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  1. The cruise lines can change the contract and make whatever requirements they want.
  2. $125.00 is the lowest I’ve seen it for our cruise in June on Symphony. Purchased the deluxe drink package for $42 and cococay water park for $48. Too bad we won’t sail....
  3. We are on the June 26th and just waiting for it to be canceled. Sounds like more like 2022 before ships will be back to sailing from the US
  4. Spend$1,000s on a cruise but too cheap to follow the rules and buy drinks like the rest of us 😂🙄
  5. I agree with the article. So many people on here are living in denial thinking cruises are about to start. I love cruising and hope our summer 2021 sails!!
  6. Our June Symphony cruise is still over $1,500 more then we booked even with KSF. 2 adults and 1 child JR suite
  7. Interesting on the kids sale free over summer. Hopefully it won’t be like the normal promotions where they just increase the adults price to offset....
  8. Personally I think March would be a good start date. Even though none of us know when sailings will happen you have to be in complete denial if you think it’s happening in November or Even December.
  9. We have never had a issue asking for a can with the soda package on our cruises....
  10. I agree, it’s well worth it. I’m already spending thousands of dollars on a cruise, excursions, flights, etc. I always a get a good laugh watching people trying to carry around a couple 12 packs of soda or water to save a few dollars on embarkation day 😂 I wish cruise lines would stop letting people bring any drinks onboard including wine. They also should have tips in the cruise fare so people can’t opt out. It’s embarrassing seeing the line at guest services for this each cruise....
  11. Pretty sure you would have to purchase it at current price. Risk you have to decide on.... I personally wouldn’t expect them to honor the old price if I canceled it. That goes for any business.
  12. I agree for 2020 sailings but this sale was for sailing through next summer. I purchased it for June 2021. If you don’t think they will be sailing by the time then maybe you should find something better to do than comment on a cruise forum. Lol
  13. I don’t get why so many people overthink this. You have to pay tips regardless if you buy the package or by the drink. Most mixed drinks and wine are $10, beer $4-6, coffee and fresh juice $5-7, water and soda $3-5. On a normal day we have fresh juice and a couple Bloody Mary’s at breakfast, 2-3 drinks at the pool or throughout the ship during the day, before dinner drinks, couple glasses of wine at dinner, and maybe a dessert drink or a drink during a show. Plus several bottles of water/poweraid, and soda each throughout the day. All that adds up way more than a package even
  14. That’s a great deal.... It’s not just for alcoholic drinks. I would still save money at full price vs. paying by drink. We cruise a couple times a year and I always get the package to save money
  15. Just curious how many received the email this morning. Seems like it sold out within a hour on the offered sailings. I was lucky and got it for $44 dollars a day for a seven day in June 2021 on Symphony.
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