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  1. Just wondering if Royal acknowledges a "throuple" relationship when matching status???
  2. FLL is my favorite..short easy trip to/from airport and you are correct, lots of hotels ..
  3. And that is why they should be included on the fare price...charge more upfront, everyone gets paid...simple...
  4. On Odessey, GS would not punch the hole on the seapass card, (interfered with the scan bar) so when I go on Symphony, I hope wow bands are available...I
  5. Restaurant and Bar Mamagers are authorized to "comp" a dinner, coctail,, bottle or wine" etc....It is rung up in the POS and them comped and accounted for....A bartender has no such authorization... again, giving a drink away without any type of "comp" is stealing, and is usually a fireable offense...
  6. As a bartender on land for many years...my motto has always been "if I like you enough to give you a free drink, I need to like you enough to pay for that drink". And yes I have taken money out of my pocket... Giving free drinks is stealing, plain and simple...I have never ever had a boss/owner say "feel free to give away drinks" liquor liability laws have major consequences on land...not sure on the open sea...but giving free drinks has never been an option..
  7. Barefoot Beach is the suite Beach, so imo ... less crowded and the buffet is right there...also not far from ship
  8. Tips are taxed only on what they claim. Unlike restaurants sales (8% of sales) and credit cards tips...there is no way to track what each individual porter makes on tips..
  9. Doesn't the auto-grats cover the 4/5 non sea day lunches and snacks plus the dinners you are not eating in the dining room???
  10. So, 3 people on reservation...2 adults and a 13 year old.. Would we need to buy 1 or 2 packages???I am concerned about the embakation...we would probably only use 2 internet and the tour and lunch is not a deal breaker for us.. Thanks
  11. Waterslides that they spend more time waiting in line than on the actual slides...When we where there last June 45 minutes + and it got longer and longer as the day progressed..No thanks...never again. My Icon cruise in August 2024 has the tickets available for 180 pp..
  12. Chill island cabana is a good 10 minute+ walk...and it does get hot there.. there are trams but you have to wait for those.. We decided we would not do the waterpark again...paid a lot of money to wait in line ..but you can check everyday and even when you board the ship, a waterpark cabana might open up.
  13. Then why have the "kids sale free" sale??..and for the record, I am paying for three adults...which one can not join us in the solarium on Odessey (or any other ship)
  14. So ...why charge adult prices if she is excluded from all adult venues??
  15. Prices are CRAZY!!! I would rather do a 7 night at an all -inclusive than pay more for an Oasis/Symphony than I paid for the Icon..in the summer..smh
  16. I have to pay an adult price for my 13 year old daughter and I am reading she will not be allowed in the solarium pool on Odessey out of Cape Liberty...Why?? If I pay any adult price for her to cruise on royal, why is she excluded??
  17. Well, I see some pissed off people on this cruise.. either parents who have no where to bring their kids to swim, or the adults who have an issue with kids in "their space" for half of this cruise.. No thanks..
  18. I would go with Harmony for the price (over Wonder) and the newer style rooms (over the Oasis)... Have fun!!!
  19. On a sea day organize a "family scavenger hunt" ..have the list ready pre-cruise...i.e. car in promenade, base of abyss, central park umbrella bin...etc...have family's snap a picture of each item....have some medals for 1st, 2nd and third place.. I am sure you will get a lots of suggestions. Have fun!!
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