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  1. I have heard that Bonaire is some the best snorkeling and Scuba diving in the world.
  2. I posted that I WANT to snorkel here. This will be my first time in any Southern Caribbean port.
  3. Our day in Aruba is 8am-8pm! Hopefully they change yours back!
  4. I have never been! This is so sad to read.
  5. It hasn’t changed on the app or website but we received an email.
  6. Did you just post it to the FB group? If so, you and I are on the exact same page today. 😂
  7. I’m on the January 26th, 11 day sailing on the epic next year. in late July, Bonaire was canceled as a port visit and changed to a sea day. This morning we got emails that Bonaire is back on the itinerary! I hope it sticks around so I can snorkel here. I wonder if all the other Southern Caribbean itinerary’s are changed back as well.
  8. You pick a day and time when you purchase it.
  9. I’m not sure about staying a night off the ship. You would definitely need to call NCL and check. I do know that most of the tours are very long and it’s an hour drive from Hilo and then about 2 hours from the observatory to Kona. We did an 8 hour tour for sunset/stargazing last year on a land adventure.
  10. I don’t think they give you the bottles anymore either. Anytime my husband had a beer in the ship they automatically poured it into a plastic cup if we were by the pool or a glass if we were anywhere else.
  11. If you will use it at least an hour every day then it’s worth it! I love to sit in a sauna before starting my day and ending it. I just bought the pass for my 11 day southern Caribbean and I’m thrilled!
  12. John Wayne is the easiest airport! I would definitely do that flight.
  13. I can’t remember the company we used but we did a full day Jeep excursion in Cozumel. We went to a tequila factory and had a tasting, drove along the beaches, went to some ruins, snorkeled, had lunch and laid out in the sun.
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