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  1. It was reported some of the Marlins players went out to a bar. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/ca.news.yahoo.com/amphtml/mlb-investigation-says-marlins-players-went-out-visited-bars-before-coronavirus-outbreak-224145396.html
  2. Had a wonderful land based vacation the first week of July in Banff. It was fun to see some of my own country.
  3. Had a port stop in Curaçao. We returned 18 months later to stay for a week.
  4. Last weekend I rebooked with a CN expiring in December of 2020 to a booking in February 2023. No problem with getting it extended.
  5. Bye bye cruise industry. Wish all a speedy recovery
  6. Personally I wouldn’t give a dime to any cruise lines right now. No guarantee that any of them will even be in business 11 months from now.
  7. Had a CN that expired in December of 2020. Had no problem getting it extended for a booking in February of 2023.
  8. Just rebooked today our June 01, 2021 Infinity cruise. Went from an oceanview with no perks at $7400 cnd and to a balcony with 2 perks for $7500 cnd. So this sailing has dropped in price.
  9. Did a land based vacation to Banff at the beginning of July for a week.
  10. I may well be done with cursing. Just got back yesterday from a land based vacation in Banff. Had a fantastic time. No more getting back to the ship at a scheduled time. I was on my own scheduled and loved it!!!!!!
  11. Feeding time. The thing that is standing in the way of cruising is a pandemic. The CDC has made a decision based on sience and stats. If you want to point fingers look at politicians and narrow minded citizens that are making selfish choices that are not in the best interest of the majority. And until this changes ships will not be sailing for a long time.
  12. I live in what is know as The Greater Toronto Area. With a population of 6.5 million. Yesterday's reported cases where 99. People have been practicing social distancing wearing masks and not gathering in larger groups for the most part. That's why are numbers are slowly going down.
  13. One life lost because some can't practice common sense or common decency is to many.
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