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  1. Right. I forgot about that. On previous cruises I made all of the bookings and was able to link them. I am still waiting for my friends to request a link to my reservation number for regular dining room seating. I assume I can then book Chops +1 as you suggested. Thanks for the response.
  2. Hi all, I am cruising with some friends. There will be 3 staterooms and 6 people traveling on 3 separate bookings. We would like to book Chops+1 and be seated at a table for 6. If our dining is linked will the specialty dining reservations also be linked? If not, can I book for 6 on my reservation and ask my friends for reimbursement. I have't done this before and appreciate advice. Thanks, Kathy
  3. Thanks so much. Great advise. I will book the 9/11 museum. I will definitely uber to midtown. Do you suggest taking the PATH and ferry on the weekend or uber from the hotel to the 9/11 museum too...
  4. Hi all, I am sailing on Anthem on March 29th and flying into EWR on March 28. We arrive around 10 am and have booked the Residence Inn by Marriott in Jersey City. I would like to book tickets to see both the 9/11 Memorial/Museum and the Empire State building. Considering the PATH closure etc. I need help with deciding the best time to book these tickets with a reasonable amount of time for transportation etc. I have never been to NYC and would welcome suggestions. I am hoping to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel and leave our luggage at the front desk before heading out. Thanks all. Kathy
  5. Hi all, I have never sailed out of Southampton and have a couple of questions: 1). When does embarkation start? I usually arrive at the cruise terminal at 10:30 when embarking in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. 2). What is the cruise terminal like for Explorer of the Seas (not sure if that is enough info)? Is there a waiting area if I arrive too early for embarkation? I have searched the UK forum and couldn't find much information. Thanks, Kathy
  6. I tip at the end and try to find all of the servers. It is difficult for Canadians to get enough $1 USD bills.
  7. I did it twice with no issues. I did not mention that I booked a guarantee.
  8. That is good to know. Plus I don't know how systemic the problem is by looking at a few photos. After all, it is a large ship. I actually have been on several ships directly before refurbishment and while I could tell that it was due I never saw the wear/tear that are in these photos. As you know, I too am on Explorer in October and will have first hand experience.
  9. I like all ships. I have been on large and small and when my kids were in school I would cruise during Spring Break etc. Even during those cruises it did not fell overcrowded other than the Windjammer(buffet) during peak breakfast/lunch. You can always find a spot but it can be crowed. I avoid the busiest times there. I don't actually find that the Oasis class feels as big as it is. The way that the neighbourhoods are spread out seems to break up the crowds. The first cruise I took with my kids was Navigator. At the time it was the largest ship on the water. 🚢 Their next cruise was on Liberty which was the largest ship on the water 🚢 and they also went on Allure when it was the largest ship on the water. 🚢 I guess I was going for size/new at the time. I do remember both of my teenagers at the time found that Allure felt smaller than Liberty. This is likely due to the different neighbourhoods. With a large group I would definitely book Voyager class and up. There will be plenty to do for everyone.
  10. Ok. So I am booked on Explorer in October. I will have to ignore the obvious maintenance issues as I can't rebook something else now as I have flights etc. already booked. What was the service and food like? I assume the was normal Royal offerings.
  11. I was on Mariner B2B in February 2019 and I have both my sea pass cards.
  12. Sometime ice does the trick too. I travel with a refillable ice pack and use the ice provided by the room steward. You can purchase one at a pharmacy or Walmart. It looks like the old fashioned ice packs with a screw on top. Otherwise host CLAREA (Bob) has provided excellent advise.
  13. When I was travelling with my kids/young adults I booked connecting inside cabins for space and 2 bathrooms. I have also booked a balcony with an inside across. Both options worked well. If I remember correctly, 2 inside rooms were around the same as having 4 people in a balcony.
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