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  1. Shortly after CLIA asked the CDC to lift the Conditional Sail Order and to allow for a phased in approached to cruises restarting, the CDC said that the order limiting cruises will stay in effect until November 1, 2021. The CDC has updated their guidance for cruise ships and the Conditional Sail Order is now in effect until the earliest of: The expiration of the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ declaration that COVID-19 constitutes a public health emergency, The CDC Director rescinds or modifies the order based on specific public health or other considerat
  2. Thanks! And the next sentence? "LaPook: And can you get some schmutz, sort of staying inside there? Fauci: Of course, of course. But, when you think masks, you should think of health care providers needing them and people who are ill. The people who, when you look at the films of foreign countries and you see 85% of the people wearing masks — that’s fine, that’s fine. I’m not against it. If you want to do it, that’s fine. LaPook: But it can lead to a shortage of masks? Fauci: Exactly, that’s the point. It could lead to a shortage of masks for the people who really ne
  3. No one said masks were bad, what they said was that surgical masks are in short supply and front-line health care people should have priority. Once hand-made cloth masks came out, they said that those were what was needed for protection for regular people.
  4. How long do they anticipate having this policy in effect? Are they looking long-term, or just until mid-summer or when they think enough people will be vaccinated?
  5. I don't think they will. There is a balance between being a tourist town and being a place to live; I hope this works for them.
  6. We got two payments from 3 cruises - one of $900, another of $200. No explanation. We had our TA call to find out that it was one cancellation; the $900 down payment, and the $200 change fee since we had previously moved that cruise, before the pandemic. So we are waiting on the refund for another cruise, and have taken the FCC from the third to book a new cruise for next November, which hopefully will be a go.
  7. Our governor does not have 'public health' at the top of his list. The CDC reversals are the war between public health professionals and political appointees - and yes, PLEASE. Fire their boss. It didn't have to be this way.
  8. Those meetings appear to include overriding any medical advice given by the top public health officials, which is not encouraging.
  9. So would the head of the CDC. "Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was overruled when he pushed to extend a "no-sail order" on passenger cruises into next year, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the conversation today in the White House Situation Room." https://www.axios.com/scoop-white-house-overruled-cdc-cruise-ships-florida-91442136-1b8e-442e-a2a1-0b24e9a39fb6.html
  10. We just found out they cancelled the 'lift & shift' from a cancelled cruise. 😞
  11. Yeah, sorry - he posted it as new. I apologize.
  12. A friend just posted photos of the Carnival Sensation and the Norwegian Sky leaving Port of Miami today. Any idea where they are going? The Sensation had lots of people on deck (crew) , the Sky did not.
  13. Our first cruise as well - we were supposed to sail in September, 1992, but Hurricane Andrew had other plans for us. We rescheduled for May 1993 and got an upgrade because our travel agent said we deserved it. The highlight of the trip was leaving St. Thomas and the QEII went out before us. They let out a long blast as they passed us, and we answered back, as did another ship in harbor. We thought this was a normal thing that must happen every cruise. 🙂
  14. WOW. I wonder if they are hoping that people will lose their paperwork and forget to pursue it. I won't. 🙂
  15. Doesn't that mean you get a full refund instead of FCC?
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