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  1. I think you have to call and request a PDF... All I got was an email also with confirmation #...I will call later tonight to request
  2. How do you find out what states is it not valid in??
  3. It's for August 2024...I will have a high schooler so was limited to time frame, but was the least expensive for the summer 2024 cruises.. Going western. Would have preferred eastern, but with family reunions..only one date worked...Surfside Balcony for 3 stated at 1112....yikes but hoping for some reductions in the next 660 days ..
  4. 90% FCC?? It is my understanding that as of April 1, 2022, any cruise booked with a non-refundable fare losses the full deposit (750 in my case)..if cancelled for any reason. Please correct me if I am wrong?? Thanks
  5. for the 3 (750 deposit)/per room was around $200, but since it was so far out, I felt it was worth it.. I also booked online and it was an option with the dining/prepaid gratuities/insurance page.
  6. crazy...660+ days out, but I dd it.... Booked a Surfside Balcony for 3..in August 2024. My deciding factor was pricing the Harmony and Wonder for 2023 (boardwalk cabins) and those ships cost more....so... I BOOKED ICON!!! Whoop Whoop!! The wait begins!!! Since it is so far out i did pay extra for the "refundable deposit"
  7. We did not have to make reservations in June in Allure for shows in "sky" class.did something change??
  8. Port Everglades uses facial recognition if you use a passport, so walking off is quick and easy...Airport is 10 minutes away, but I am not sure about traffic on a Monday..
  9. Does anyone know where the Suite Lounge is located?? I would ho0e somewhere within the "Suite Neighborhood" but I can not find it?? Thanks
  10. posted on another website....I know I cannot post the website, so it is the website you would go to to see if there is a video of your room.. Obvisouly, there are no videos, BUT the deck plans are there. www.cruisedeck*****.com
  11. Does Cocoa Cay serve breakfast for those of the ship early . Thanks!!
  12. Hi, I remember reading somewhere that the rc gift card can only be used for new bookings..Could someone clarify for me please. Turns out my husband has a "reward" from one of the companies he works with, and the RC Gift Card is an option. Thanks!!
  13. In June ours rang a minimum of 5 times a day...we would open the door and they were mostly kids but adults thought it was funny too....if we ever stay in a suite with a doorbell we will have it disconnected..Did not know that was an option..
  14. Planning on booking the Icon when bookings open...Don't care where it goes BUT if it goes to Cocoa Cay and the new DP port, that will be a bonus!!!
  15. I apologize...I read your statement wrong...hope your hubby has fun ringing all of your own doorbells...my bad
  16. Just because he can doesn't mean he should...we had ******** ringing ours all the time...wasn't just young kids either... some people need to grow up
  17. No, your passports will get scanned at terminal
  18. Is there one on the Odessey and if so, where is it located?? Thanks
  19. We did you stay on the ship till 9:30....Windjammer, promanade??
  20. Since I have buried parents, siblings and a niece ..my motto has always been to whomever came to pay their respects... "It is not what you wear, it is the fact that you are here"... I have appreciated every person who stopped by regardless of what they wore.
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