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  1. Antibodies develop when you are exposed to someone else's blood through transfusion, miscarriage, or childbirth. It is likely Royal Caribbean requested males and will ask them their transfusion history. They will select one who has never been transfused themselves and are less likely to have antibodies that would react negatively with the patients blood cells. (cause a transfusion reaction) Women are more likely to have antibodies due to exposure to other blood groups during child birth. I think they are going with the odds and hoping to have a successful crossmatch quickly.
  2. I have 5 cruises booked in the next year. Anthem in March, Indy in May, Allure TA in Nov, Navigator Mar 21, and Oasis Mar 21. I monitor all of them constantly and none have gone down. I have balcony staterooms booked and see pricing for Guarantees similar to what I booked by reserving a stateroom. Bottom line, no price drops for me yet. 🤞
  3. Following. I am on the return trip on Allure. Very exciting and thanks for taking the time.
  4. According to Royal's website they will be issuing full refunds.
  5. Update as of today, Feb 8. Looks like a full refund is coming. I guess they reconsidered their strategy. I hope it works out for you. Newest coronavirus message posted on Royal Caribbean website.
  6. I love it. Staff seem less stressed, food comes hot and I am not sitting for 2 hours or more each night for a meal. I use that time to enjoy other venues on the ship.
  7. Fabulous review. I am so glad I am on the same Allure TA in November with you. I won't have to take many photos. 😀
  8. Wow. I have been to Labadee several times and never experienced waves or wind. It has always been very hot and the water relatively calm.
  9. Yes. Congratulations on your health journey. That is fabulous and you looked great in both photos but excess weight does contribute to so many health issues. I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for several years now. But your journey is exceptional and inspiring. I love those BEEF sandwiches and maybe will have one with you on Allure in November. Can't wait, my mouth is watering. Kathy
  10. The kebob place looks amazing. We are in Miami a lot and would love to know where it is...... My husband would be in heaven. The best kebobs I have had (doners) were from a Turkish take away place in London. Thanks. Kathy
  11. Thanks for the lovely photos. I sail on Anthem in March and can't wait. Very exciting.
  12. I see lots of comments from. people who know how ships and thrusters etc. work. I was just wondering who would have control of the ship at the time? Captain or port pilot? Who makes the decisions?
  13. Likely due to Easter Sunday being April 12. Possibly a busy weekend for travel. My friends ran into this last year and flew back from Fort Myers. I had booked my flights early. It was much cheaper for them to book a car and drive there for departure.
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