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  1. We're already booked for this and TA. Have plane tix and hotel reservation. Scheduled a car from London to Southampton.
  2. I assume this is for families. Dh and I only need 1 cabin.
  3. Yes but, with our bank branch closed, after getting money from an ATM had to find a drive up window to break the twenty into smaller bills. Shopping mall parking lots are crowded these days. So not sure where you have been going.
  4. Been reading about vaccinated passengers on Adventure and Celebrity Edge of positive cases on board. Royal has treated everyone well. Was wondering if there have been any positive cases on Anthem since she started sailing. Watched her on the web sail from Southampton today. Still hoping to be onboard in October.
  5. Stores were only open late on Thursday night and were closed on Sunday. We did things differently then!
  6. Can I trade some of our 90+ days for your cool weather?!
  7. This is what I heard yesterday. If they are canceling my October cruises I wish they would tell me. Royal's US website doesn't show any cruises from Southampton for September or October 2021, unless the cruises you are seeing are for UK residents, which contradicts from the UK said when they opened up for US travelers.
  8. Oh no! It would be nice if they told those of us with reservations.
  9. We are well but bored. Was looking forward to our trip but now who knows.
  10. Both my October cruises show in my upcoming cruise list including the TA. Waiting.
  11. Air on points. Hotel on points. Car service not prepaid. Flt home from NJ insured.
  12. Both our cruises are still listed in our upcoming cruises and in my app. Waiting.
  13. One of our favorite ships, not jinxed! I also just noticed that all Anthem September and October cruises have been pulled. Yuck. Was so looking forward to our trips.
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