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  1. Latest I heard from the Prime Minister of St Vincent is that they may have to thank the cruise lines for their offer...but they can't get enough people who want to leave... people want to stay on the island. I think they are in a state of shock... They have experienced pyroclastic flows in the valley's of the volcano and there are still people in some parts of the Red Zone. The PM indicated that ash impacts the motors of the ships making it difficult and dangerous to rescue people who chose to remain in the villages on the coast of the red zone. I hope they are successful in convincing people
  2. I was listening to the PM of St Vincent... apparently there aren't enough people who want to leave St Vincent...so they may have to send the ships away... looks like they won't make that decision for a while... separately I hear that conditions seem to be getting worse near the volcano.... so perhaps people will want to leave.. PM of St Vincent update
  3. I have posted a number of links..forgive me is this is a repeat..... here is a site that ...like the image above... shows the eruptions in real time.... you can play with the options on the right to see such things as SO2 gas being sent off to the east... or you can look at IR images showing the heat coming from the eruption..which is what.. I hope at least ...the link will show... you can also adjust time perios from 12 hrs down to 2..from windy.com
  4. I just heard that you need to keep cleaning off the ash to keep it from building up... it gets heavier with water too...
  5. Couple of links...one is live report on what is going on (as of 3:45 EDST) agendafree news Also check out this link...you can see the ash clouds going back a number of hours windy.com set on IR
  6. Looks like the cruise ships are waiting for further instructions.... the three ships near each other are Serenade of the Seas, Apex and Reflection.... you can also see the Carnival Legend nearby.
  7. It are the other islands requirements... although I heard the PM say that St Lucia did not have this requirement to enter...but they needed to get it once they arrived. Remember these island have limited hospitals...in fact on past cruise we saw the US Comfort hospital ship in St Lucia to perform surgeries... so you can see why they want to prevent an outbreak. The cruise ships are not equiped to handle passengers... limited staff and supplies so they are simply ferrying people out of harms way... and it turns out preparing some meals as well. I hate seeing people on twitter blaming the cruise
  8. Another live feed... as of now.... from St Vincent government official being interviewed
  9. I came across this live feed about ash on St Vincent facebook link to live video (as of 10:40 EDST)
  10. Take care..hope you have lots of masks.... you might try covering your car to keep ash off as much as possible.. I think that stuff is very corrosive. take care
  11. Did you notice if Reflection and the two Carnival ships have received any passengers yet? I notice that Serenade did not depart until around 10pm... I assume ash fall might have impacted speed of loading passengers...perhaps covid vaccine issues as well.... but I did not notice the other ships docking.. they could have picked up passengers using tenders...so that is possible
  12. Looks like Serenade is in St Lucia right now... appears that they didn't leave until 11pm... I am guessing that the ash fall may have hampered the evacuation.
  13. Just saw twitter report that the volcano is skewing ask and essentially beginning to erupt .... following @NEMSVG on twitter.... they seem to have the quickest information. I just hope this doesn't end up lasting years and destroying the economy of the island...hopefully the governments quick action to line up ships to evacuate with prevent a larger disaster... Think about it..what are the odds in a typicial year of having empty cruise ships in the area....! Now another issue is ash plumb and its impact on air traffic to other islands....
  14. Looks like Reflection and Serenade are in port....and just in time..... reports of volcano skewing ash within the last few minutes... follow @NEMOSVG on twitter or @JamesVanFleet on twitter.
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