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  1. You can find more complete info on the "Ports" board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/15-roatan/
  2. I am vaccinated and not the least bit afraid of getting sick. I am afraid that an outbreak would negatively affect my cruising experience due to a shortened cruise, mandatory masking, closed venues, etc.
  3. I absolutely agree. We were excited to book a cruise for January, assuming Royal would require vaccinations. We will most likely cancel.
  4. Thank you everyone for the responses.. Between gratuities, a steakhouse dinner and a few photos (it's our anniversary), that should take care of most of it.
  5. Oh - if it can be used for gratuities - that's great!
  6. Thank you. The 10% discount is why I was hoping we could spend it pre-cruise. I can't imagine spending $500 on board on anything other than drinks, so I guess we'll just pay more for the drink package on board.
  7. We have received $500 in OBC (from Carnival) for an upcoming cruise. We usually cruise RCCL, who allows use of OBC for pre-cruise purchases. We would like to purchase our drink packages at the pre-cruise price. Does Carnival allow this? If not, we'll need to purchase at the higher onboard price. I can't imagine how we'd use $500 OBC for anything else.
  8. Sorry - I should have looked at your cruising schedule! I understand. I hope you're right!
  9. OK. Got it . You're making fun of me. Just looking for opinions. I should know better with all of the snark on these boards.
  10. I would love to boo a cruise for late 2021 or early 2022. DH says we will not book a cruise until we are sure we can cruise without masks. Best guesses as to when that will be? Not that it's relevant to the question, but we are both receiving our second vaccine a week from today.
  11. Thank you! There are folks everywhere - here, Facebook, etc. who think they can predict how all of this will turn out. Me - I don't have a clue! If you think this thread is bad - wait until the fall when those who turned out to be right come back to say their "I-told-you-sos". 🙂
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