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  1. It was Giovanni’s on sea days but has been changed to Chops. No special meal privileges on embarkation for suites.
  2. You’ll be able to have breakfast and lunch on sea days in Chops, but no special dinner privileges.
  3. They have to be tall due to the slosh factor of a moving ship.
  4. I’m glad you got some satisfaction but it wasn’t worth the trouble to me. Especially since we’re Diamond and were in a suite so we just got our macchiatos in the suite lounge.
  5. They have a Mystery Dinner Theater in Giovanni’s on the first night which is a whodunnit mystery for the guests to solve. I’ve never done it but most report it being a little cheesy but enjoying it. No limit on apps or sides.
  6. I just got off of the Vision transatlantic and had purchased the coffee card. I asked before using if I could get any size for one punch and was told one punch per shot. A medium would be two punches. I went straight to guest services with the printout from the cruise planner stating “any” coffee. After getting nowhere with the guest services, she summoned the mgr of dining services. And after showing him their ad, he refused to budge saying a punch per shot. I then sold their card back to them. The moral of the story is to ask first and give them their card back if they won’t comply with their own advertising.
  7. Since Giovanni’s usually has their Mystery Dinner on night 1, I’ve never seen anything other than Chops assigned on the first night. Possibly Sabor, but I’ve never seen it. You can change on the ship. You can do Chops for all three, but don’t discount Giovanni’s. Most believe (as do I) that Giovanni’s filet is better than Chops and they have excellent pasta, sides and apps to go with it. $68 is as cheap as I’ve seen a 3 night, but if it comes up for less you can cancel and repurchase
  8. I was responding to your original post and what I’m saying is that if you upgrade to a suite gty, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll end up with a JS and nothing higher due to the new Royal Up program.
  9. With the Royal Up scheme, you can bet on an assignment to a JS. Any available GS and ups will be put up for bids.
  10. You are correct. Sorry for the misinformation.
  11. No. When you come out of your door, there will be a cabin door across the hall that goes to the Boardwalk Balcony over the retail space.
  12. Supposedly doing some maintenance with divers. They’re scheduled to leave later with no change in port arrivals. An email from RCL: “On May 12th, while we’re in Galveston, there will be divers doing routine maintenance work on the ship. They will need the full day to complete the work, so we’ll set sail after midnight. As a result, our shops and casinos will not open on May 12th to comply with local regulations. In the meantime, enjoy a movie on the pool deck, belt out your favorite tunes at karaoke, and dance the night away with our resident DJ. And the good news is, we’ll arrive in Roatan, Honduras right on schedule and you will have plenty of time to do your onboard shopping and place your bets in our casino during the rest of your cruise. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you onboard very soon! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International”
  13. Speaking of over pouring, I was on the Symphony TA in October and there was a lady bartender in the Attic (Diamond Lounge overflow) that would pour me Gin & Tonics that were a glass of gin with a spritz of tonic. It was like drinking straight gin. And it was the same for all her drinks. About three and I was staggering.
  14. Yes, you can cancel a prepared dinner on board for a refund. I’ve done it before. As far as transferring the same reservation to a TA comp, I have no idea.
  15. Just don’t drop the silver dollar sized bar of soap unless you’re a really good squatter because there’s not enough room to bend over to pick it up... 😉
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