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  1. Place towels on floor around overflowing toilet and when wet, take photos with your phone and go down to Guest Services and show them the photos.
  2. One way cruises are OK I think, but maybe they charge taxes on R/T cruises out of Barcelona. I read about this (the R/T ones) last year. Our son will be on the Escape R/T Barcelona this coming November.
  3. Escape’s last dry dock was in Oct 2022. Maybe they’re revising her itineraries and possibly home-port.
  4. The world's most Northernmost botanical garden is not in Akureyri but in TROMSO, Norway, that is way above the Arctic Circle. About 99% of Iceland is below the Arctic Circle.
  5. No, better to switch to the week after. No embarkation/disembarkation fiasco.
  6. @jrt.mom @tcmagnum Available only on Epic, Breakaway, Getaway, Escape, Joy, Bliss, Encore, Prima, Viva. Older ships do not have dedicated Studio Lounge or Studio cabins.
  7. Prima is DOCKED ... first visit to Isafjordur this year, and first time docked. No, correction: it's Prima's first time to Isafjordur ever!!
  8. Great review and pictures! Can you please enlighten us on your travel from Venice Mestre to Trieste? Would love to read about it, asking for a friend (and ourselves!). Thanks!
  9. Simple extension cord - 2 prong ones: Woods 603W 15-Foot Cube Extension Cord with Power Tap; White - Amazon.com Only ship I didn't need to use an extension cord was the Viva ((also Prima). My 15' extension cord is always in my carry on bag along with my CPAP.
  10. Yes, and also did you go grey or change your hair colour/style since the last time you cruised? I’m for re-inputting the details every time we do online check in.
  11. Thanks @KeithJenner to pointing out that I wasn't entirely correct with what I posted. I was posting what was coming out of my memory but now I've seen the deckplans for Escape I would like to correct what I said. That 5 O'clock place (now Syd Norman Pour house) on deck 8 is directly below the expensive deck 9 Club Balcony cabins ... so noise was a real factor that the M* occupants complained bitterly ... so whatever venues going on in that place had to be during the day and finish early. This occurred during the Escape's maiden TA voyage back in 2015 that we went on.
  12. Which ship? We’re eying at the Sky one! Great review again. Glad you enjoyed the Viva.
  13. I saw that on NCL for the first time a few days ago, and thought about you. It makes sense that they switched the dis/embark port from Tromsø to Copenhagen. Also the other ports in Norway are good! Alaska is great, but better on smaller ships. We did b2b on Spirit (with longer port hours) last year and it was wonderful. If we do it again it’d be b2b again with Glacier Bay thrown in. 5 weeks to go for us … Svalbard here we come!
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