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  1. I’m confused by this thread. There are separate gratuities for MTD?
  2. Do you have a day pass reserved before taking the taxi?
  3. Is the $15 ride for a round trip or just one way?
  4. Is there a restaurant open on the Conquest that has waiter service at embarkation?
  5. 38,000 points? Wow, that’s a lot of points. You must have been playing mostly slots. I think I had around 8,000 on my last 7-day Premier cruise, but I was playing mostly video poker.
  6. Glad it’s good news for a change. Maybe all our prayers worked their magic.😀
  7. Wow! Not what I was expecting when I checked in just now. Sending prayers and blessings your way.
  8. I’ve been waiting for this, too. Always a great read, Jeff. Can’t wait for more.
  9. Like Andrew, we have easily made an 11:30 a.m. flight from Miami to Detroit. Cruised NCL not RCI, but we’d have a leisurely breakfast in the MDR first and disembark around 8:30, catch a cab and usually made it to MIA by nine or shortly after and go inside to check bags. Andrew, another fun review. Thanks for taking us along.
  10. I’ve been checking the RCI boards the last few days waiting for you to start your review. So happy it’s finally here. Always a fun read. Thanks, Andrew.
  11. Whenever I read someone post Happy Birthday to you today, I kept thinking that you mentioned a couple of times that your birthday was the day you would be in Aruba. Makes me feel good that I read correctly.
  12. Good Lord! Even in the first picture, it’s obvious your right foot is quite swollen. Your family is worried, and we all are worried and hoping for good news soon. Still keeping you in my prayers for a full recovery sooner rather than later.
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