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  1. Trying to decide, buy the package now at the 20% discount or purchase on board with the Diamond discount (if they still offer it). I haven't been on board in over a year and can't remember which is a better deal or if it is not enough difference to worry about.
  2. I didn't even bother to check out the DL on our Oasis cruise last year. Other than it is nice to get coffee from there in the mornings on some ships, I've never had a warm vibe from the concierge or most of the people in the lounge. We are much happier hanging in one of the bars. If I recall, the one time I went with DH they were checking cards of everyone who entered. When I go in to get coffee on some of the ships it is a card swipe.
  3. temple1

    RCCL new Diamond Lounge Policy?

    Interesting topic, late to the party, but glad to know they are still doing the three drinks for Diamond members in the lounges. That is more than enough for us, no need for unlimited, I do want to know what I'm having for dinner and not pass out in the soup. As far as the Diamond Lounges, I have used them to get morning coffee, but half the time the machine is broken. I went in one once with my husband soon after we hit the goal, but we are not gad flies, we don't meet and greet well, getting to know our dinner companions is enough for us, so we are quite happy to sit and relax in the Schooner Bar, watch the passers by and imbibe in a few drinks before dinner and chatting with fellow passengers. Of the Concierges I've met, they are not the friendliest of staffers, so we are happy to bypass them. On the SeaPass discussion, I usually have a pocket or somewhere to stash my card. I attend a lot of functions where i have to wear a lanyard and I hate them. I refuse to wear one on my vacation.
  4. temple1

    Royal Caribbean Fare Mathematics

    Sorry double post.
  5. temple1

    Royal Caribbean Fare Mathematics

    I came on today to see if anyone was discussing this nasty turn in pricing! Like department stores, there is always a sale. It is always a special pricing event. So they have basically devalued our discounts to almost nothing! BTW, not an actuary, but a former mathematician.
  6. I suppose this is a result of RC making it easier for passengers to remove the gratuities so that folks who do follow the recommendations get stuck paying more.
  7. temple1

    Eclipse - August 21st, 2017

    We plan to be very close to the last point where it crosses land near McClellanville, just north of Charleston. We are an hours drive north and plan to fight the traffic down highway 17 to watch the eclipse. If we were more active we would join the "flotilla" that plans to row out to watch from the coast.
  8. When I made our original reservation the RCL rep told me about the fee and how it would be applied on board to our SeaPass whether we got off the ship or not. I made the original reservation some months ago, so I don't know if they had just started alerting passengers or they quit notifying after they told us.
  9. temple1

    Cuba Visa Fee

    I'm sorry if this is your first cruise and you did not do your home work. There are so many wonderful cruises at a lot less cost that go to Cozumel. Some even will stop in Belize or Costa Maya. I'm born and raised in the south and I saw nothing wrong with most of the posts. We're booked for a Cuba cruise and the RCCL rep informed me right off that there would be a mandatory $75 Visa charge. Also, as others kindly pointed out, why did you make a reservation on a ship going to Cuba, if you had no desire to go to Cuba? I admit we frequently end up in Nassau if we want to go eastern on Royal Caribbean. . :rolleyes: As I mentioned above, I'm born and raised in the south but have spent time in the north, mid west, and west as well as have many clients from northern states. I can assure you bigotry and racism does not stop at the Mason-Dixon line.
  10. I agree. As much as I would like a Royal Caribbean ship out of Charleston, the location of the cruise port in Charleston is causing the problems. The streets are narrow, there are many tourists already and the people complaining the most paid millions for homes that face the harbor. If the port authority would relent and build the new terminal closer to the container port many of the complaints would probably stop. I don't think anyone in this conversation lives within blocks of a cruise terminal and all the congestion it creates. I agree with some folks lambasting the locals about their attacks on the carriages and tour vans, they were there when they bought their multi million dollar home, the ships weren't. I live in a tourist area and I know what it is like to have many more visitors than the area can accommodate.
  11. temple1

    Havana, Back in or Pull In?

    Thanks, most of the time the Royal Caribbean captains back in. I found the port on Google.com/maps but of course the day the photo was taken there were no cruise ships in port. I'll keep the cabin we have, It looks like it is a fairly decent view no matter which side of the ship we're on. Normally if the great view is on the port side, we're on starboard. But, just because we're on the best side of the ship doesn't mean something bigger won't be parked docked next to us. We will be on a tour once we're allowed off, but I love watching from the cabin until then and after we get back at the end of the day.
  12. temple1

    Havana, Back in or Pull In?

    Thank you both for incredibly helpful replies.
  13. That is the question. We are booked for October and in looking at the port on Google Maps I can't decide if we should keep our cabin on the Port side or should we switch to a Starboard cabin? If the captain pulls in - great, if he backs in, not so great but not terrible. Currently we are in an obstructed view cabin, there are just a few unobstructed cabins left and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and move to starboard.
  14. temple1

    Empress of the Seas (Cuba Tours)

    Thanks for posting the link. I saw the Rick Steves show recently and it was the icing on the cake for us to book the cruise. We are not staying over night on our October cruise, perhaps next time.