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  1. bluesea777

    Any ideas on where the Jade will go November 7 2019 ?

    Norwegian Spirit is doing the Dubai to Capetown in spring 2020.
  2. Sorry to hear about the cold weather and the crowds as a result. We have been on several TAs; one was on the northern route - never again. If we do TA, we take the more southern route because of the much warmer weather. We were on the Getaway (sister ship to Breakaway) from Copenhagen last year - we went via Azores and Bermuda, ending up in Miami - it was great - weather was kind to us, and it was a thrill to stop in Bermuda overnight as it was on our bucket list to sail into and out of Bermuda on a cruise ship. We were meant to go to St. Maarten and St. Thomas (see, we picked that TA because of the more southernly route), but thanks to Irma/Maria, these were replaced with overnight Bermuda. Perhaps, if you are to book another, pick the ship that leaves from the Med, and goes via the Caribbean (i.e. St. Thomas). Hope you enjoy the rest of the crossing. P.S. your blog is so good and interesting to read. A tip to you … never ever drive many hours on the same day as either the cruise OR flight!! Drive the day before and stay overnight in hotel. Or fly. You were lucky that Norwegian delayed the flight. We were on the 2nd leg of a B2B cruise once and I was in an elevator during the muster drill (that we did not need to attend) when a family came in with suitcases, huffing and puffing and saying thank god. I asked what happened … they had driven to port - the journey was supposed to take 4 hours, but they ran into road works on the way and then there was a parade in Miami and that added 4 hours to the drive …. I said better to drive the day before, and she said they'll fly next time. I loved that you enjoyed Copenhagen! It's my fave city - my mother was Danish so I still have relatives and friends there. Surprised to read about the Steel House Hostel.
  3. This really puzzles me. The ship departed from Vancouver, and surely they have US Pre-Clearance at the terminal! Maybe the fact that they stopped at Victoria, still in Canada, before the US that might have nullified the Vancouver's US Pre-Clearance. I still think it's crazy. Now we've decided to take the northern Pacific Coastal rather than the southern in 2019.
  4. bluesea777

    Printing Bag tags

    I use Snag-It to turn it into proper size before I print.
  5. bluesea777

    Chair hogs on the Bliss

    starts at 2:00 still at same place, shorter and funnier video
  6. bluesea777

    Does the Gem have the world's slowest waterslide?

    Pearl lost hers as well a few years ago.
  7. bluesea777

    Does the Gem have the world's slowest waterslide?

    Yeppers, however, a lady made a big fuss about it as she booked the cruise on Star because of the slides (there were 2) for her 2 kids. She wanted NCL to compensate her for the missing slides. Said it wrecked her vacation plans/bliss, and so on. I posted the before photos of those slides and guess what she never posted again. :confused::cool: The new deck design looks much better now.
  8. bluesea777

    Does the Gem have the world's slowest waterslide?

    The Jewel is due for her major drydock/overhaul/renovations next month (after her TP crossing) - will be interesting to see if the slide will be removed or not. We are on her in Nov for the Singapore-Sydney cruise.
  9. bluesea777

    Dumb Question about Online Checkin

    Hi! We received email from NCL this week telling us to check in and register our CC for our next cruise (Nov 12th) - this is the first time we're being asked to enter our CC during the check in. So this is the new thing. Yes, I agree that the OP can remedy by removing the CC on their kids' account - but at Guest Services after boarding.
  10. bluesea777

    Cape Town, South Africa!

    It’s the Spirit doing her repositioning cruises from Europe to Asia, starting in Rome in Feb 2020. Go on line and take a look at the itineraries. We are interested in one of them. Spirit is a lovely little big ship and she is an ideal ship for these itineraries.
  11. bluesea777

    Getting Real - Questions

    We were in Cuba last Tues on the Sun. When we were exchanging money, we asked the lady and she said 8 pm.
  12. bluesea777

    ESCAPE - September 9th Bermuda - TS/H Florence

    That cruise ship schedule isn't live - it's in PDF format. http://marineandports.bm/Documents/Shipping_schedules/2018_Cruise_Ship_Schedule.pdf
  13. bluesea777

    ESCAPE - September 9th Bermuda - TS/H Florence

    Where does it say that? I think you need to look at the arrival and departure dates as well as time ;) Sun 09/11 Sept 1230 1730 Norwegian Dawn King’s Wharf NCL BOS/BOS MA
  14. bluesea777

    ESCAPE - September 9th Bermuda - TS/H Florence

    Bermuda port of call cancelled. Looks like Escape might be heading east to Canada. Heading down to PC/GSC/Nassau not an option as Flo will steer right up after brushing by Bermuda's south.
  15. bluesea777

    ESCAPE - September 9th Bermuda - TS/H Florence

    Tomorrow's Dawn (Fri Sept 7) should be okay, but next week's (Fri Sept 14) is SOL … unless Miss Flo dies.