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  1. Wow - I have an awesome TA who regularly checks for price drops and emails me - he's found three price drops for our upcoming Panama Canal cruise and never charges a fee for anything.
  2. Sounds like a mess. I've never had any problem with OBC being applied correctly, but I take all of my documentation with me just in case.
  3. OK - so these two answers conflict. It sounds like one of us might have excess OBC at the end of the cruise while the other might have a balance (all on the same account). As long as they reconcile it on the final bill I'm fine with that. If not, who do I need to call to get it fixed?
  4. I just redeemed some Visa points from my card and from my husband's for OBC on our upcoming cruise. Both of our receipts show part of our credits as "shared" and part of our credits as "individual". I've always select shared when I redeemed our points before. I must have made the wrong selection this time. I can't find any explanation of the difference on the BOA web site. I'm hoping that it doesn't mean that the individual credit can only be used by one of us. Can anybody help?
  5. Thanks, Bob and twangster - I thought that was the case, but I want to pack as lightly as possible for a 16-day cruise.
  6. I'm starting packing for our Panama Canal cruise coming up in a week or so. I need to know whether to pack my clothes pins!
  7. Thank you - that one looks good. I will probably book with them.
  8. Thanks to everyone for the advice. One thing that will help is that we are on Vision with less choices (less temptation) than the larger ships.
  9. We have both lost 50+ pounds in the last two years. We are both worried about how much weight we might gain on our 16-day Panama Canal cruise. It would really help if we could weigh every day on the cruise. Can anyone tell me whether their are scales in the gym on Vision or anywhere else?
  10. This exactly how I did it (using a spreadsheet, of course!), except that we didn't make any lunch reservations. We had no trouble being seated anywhere at lunch.
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