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  1. I went to MGMGrand Detroit last Wednesday and today. Pretty much the same procedures as have been mentioned, except no temp check upon entering (which the Indian casinos up north do) and every fourth machine open with the three in between locked down. And no smoking except in a designated area.
  2. I have a cruise booked in November, and the final payment date is Friday. It’s a casino comped cruise using a CN and under $200 in cash. Haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do. NCL says I can cancel within 48 hours of the cruise, but that would mean getting more FCC (I had a March cruise cancelled). Flight is paid for. I’m thinking/hoping that if I wait for NCL to cancel the cruise, maybe Delta will have pity on me and give me an eCredit for a future flight. I really feel, the way things are going in Florida, it would be safer to go on a cruise (with all the safety precautions NCL says the
  3. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask those that will, probably the same ones who try to skip out on the mandatory muster drill.
  4. I noticed last night that Diver mistakenly thought you were the one who posted this: “I expect them to announce that all cruises through the end of October are canceled, though they may do it in small steps. Eventually I expect them to cancel everything until next spring.”
  5. Yes, if it was mandatory but would it be enforced?
  6. Some people don’t get a 10- or 15-minute notice that they need to use the bathroom, so there’s no planning for it. And, what if a person gets sick and needs to throw up? That would cause a lot of additional work for the already overworked staff.
  7. What if it’s at a private island? Are they going to pack the passenger’s belongings? Doesn’t seem feasible to me.
  8. I’ve never had this issue at Caesars Windsor. But it’s been a long time since I’ve had a profit there. 🤔
  9. Full Service Buffets Buffets and beverage stations will be full service with staff available to serve guests.
  10. That was great. Just what I needed on this Saturday night.
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