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  1. I’ve never stayed in an inside cabin before (wife is claustrophobic and couldn’t tolerate it without a window) but we tried a promenade room on Liberty once. Wouldn’t do it again. It was so narrow we had to squeeze sideways to pass each other in front of the bed or vanity. The window seat was nothing more than a block of wood with a pillow over it and was too uncomfortable to sit on more than five minutes. We put the table in the closet for a little more floor space but it was just too confining for our likes.
  2. Would it make sense to cancel all sailings for six months forward if there’s a chance to possibly sail in one or two months??
  3. Your invoice should denote that you have My Time dining. If so, you should be able to scroll to the bottom under the specialty dining tab and reserve each night. But it should be much easier to get a table on Adventure than on an Oasis class without a reservation.
  4. I’d been keeping an eye on the Ultimate Dining pkg on Harmony for a while waiting for it to go down. Normal price was $199 and I just bought it on sale for $179 last week. It just jumped up to $217. First time I’ve seen it that high.
  5. Very odd. Did you book online? TA? On the phone with Royal? How were you made aware it’s not an option?
  6. I booked an American Airlines flight thru A2S last night. If I log in to my AA account, it says I have no flights booked. If I sign out and enter the Record Locator/Booking Reference, it shows up. If I then log in with the flight pulled up, it shows the flight on my account but the next time I sign in, it’s not there again. It states “ticket pending”. I had seats assigned at booking, but cannot change or upgrade online. I’m assuming it’s just on hold until Royal forwards the money so I can’t manage the booking.
  7. Oasis would probably be best for a 12 year old.
  8. To my understanding, if you pay for the flight at the time of booking (as I’ve done before), you should be able to go in and change/reserve seats immediately. If you wait until final payment to pay for the flight, you can’t change/reserve seats until you’ve made the payment. if you actually paid for the flight, I’d call A2S and discuss it with them.
  9. Just wondering. Was that you? Is that why you’re so upset?.
  10. Sorry. I wasn’t aware that you’re the picture police or I would have asked permission.
  11. And you should mind your own business.
  12. I have a wife, but not a husband. It was a dinner time neighbor in the MDR on Vision.
  13. Can’t select it online anymore. You have to call or choose when you book.
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