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  1. Sorry, not giving a free pass on misinformation when it is so much easier to delete it online than create it. Virus or not.
  2. No disagreement that this video was produced prior to more recent events. Video targeted to travel agents or the general public does not matter. Sleazy that it is still on an official Celebrity website. Not an excuse for false advertising.
  3. Government officials are probably keen enough to know that tourists spending money in hotels and local businesses within the country have a far greater impact than cruise ship passengers where profits and taxes largely go elsewhere.
  4. Original asking price was $235 million. Reduced $85 million to $150 million. Not 50 percent off. Math similar to the beverage package 'sales'.
  5. Great to hear about the former Royal Viking Sky. Our first cruise was when she was the Sunward under NCL. It spoiled me and got me hooked on cruising. Thought our large cabin was normal until I took cruises after that. I hope they can still be viable and my prediction is totally off-base.
  6. Anything to keep the deposits rolling in... Unfortunately, only the small percentage that follow Cruise Critic know the real deal. Shameful and I will probably cancel our November booking. Paid a premium price over Rhapsody from Tampa. I am glad I follow Cruise Critic for reasons like this.
  7. I believe the lines with the oldest ships will go first. CMV is in big trouble. Fred Olsen also has a couple of former Royal Viking ships that are almost 50 years old. https://www.euronews.com/2020/06/20/uk-authorities-detain-five-cruise-ships-over-welfare-concerns-for-crew https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23122-british-authorities-detain-cmv-ships.html
  8. There were a lot of burned bridges between the Australian authorities and the cruise lines during recent virus related events there. I believe a criminal investigation of the Ruby Princess is ongoing. I don't see a welcome mat ever being rolled out anytime soon.
  9. Wonder where Sovereign's famous clock that was featured on a tv series years back will end up?
  10. Glad Empress was saved by her transfer to RCI. For now at least......
  11. I believe HAL's Veendam and Maasdam are among the Carnival ships being sold. Not just Fantasy class will go. These HAL ships only hold 1250 to 1350 passengers and often sell at rates lower than newer ships. I love them for that reason, but I get the current business environment and the need to make some tough decisions now. Sold as being sold to scrappers also.
  12. The good stuff is removed before the ships make it to the scrappers in Alang. SS Norway's art and other valuables were removed in Germany where she was laid up before her sad demise in Alang.
  13. I would pick the former Costa Classica over the former Carnival Celebration if I ever had to book a Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line ship. She was an expensive ship for her time and a beauty inside and out.
  14. I think there are some smaller HAL ships involved instead of all Fantasy class ships. Rather see the Fantasy class go rather than the older HAL ships with class. I get the business decision though.
  15. Not seen the news of that. Where did you see that?
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