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  1. So Bermuda gets the Escape this year, the Encore in 2020 and the Joy in 2021 !!!
  2. Pack a dress, some jewelry and high heels. You like them …. 😋
  3. I'm afraid you all might have to split up - your boarding cruise cards are located at the terminal you are assigned to. Otherwise an employee will need to go over to the other terminal to get the cards which will take more than several minutes and great delay for the people behind you in the queue. Suggest a spot on ship to meet up. ENJOY!!
  4. I don't wear dresses, but wear nice capris/slacks with nice top. I don't wear heels either (ships are big = lots of walking) but I wear nice flat shoes and very fancy jeweled thongs (Grandco sandals) … the CD on last cruise complimented about the sandals and I have several pairs.
  5. I think you meant in one week's time. The Bliss repositions to Alaska cruises from Los Angeles in 2 weeks' time so the last Mexico cruise is next week. We are on the Pacific Coastal on April 28th - can't wait. Will see the OP on Bliss.
  6. Yes, I already know that the OP has a mobility scooter so that's why I said "your scooter" 😉
  7. The NCL ferry is not part of that. It is separate and has its own schedule. The ship will supply it.
  8. Your ship will supply them. One thing though, when our son was working on Bo Hengy II, they didn't work at weekends or public holidays. They worked when the NCL ship was in port. They worked late when the ship overnighted. They finished work early when the ship left port. Odd hours, and the Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays were the longest days and Fridays the shortest.
  9. The regular Bermuda ferries go to Hamilton. Those ferries will allow you to ride your scooter on board. Not free, though. The Dockyard-St. George's ferries take about 45 mins, as opposed to 1.5 hours on the road. The ferries to Hamilton take about 30 mins (50 mins on road).
  10. The ferry has been very nicely revamped! Better colours!
  11. Yes, you'll be fine!!! ENJOY!!! We're residents of Bermuda, but we truly enjoyed the ferry between Dockyard and St. George's! 😁🤩
  12. Our son worked on Bo Hengy II as deckhand during the summer 2017 season, and we went on it when our Getaway docked in Bermuda during our TA in Oct 2017. They allowed people on mobiles and in wheelchairs onboard. They put out ramps and assisted. You'll be fine on your mobility scooter … there is fairly flat surfaced walk from the ferry stop to the town square along the waterfront. I just saw the pictures I took - it's possible. Also the Spirit of St. George's ferry is for the NCL passengers.
  13. Yes, on October 2nd. It will dock at King's Wharf on Sept 18th, and will anchor in Grassy Bay on October 16th (and tender to Hamilton).
  14. Here you go …. the Bermuda Cruise Ship Schedule 2019 … as at April 2, 2019 ... http://marineandports.bm/Documents/Shipping_schedules/YR 2019 Cruise Ship Schedule pdf.pdf You can check back now and again for an updated one.
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