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  1. I booked Icon the day it came out..I thought the prices were high then...with the new caribbean releases two weeks ago and now Star, we will start looking at NCL and MSC. There is no way I am willing to spend over 6,000+ for a room, plus airfare, pre-stay hotel, transportation to and from Port, excursions, onboard account plus wi-fi and gratuity... Simply put, we as a family can no longer afford RC.
  2. If like previous years, Brilliance should do 7 days New England/Canada...there are 2024 sail dates outs...Should give you an idea of ports...Not sure if Bar Harbor will be in mix
  3. I like close to the forward elevators ocean view balcony..the forward elevators fo not get as much traffic..
  4. Our cabin steward left one in our room every night on last week's cruise
  5. It is a brand new cast for your shows..It was announced multiple times last week that the cast for "hairspray and flight" were at the end of their contracts and we saw their last performances...This new cast has been rehersing in Maimi..
  6. Have fun, just got off her this morning. Great ship, Great condition but please do not expect good dining unless you are doing "specialty". My only disappointment..
  7. Does Celebrity offer this type of promotion? And if so, how often??
  8. Does anyone know when Summer 2025 Fort Laudedale will be released. Thanks
  9. Can not believe the prices they are asking.. Crazy....might be time to start looking at other lines...MSC and Norwegian are more price friendly.
  10. Do they still offer the "wow bands" on the Symphony..?? I prefer them vs the seapass card.. And if they do, do you get them at guest services?? and price?? Thanks
  11. Fort Lauderdale.. Close to airport Lots of hotels and restaurants Plenty of non stop flights from Boston.
  12. Hope everyone on different "legs" or the whole thing has an incredible journey!!!
  13. There is a parking lot right at the pier...not sure about 15 day cruises, but we have left our car there doing the NCL cruise...I think it was about 150 for the week.. IMO, no hotels in Boston offer parking..you have to go outside the city...try hotels near Logan Airport then take a cab/uber/left to/from Black Falcon Pier.. The 15 days might be an issue...most hotels have limits
  14. Sunset Balocnies🀣 Just did a mock booking on the Radiance - July 18, 2025 Alaska 2 people. D+ Sunset Balcony (aft) $10,798 JS Aft (110 or 1602) $ 7, 352. Grand Suite $10,550 So, a JS including aft is $3,000+ cheaper than a sunset balcony πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† and a Grand Suite is $200.00 cheaper than a Sunset Balcony. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† WOW...makes no sense to me....
  15. Sucks when you obtain your status the hard way..one maybe two cruises (if lucky) a year...20 years later ...finally make D+ and sit next to someone who brags they are D+ after only 2 cruises because of their partner.. and this scenario has happened more than once .. something needs to give.. Imo, since the "crown lounge" does not serve the free cocktails anymore, the match is unnecessary..
  16. Just include it in price of cruise..automatic service charge..
  17. Us also...glad I did because the prices have doubled...probably our first and last unless prices fall drastically .
  18. Actually you can premake the expresso and store it in a frig in a container...to use on an as needed basis...and the bonus is, it is already chilled
  19. I am a bartender and I do not have an issue namking them...no different that a cosmo or a margarita..
  20. Are expresso martini's covered in the drink package that you get while booking or do you have to upgrade??? and if an upgrade is required, what package do you need. Thank you.
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