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  1. No. Like having a set table and same staff eho know I'm allergic to fish, dh likes black coffee and I like black tea with milk. If we have an open bottle of wine they know where it is. Just so easy. We also like late seating. On port days no rush to get to dinner. Can shower, relax, etc before heading out.
  2. The 2 are each a Master and they alternate about every 10 weeks. The one with the date is currently onboard. The other is off the ship.
  3. Happy anniversary! We'll look for you onboard as we're sailing that cruise and the one before. Maybe plan a special dinner. On Jewel we like Giovanni's and Chef's Table. Nuuk is a new port for us so can't help much with that.
  4. Go to your roll calls for each cruise to find your fellow travelers.
  5. Instead of cruise line insurance for us. Have an annual Allianz policy. Also our Medicare Supplement will reimburse/pay for out of country medical.
  6. Luggage tags are the last page of your cruise documents which are usually available about 30 days before sailing. Print out as many as you need.
  7. We're booked on Voyager Barcelona to PC in November, which has 7 ports and 6 sea days. Many more ports than we usually have. Love. TAs. Always something to do or can do nothing but relax with a book or needlepoint project. They have speakers or other things during the day. Enjoy.
  8. Understand, but the insurance we used to purchase through the cruise line only covered the cruise. At least that's what I understood. I agree that if I purchased private insurance for a trip and included everything I would be covered. The annual policy also covers our car trips that are more than 100 miles from home.
  9. We have an annual policy. Realized we needed more than cruise line insurance when we started to arrive several days in advance or stay after a cruise. Those extra days aren't covered by cruise insurance. Our health insurance, even our Medicare supplement now, covers medical outside the US. Btw if you have medical care outside the US you want copies of the medical records, not just code numbers. They might be different from your insurer uses.
  10. In Australia shutdown was announced March 13th when New Zealand closed it's ports to us. We were on Radiance having just done the 35 nt circumnavigation, had done muster for sailing to New Zealand when the captain made the announcement. Flew home 2 days later.
  11. Sailed her in October for Panama Canal transit. No real problems that I recall. Were there things that needed work? Sure, but nothing I would worry about. Staff was great. We enjoyed ourselves.
  12. The noon time change drove me crazy on the QM2. By the time we had lunch, 1:30, it was time for Tea! Thankfully we had 2nd seating for dinner. Afternoon was too short.
  13. Ok. Seen where someone buys something using their debit card. The wrong amout is charged and not discovered until another charge is refused. Agree with an ATM withdrawal you'd know of the error immediately.
  14. Yes, notify your bank. Also only use a credit card that doesn't have a foreign transaction fee. Many do. As to debit cards, I never use them. Almost impossible to reverse a wrong transaction, at least not quickly and your money comes out of your account immediately.
  15. Agree. And I get the currency in small denominations. Find I almost need to use ATMs but am prepared to do so.
  16. It was good. Took it in October on the Canal transit cruise. Find that most of the countries in tge areas, whether on Pacific side or Caribbean side show great poverty. Pretty depressing.
  17. So none of you went to the Oxcart factory with the coffee plantation? Good tour. Included nice lunch.
  18. Sorry! We watched you arriving. Our bus was only a half nour late. Tree down so driver backed up in the opposite lane until he could find a place to turn around. Guess we had it easy.
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