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  1. You can call them and book it right on the phone....
  2. I also got it yesterday....booked Equinox for July this morning.... you get casino cash but no drinks or other perks included
  3. I just looked my Allure cruise for Jan 3. I have already checked in.... it’s all still there and I can make purchases or change my check in details....
  4. My Sept cruise is also gone from Manager...... this was paid in full ....as it was cancelled for this year and moved to next Sept. I called Diamond Desk. All she said was that she can still see it in her system....and confirmed it’s paid
  5. Yeah.....me too! I started in mid 80s on the original Mardi Gras.....
  6. Yes..... years ago they had 150% solo cabins....but no longer
  7. I’m wondering why NCL hasn’t cancelled my August 29 cruise this year ......and when i should expect them to cancel..... is it it easier to get the FCC processed if I cancel myself ....or wait for them. it took over 2 months to get my FCC straight from the cancelled Epic in March........
  8. How many days out do they open up specialty dining and entertainment reservations? thanks
  9. I’m still booked on Bliss for Aug 30 sailing......and they are still selling it
  10. Ok....so I knew I had done it before..... but I was remembering wrong cruiseline! thanks
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