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  1. I think you will be good to go. Be aware that WA state mandated masks again in all public locations starting today.
  2. I would drive the 10 minutes to the ferry terminal from my house , 30 minute ferry ride and then walk down the pier in Seattle. Other than that the drive to Long Beach, CA is around 20 hours and I refuse to sit in a car for more than 5 hours.
  3. A little off the subject of cruising but my husband and I just returned from 7 days in Puerto Vallarta. We went as a group with some family and friends 8 people total. On Monday my in-laws, grandma and sister tested with a rapid test as their flight home was Wednesday. They all had results through text message within 15 minutes. All negative for covid and able to fly home. on Wednesday my husband, myself and our couple friends tested at the same clinic. I immediately got a negative result (we didn’t even make it back to where the car was parked before I had my results) our female friend had her negative result about 10 minutes after me. My husband and the other guy waited and waited for over two hours before they got the dreaded “positive” result. We called the clinic and they said to come back and retest with the rapid as it’s notorious for false positives. So we went back. They retested and within 30 minutes the results came back as positive once again. At this point we completely panicked. The clinic told us that we would all need a PCR test the next day at 7am. We all tested and didn’t receive our results until 9pm on Thursday night. Our flight was Friday at 4pm. Thankfully we all came back negative after the PCR but we spent a total of $512 for each couple with the testing. The stress and anxiety on Thursday was awful and we couldn’t enjoy anything. We didn’t want to expose the locals so we stayed shut in our rental house. The idea of leaving my husband behind in Mexico with our friend was just really stressful and I was worried the entire time that he would be in trouble with his job but we decided that the girls needed to get home. The whole trip was really stressful and we decided to cancel our next couple of international adventures. I was so hopeful that things were starting to look better all over the world but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
  4. Wow! I didn’t know that about Celebrity! I might have to give them chance!
  5. Not worth it to me! I always get the spa pass though and I love it.
  6. All the posts about the epic just crack me up. We spend so little time in our cabin that none of the layout weirdness bothers us. We spent 11 days on her in January 2020 and had an absolute blast. We are not picky people though and not much bothers us.
  7. I would cancel. Not out of worry for becoming ill myself (fully vaccinated) but the company I work for has a very strict time and attendance policy and I would most likely be terminated for being on vacation and if I have to quarantine. It’s just too much time away. My husband works for a government contractor and even they have loosened some restrictions, cruising is still a big fat NO. We tried for a late Alaska cruise. 😢
  8. I live near Seattle and the weather here is usually extremely windy and very very wet that part of October . We cruised to Alaska for our first cruise in September 2009 and it was very cold. I ended up buying some warmer socks for our excursions. The best weather we had was in Ketchikan and we ended up doing a snorkel excursion in a full wet suit. It was really great! I think as long as you are prepared for wet weather, and probably not much open on excursions, you will have a great time! I would love to sit cozy and warm in a ship.
  9. My husbands grandmother has been a widow for about 20+ years. She travels extensively (pre covid) and goes with some really great tour operators. She is also part of a national Widow Persons group that does a ton of local tours and trips and has even cruised with them. It might make the first few trips a bit easier if you are in a group setting. My condolences on the loss of your husband.
  10. The spa space is probably the best in the fleet! I have cruised on the Epic 3 times now and she is a quirky ship but still fun. I don’t enjoy the casino placement.
  11. The epic walking track is lame. I love the Epic with its many quirks it that area really annoys me. I love to jog in the mornings (not on a treadmill) and I just gave up.
  12. Fingers crossed! I live across the Puget Sound and can be on a ferry and to the cruise terminal in 30 minutes!
  13. Me! I work retail for a very busy retailer and my reward after holidays is a cruise in January.
  14. “The bill would temporarily alleviate restrictions for cruise ships transporting passengers between Washington and Alaska and allow cruise ships to sail to Alaska without requiring they stop in Canada. Murkowski has said her bill is in response to measures put in place by Canada that restrict cruise ships in Canadian waters until 2022.” I just saw the notification that you had quoted me.
  15. I live near Seattle and I would gladly jump on an Alaska cruise! Our government said that if things continue on the path they are on, WA state can be fully reopened on June 30th! Im not optimistic that this bill will get where it needs to be in time but maybe they can bring some ships here for a west coast cruise? Stop in Mexico for sure to appease the law but I would love to do San Diego and San Francisco.
  16. The week after usually has most kids back in school until winter break begins.
  17. I just put a deposit down for that exact cruise.
  18. I hope so. I hate eating at the trough but my husband loves it.
  19. Jamielogical and I are on the same wave length! @JamieLogical Are you going to book anything? I’m super interested in the transatlantic or repo cruise from Galveston.
  20. It’s just under balcony options not club suites.
  21. Just wanted to see how much an Aft Suite would cost me. 😬😬😬 Maybe I’ll wait a bit.
  22. I would actually be a perfect fit for this. I would have to travel solo but I’m 32, in perfect health and I lost 25lbs last year and started weight lifting. I have both doses of Pfizer and I work retail at a busy location with hundreds of people coming and going. I wear a mask 9 hours of the day with zero issues. Pick me! 😀
  23. Cruising has to start somewhere. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would go if my husband was allowed to cruise.
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