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  1. The camouflage look is the rock wall - nothing to reveal there.
  2. Seems like the IT guys were bored and didn't like the look of the Planner link so they updated it last night.
  3. ? I don't see any cover - it's supposed to go right in front of those windows where that guy is standing.
  4. You can go to/from ship anytime, regardless of whether docked or tendering.
  5. Yes. Yes. Yes. When you choose VOOM plans the last choice is usually the 24 hr package and its cost is the same as your D discount - buy that. The 24 (sometimes 25) hour clock starts then.
  6. Providing the ship might help with feedback.
  7. That time would line up well for those with late traditional dinner.
  8. You may want to also ask in the Roll Call thread for this sailing - someone there might have info.
  9. On ships with the app, you can turn that into several minutes a few times during the cruise - click on the link to install the app and you'll get several minutes of a Stream connection.
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