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  1. Are you talking about the railway trail? If so there is info online. We've done several sections on foot. Some are not meant for bikes but others are. The trail has been improved since our last visit several years ago and will be researching it before our visit next month.
  2. We did last NYE on Brilliance. It was formal and I seem to remember a nice dinner. It was a strange cruise in that departure from Tampa was delayed until 12:30 pm the next day due to fog at the bridge. Missed a port but at midnight NYE we sailed along the Cancun beach and got to the fireworks from the hotels. Very nice.
  3. Our TAs have always advised us about them in writing and bring that with me to make sure it shows up.
  4. If you figure it out let us all know! Sometimes I get them from my TA. Other times from my RCCL visa or from booking onboard. Good luck.
  5. We just Marriott Courtyard at Newark airport. We'll leave our car. It included a grab 'n go breakfast and 14 nts parking. We need 15 nts so will pay for an extra day. Sailing from Cape Liberty.
  6. I believe Anthem will be back next fall. Oasis is too open a ship for cold weather sailing.
  7. Sounds about right. They seldom like the picture I download. On a b2b on the Adventure a few years ago we met in a lounge and never had to get off. We scanned off, got new cards, scanned back on. Simple.
  8. Makes sense. We'll try it out in November after our b2b on the Anthem.
  9. Ok, but not everyone has a passport. Some pictures can be old, etc. When doing b2b do you have to do it at end of first cruise?
  10. We have done it in the past and enjoyed it. It starts in a lounge where the mystery is set up and then proceeds to restaurant. I think they served something there, at least drinks. Also dinner included wine. We had food issues, which we told them about in advance and they handled them. Whether it's worth the price is up to you.
  11. Considering the issues I have at Global entry at airports, always have to go to diplomatic line and see an agent, I have my doubts of it working with me. But hope I'm wrong. We'll see when we disembark in November, or in October during b2b.
  12. While I'm not in love with Oasis class you'll be fine. The teens will have plenty to do. Everyone will enjoy the aqua show and other entertainment. Enjoy.
  13. Usually about 49 days out. Sometimes a few days later.
  14. One of our requirements is cabins above and below. If you are far enough aft smoke shouldn't be a problem, at least I hope so as we are Starboard aft in October.
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