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  1. It doesn’t really matter at this point- just start getting used to the RCI app.
  2. Just use that and don't worry about printing it.
  3. As the RC reps mentioned, it varies in that range.
  4. The Planner and the ship may have different cut off times but you should be able to reserve till 9.
  5. Concentrate on itinerary and cost, before worrying about getting on/off the ship.
  6. Yes, and for most uses, it is more important than the download/upload speed.
  7. One should to put things into context - those numbers are exactly what you usually get with Stream - that is the norm and for sat internet, it is good. The important number you left out of your home test is the ping.
  8. The RCI app has the menu for Harmony.
  9. It's not a device issue - the app works fine on a G5 in our household. Visit the VOOM desk when you board and they should be able to fix it for you.
  10. That would be news I would think - all reports indicate that VOOM given as part of the Suite program is Stream. @John&LaLa may somehow confirm on his upcoming trip in a GS.
  11. That may be going away now that Anthem has switched to the RCI app.
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