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  1. Thanks! I’ll certainly report back. Being closer to the port is definitely why we choose this cruise. We didn’t want our other son and his wife to have to travel so far with a toddler.
  2. To all of you on the Carnival boards. We are leaving tomorrow morning for Charleston to board Sunshine on Monday for a 5-day cruise. We are celebrating the high school graduation of our older granddaughter, who requested a family cruise as her graduation gift from Poppy and Nana. The party also includes our 3-year-old granddaughter. We are experienced cruisers on RCCL, and I would be totally comfortable with all of the details if we were sailing on Royal. We have not sailed on Carnival for many years. I so want this cruise to be a great experience for the whole family. I have purchased FTTF and rented a villa on HMC. I 've had so many questions, and the folks on this forum (for the most part) have been so kind and helpful. It has made me vow that I will try to be more helpful to those asking questions on the Royal forums. Thank you!
  3. Thanks to all of you who made helpful suggestions - I am not usually this clueless - I am a RCCL cruiser who is very comfortable with their procedures. I purchased FTTF for this cruise because it is a family celebration for my granddaughter's high school graduation. We have another grandchild who is a very active (and not very patient) 3-year old and I'm trying very hard to make this a happy vacation for all.
  4. OK - just checked our luggage tags and there is a symbol that says FTTF (didn't see it before) - thank you! I will watch to make sure we get the stickers.
  5. Thanks - I'll show them whatever documentation I have. I'm puzzled why Carnival doesn't tell you about these extra steps you need to take to get what you've already paid for.
  6. I'm a little confused. The only thing I have documenting FTTF is our boarding docs - so I need to show them to the porters?
  7. I meant - making sure that the porters put the special sticker on our luggage. So that's never been a problem for you when you had purchased FTTF?
  8. Sorry - is that a southern expression? Just to clarify - it means bug/bother/insist. My point was that the passenger (who has paid for FTTF) has to make sure that the porters do what one would assume would be automatic.
  9. OK - so let's see if I understand. In addition to paying for FTTF, I have to dog the porters (who couldn't care less, in my experience) to put special stickers on our luggage? I thought paying for FTTF ensured that our luggage would get priority. Wow.
  10. Thanks to all of you for the advice and clarifications!
  11. Our luggage tags say FTTF. I doubt that a short summer cruise will have a lot of cruisers with status. (Our 16 day Panama Canal cruise on RCCL in October, on the other hand.....half or more of us will Diamond and above, I'll bet!)
  12. We actually sailed on Carnival many years ago and enjoyed it. We've stuck with Royal since then because of loyalty rewards, but have also sailed NCL and Celebrity. We are not picky cruisers - I've never had a bad cruise! We are so happy to be able to cruise from Charleston instead of FL ports!
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