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  1. If it were me, I’d cancel the UDP and enjoy CK. You can always try out Hooked, CP and IZ on another cruise when not in a suite.
  2. On our Symphony TA, the ship didn’t seem to be that bad as far as crowds, but getting on and off the ship (embark/disembark/ports) was absolute mayhem. Dumping 7000 people at once is a total cluster. Trying to get out of the port at Miami was probably the worst I’ve experienced.
  3. We’ll be on the 10/25/20 and 11/01/20 TA on Allure as well. Never could catch a JS or above on the TA so we’re in a BW Balcony.
  4. On my last TA cruise on Vision, I just bought two cheap twin foam pads at Walmart for $9.95 each and just left them on the ship. Slept like a baby and the best money I spent. BTW, they fit the bed perfectly.
  5. As there were 2600 D’s And above on that cruise, D and D+ were allowed in DL, The Attic, and Jazz On 4. I was informed that Ps were allowed in Dazzles and SL.
  6. We did a port balcony westbound on the Symphony TA and I wished we’d done starboard. Full hot sun all day every day. It was too hot to enjoy the balcony and hot in the cabin. Had to keep the drapes closed and might as well have been in an inside.
  7. I believe it was $59 a bottle when I last bought it, but that was over a year ago so it’s probably more now as they’ve raised prices on everything.
  8. Us Texans love MJ as well. Maybe Liberty will stay for the 4/5 day runs and let an “O” Class take over the 7 day runs...
  9. There may still be some stench but there won’t be smoke to breathe.
  10. Speaking of coffee vouchers, on the Symphony TA, we were allowed free specialty coffees at the Promenade Cafe all day unlimited. On the Vision TA in April, we were only offered one free specialty coffee in the MDR (or Giovanni’s if a suite guest) at breakfast. I believe the latter will be the standard from now on.
  11. I was on that TA and wasn’t aware Dazzles was included. But then I never even visited Dazzles. We went to the attic every night and it was packed.
  12. Another odd thing is that they still have the Costa Maya itineraries up for booking on their site. If Enchantment is not going there, why are they still selling spots?
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