employees. I assume Celebrity was impacted as well. That might explain slow response time and bouncing emails.
  13. On a side note, I usually pack 2 large suitcases for a Caribbean cruise. I pack half my stuff and my husbands in one and the rest in the other. I do that just in case something happens to one of the bags... so we don't end up with losing all of one of our clothes. But once on board I unpack one of the suitcases completely and then keep all or most of the stuff in the other and pull it out several days into the trip. Now I am talking about longer cruises of 12 days or more. It helps keep closet and drawers from being too crowded.
  14. Our first cruise was on the US Constitution in Hawaii... complete with the old step over water tight doorways... Our next was the Norway... again with the water tight doors... making wheel chair use impossible. I have noticed... as you point out... that the cruise lines have modified design a bit over time to make them more accessible.
  15. We actually did get an accessible cabin this trip. I don't like to do that since DH can stand in a shower... vs needing to be able to roll into one. But after doing research I felt that this was the only type of cabin a scooter would fit in... This will be the 4th cruise we have used a scooter on... we have been on Oasis class, Edge and S class ships... they all have nice wide public areas and elevators are reasonably large... relative to older class ships where you can get perhaps 6 people in an elevator... Edge, in particular was nice for scooters.. public areas wide, elevators larger than other ships and while a bit tight, fairly easy to park on in the cabin.
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