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  1. You can always call and get on a waitlist for a corner aft if someone cancels. I booked a corner aft JS on Enchantment this past January for just 2 pax.
  2. It really only has one place to go, unlike airports with multiple destinations. Never had a problem with misplaced luggage.
  3. I doubt very seriously that Enchantment could even be back in the Galveston area and be restaffed by then. My crystal ball says there’s a 1% chance it will sail.
  4. I agree. The last thing I want to do is be on a ship full of stumbling drunks. And that’s the majority of people that would flock to the deal. It’s bad enough as it is. I enjoy a few drinks in the DL or SL, but this perk would be more likely to drive me away than reel me in.
  5. I didn’t want to listen to 27 minutes of hogwash.
  6. After receiving an fcc yesterday, I originally thought mine was short from what I had figured but on closer investigation looking at the invoice, our C&A discount was under my fare, thus my wife’s charges were higher than mine on the invoice. I ended up with $410 fcc while hers was $470 which turned out to be correct in total.
  7. I don’t see any way other than to call and see if they could figure it up and send you a mock up invoice without actually booking.
  8. I’ve been on Enchantment and Radiance (sister of Jewel). Jewel hands down. We have the TA booked on Jewel when it leaves Galveston and the B2B cruise thereafter.
  9. I used to do it all the time in our 40’ motorhome. But I don’t think the streets are wide enough to accommodate an Oasis class ship on wheels.
  10. Nothing infuses money into RC’s coffers quicker than a screaming deal on DX beverage pkgs. I believe that’s what they’re doing. Cash now to be paid out later.
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