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  1. shadowmeboy

    Fresh Lobster

    How was the excursion? We were planning on doing that in Portland.
  2. shadowmeboy

    NCL Bliss 2 bedroom haven pull out sofa

    not a perfect picture, but on our cabin crawl the bed was open. You can see it behind the curtain they put up. Sorry best I got.
  3. shadowmeboy

    Bahamas to/from Miami - Passport Card?

    A passport card is a WHTI compliant document for land and sea border crossings. Just enter it under the passport line. We had friends sail on an enhanced ID and they put it under the passport line and did fine.
  4. shadowmeboy

    Alaska ending at Seward time for flight?

    I recommend taking the train. you can move around and enjoy the wonderful scenery!
  5. Thank you! We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful area and one of the few who can capture it to and from a cruise! I will let you know if I have any questions. We have a plan. The thing I am most nervous about is heading into the city from the airport with our bags. We are flying into Newark (Nonstop redeye from Seattle on Alaska). The plan is to take the train into the city from the airport.
  6. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading and enjoying!
  7. I will be glad to have you along! Happy New Year!
  8. Thank you for reliving it with me and enjoying. It was a pleasure to sail with you. Happy New Year and here is to wishing you the best, as well, in 2019.
  9. Thank you! Enjoy your cruise through the Panama Canal, that is on our list to do but not feasible at this time. Happy New years to you as well. Thank you! I love showcasing Washington anytime I can.
  10. Thank you and I was glad to do it! Late June or Early July is when it will get started. Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well!
  11. Where is Shadowmeboy off to next? Shadowmeboy, Trace, Maria, and Susan are all cruising Canada & New England in June of 2019. Stay tuned for that review!
  12. Video I shot and forgot about from Teppanyaki. Specialty Dining - We went to 4 Specialty Dining Restaurants plus the haven Restaurant. Here are my thoughts on each. Teppanyaki - Atmosphere, food, and pacing were wonderful. I personally did not care for some of the dishes, but I am not a huge fan of Asian food. The fried rice and the beef and seafood was plenty filling. Great overall experience. Overall Grade - A Q - The Good - appetizers were amazing. Pulled Pork was excellent. Salmon was good. Cocktails were out of this world, especially the smoked peach margarita. Service was friendly. The live country music was awesome! Susan holding her Smoked Peach Margarita and singing along! The Ok - Desserts were ok. The Ribs and Sausage on the sampler platter were ok. The Bad - Pacing of the meal was horrible, 50 minutes to get entrees after the appetizers, and 10 minutes more for the sides. The Chicken and Brisket were dry and flavorless. Overall Grade - C- La Cucina - Great Service, decent pacing, and excellent food. Too many spicy items on the menu. Overall quality meal. Menu differs from past La Cucina menu's on other ships. Overall grade - B+ Los Lobos - Wow! What a great concept. Great food and taste. Excellent service and pacing. Huge portions. We were stuffed and didn't even eat everything. Overall grade - A+ The Haven Restaurant - Thank you Trace and Maria and Pamela for making these two visits happen! The food was excellent. Service was fine, but a little slow according to Trace. The Pork Belly App was to die for! Overall grade - A I want to thank you all for reading this review! I love sharing it with you and getting your responses. If you liked any of the videos I included, please like them and maybe subscribe as well. I tend to post my videos first, before starting my review. Additionally, all my pictures get posted to https://shadowmeboy.smugmug.com/. Feel free to look around and view all my pictures.
  13. After Wenatchee, We headed North towards home. passed Wells Dam Finally, we arrived into our home town. End of Day 9
  14. We got into Leavenworth, WA Leavenworth has a Bavarian Alps theme to its town, so all businesses have to conform, even McDonald's and Starbucks. We finally got Wenatchee and needed to stop and get Milk and other items at Costco.
  15. The trees look painted. Heading down Tumwater Canyon