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  1. Now let's hope a stop in Cadiz is on its route.
  2. To bring this thread back, the Anthem sailed north through the Suez canal recently on its way to Athems. Will get supplies and then,..... hopefully drydock.
  3. Looking at my Smart Traver app, provided by US state department, if on cruise not needed but strongly recommended.
  4. I think it was the wipe out cafe in addition to Johnny Rocket. That was Jan 2019.
  5. Figure low to mid 60s for highs, lows in the 40s for October. Early in the month a little higher then and decreasing as you move into November. Took my granddaughter to the zoo over Thanksgiving weekend this past November. Did have some rain over the weekend. Hope that helps.
  6. I believe JetBlue and southwest fly from Ft. Lauderdale.
  7. We moved to Nashville in July 2018. Great place. Lots to do in and around. Include Ryman (original home of the grand ole opry) and country music hall of fame. Both downtown in walking distance from each other. Plenty of hotels in the downtown area. Lots of honky tonks with lots of music in the downtown area. Opryland, the new home of the Opry, is a 15 min drive. Also nearby is the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home. You should know it could be hot and humid in August. Enjoy your travels. Let me know if any other questions.
  8. Nashville does give this information and also, I think weekly, the availability of hospital beds and ICU beds. Sometimes those numbers are not pretty. They tell us how many recovered. Part of the problem I understand is that some people may not appear to be sick but still transmit the virus. That's a big problem.
  9. Jacksonville doesn't have enough hotel rooms for the RNC convention that's been moved there. For the super bowl held there they brought in 4 cruise ships to house guests. The thought is that they may be planning on doing that again and many of us think that's a bad idea. Massive number of people at the convention in the middle of a pandemic. Some staying on ships and the ships get blamed when people get sick, as if it's the cruise ship's fault.
  10. Ok, so what about cruises? This clearly doesn't include us.
  11. Yes, but UK still imposing 14 day quarantine.
  12. Or Princess! Sorry, I know I shouldn't be cruel.
  13. Just hearing that Jacksonville may need to use cruise ships to house delegates to the RNC! Not enough hotel rooms. Apparently they also used them for the 2005 super bowl. Not sure where to go with this. If people get sick will they blame the ships and not the thousands of people packed together at the convention?
  14. Sounds like a plan. Had the Davidson college orchestra on the Oasis last year!
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