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  1. We're scheduled there on the Jewel in January. No itinerary change. Don't really care.
  2. We were scheduled to be on this sailing when it was an 11 nt Canary Islands. Cancelled when Royal Cancelled our TA. Still waiting for the balance of our refund, about $200. Has come back in bits and pieces. Hoping to sail on the Jewel in December. Should be on next year's Anthem October TA.
  3. Dh remembers a sun deck for suite guests. I think he's right.
  4. I'm told even with mid you can request same staff. Since we do traditional dining i don't have first hand knowledge. Our aunt and uncle always did that.
  5. That's fine if the schedule is ok. We'd have to do it after loading the car as we start our drive to Florida. Cutting it close if they cancel. Will probably buy the tests to do at our hotel as we drive down to Florida. Of course the rules may change by the time we sail in December.
  6. Note. Late dining is different on each ship. On our Jewel cruises in 2022 it's 8 pm. Some have it at 8:30.
  7. Enjoy! Did 34 nts on the Radiance in 2020 circumnavigating Australia before covid and our next 13 nts were cancelled and we had to go home,
  8. Btw in Australia we were REQUIRED to disembark by 9 am and could not reboard for at least 2 hours. Had an intransit card but still had to readmitted by Australian border forces. They have strict rules.
  9. Yep! There should be some kind of spell check on my tablet!
  10. And of course some of still thinks that's too early.
  11. Don't like eating at 5:30. Hope we can continue to have late seating. Also like eating with people. Can always eat with dh. Like to meat new people.
  12. You can buy the test direct from Royal.
  13. We have late confirmed on all our upcoming 5 cruises including our December and January Jewel cruises.
  14. I agree. I sent an email to mbayley and received a response from someone in about 2 days explaining what was happening and how the issue, refund, was being handled. I thanked him. We continue to email as i await the refund of the last bit of money. I have taken a polite, positive approach and think that is more likely to work than an angry confrontational approach. Before emailing ta had called, as had I. Email worked better.
  15. Sorry. Why don't each of you just sign into your account on Royal's website and see what it shows. Do it once a week until it looks correct. If necessary then call again.
  16. Not sure what you want to do. Are you cancelling and want a refund? Or are you talking about using a different card for final? For any further payments use what ever card you want. You are not stuck using the original card for future payments. If you are cancelling they will refund to original payment card.
  17. Didn't help. Others on my cruises have the same issue. Oh well. Just have to wait.
  18. We've stayed at the Marriott Biscayne Bay. It was years ago but remember it as a good experience. We have a reservation there again for April.
  19. I think I have. Roll calls are very quiet. We have 4 on Jewel scheduled...12/30/21, 1/9/21, 4/23/22, 4/29/22. All 4 show working on the fun. I've turned my phone off and on. Check in dates don't show on website either. Oh well. I might delete the app and reinstall.
  20. I just noticed that on the app for our October 22, 2022, Anthem TA says I can check in on September 2nd! Maybe it's because they have our money....payment from 2021 cancelled TA was moved with reservation.
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