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  1. Is your sister sharing the stateroom with you (i.e. on same booking)? If so, include her as your companion in your VeriFly! Simple!
  2. It was a sail in and out at Marmaris Turkey, Jade paid a visit to Rhodes Greece and is now on way back to Piraeus Greece. POA, it looks like, is doing test runs an will head back to Astoria later today. Encore heads back to Seattle tomorrow.
  3. Sorry, but yes, they have been cancelled. Australia and New Zealand are closed to cruise ships until mid - late 2022 at the least. Cruise lines often cancel cruises as time go by - they do that monthly or so. The main point is Viking cancelled the Orion’s transpacific crossing to Asia a month ago which means Orion isn’t going to be in Asia and Viking is cancelling the Asian and Australian cruises month by month. sorry to upset you but this is the new life (covid). P.S. when Viking cancelled Orion’s TP they added 6 new Bermuda Escape sailings.
  4. Jade has now sailed and is enroute to Marmaris Turkey.
  5. Or during the period between their pre-departure test and the airport. Incubation period is 4-14 days. Don't ever let your guard down after you have been tested - or for at least 2 weeks before your travel. A poster somewhere in one of the threads did say it was a positive result and they sectioned off part of hallway on her deck for a bit while the person was being transferred to their isolation stateroom.
  6. Please post these in the Ship Movements thread, because these posts and thread will get lost. 😉
  7. Jade is now docked at Heraklion Crete Greece.
  8. Not "very few" but a lot. Particularly in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and many island nations. No fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, etc. If one must sneak something ashore, make sure to take the trash (wrappings, leftovers, scraps, etc) back on the ship to dispose!!
  9. One on July 10-17 Sky on day 4 of the cruise. Other on July 13-20 Jupiter on day 3.
  10. Yes, lol, MY BAD, it's Encore. 🙃 Thanks!
  11. More likely. Here in Bermuda taking food off ship onto shore is a big no-no, except for drinks and sealed snacks.
  12. Did you do VeriFly? If not, you need to do it. It asks you for your details, mug shot (a selfie) and PDF or photo of your vaccine certificate. Once you have uploaded the latter they will verify and either approve it or not. Ours was our Bermuda Government issued and they got accepted after an hour. Both Viking and airlines use VeriFly. Bring both photocopies and original just in case, as you'll be going thru several check-points along the way.
  13. Newsflash! Pride of America is finally out of dry dock after almost 7 weeks and is enroute to Astoria. We will find out where she will be haeding after Astoria. Bliss is having a mini cruise out in the ocean, back to Seattle on July 24th. Jewel was also out for a run and is now anchored off Miami. Stay well. Stay safe all.
  14. Thanks, you’re welcome. Yesterday it was said in the news that there are 5 new cases out of all the Thursday to Monday tests, and all 5 were imported. No symptoms so off to the hotel quarantine they went.
  15. Ditto ... and I reckon we'll be getting email soon about the itinerary change. Anyway, we are Bermuda residents and do not plan on getting off the ship at all, lol.
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