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  1. Why do you thing the departure port will be changed to Ravenna?
  2. Cancelled my 4 cruises this week to get deposits back. To much unknown and I want to make sure the money ends up back in my pocket.
  3. Was hoping this day wouldn’t come. But it has. Time to cancel my four cruises with NCL and get the deposit money back before its gone
  4. Personally I wouldn’t be making final payment on a cruise right now.
  5. Generally older passengers so maybe they don't have the bookings?????!
  6. In 10 days the only sure thing is it will be August 30th. Anything else is just pure speculation.
  7. Number 2 Pompeii is just amazing!!!!!!!!
  8. We still have no idea what new cruising will look like. These are just baby steps to get the industry started with the die hards. Once the industry really starts up I will look at what on board life will be like. Once I decide it is time to board a ship again I’m not going to focus on what I can do and have a fun trip. A good trip is what you make of it.
  9. Some of the schedules are showing Grand Cayman as a stop. They are closed to shops till 2021 so who know how reliable that information is.
  10. Got me Asia 2023 cruise repriced. Lost shore excursion credit and internet but saved just under $1200
  11. I have deposits down on three cruises. Going to wait till final payment time to make a decision to go or not. Of I can't cruise can always do a land based vacation.
  12. It was reported some of the Marlins players went out to a bar. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/ca.news.yahoo.com/amphtml/mlb-investigation-says-marlins-players-went-out-visited-bars-before-coronavirus-outbreak-224145396.html
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