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  1. Switching is easy. Go to faq, put in transfer and website comes. Fill in the blanks. Must do before final payment, within 60 days of booking and a certain number of days before sailing. I'm sure will in the correct number of days. Enjoy whatever you do.
  2. Agree. We used Alla tours. There are several reliable companies.
  3. Carry on must fit through scanner, like at airport. Your call as to whether your piece will fit.
  4. As I indicated above RCCL picked up hotel and expenses when our cruise was delayed also for a medical reason. Didn't affect us because we lived in NJ at the time. Call RCCL and see what they will do for you.
  5. This happened to us on the Explorer out of Bayonne several years ago. Also a day late. 10 days became 9. 15% refund as obc, understand they put people who flew in up in hotels and covered expenses. We were told 2 days in advance as they had that much notice.
  6. Ridden the bumper cars but never had a red mark. Love them and the ship.
  7. Any reliable car service would know where it is. If doing it online try entering Cape Liberty.
  8. Just remember that in an emergency and you want to fly home you need a passport to enter the US.
  9. On a cruise about 10 years ago a couple we were traveling with were 2 cabins away. The people in the cabin in between asked them to move so that they could be close to their friends. Confirmed with GS and done.
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