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  1. I think at the height of it they had about 25K to get home - it is likely below 10K by now.
  2. You could have considerable variation within August, but that could be normal. I wouldn't book anything outside of final payment, but if you are set on going, book before August 1 of this year to get the CWC perks (price drops inside final payment).
  3. In today's dollars, that bottle would be about $140, while the drinks about $6.50.
  4. That you can see online - the real number could be different.
  5. It was the same since he started with RCI - light technician in 270.
  6. Enough of a drop to get your money, just before they cancel the sailing.
  7. Is Marinetraffic trying to tell us something about the future of Ovation with its currently reported location?
  8. You can't delete a post, only mods can, but no way should you worry about what you posted. Tell Riley to keep the vids coming. Oh, and welcome to CC, where you need to have a thick skin, ignore some posters and enjoy the show.
  9. I'm pretty sure Gov DeSantis can't override the CDC no sail order.
  10. You, or anyone doing a L&S, should look that (the taxes/fees on the new sailing) up before calling - then you know what the diff should be. There have been plenty of reports of the CSR getting that part of the transaction wrong.
  11. If you were eligible for a refund, you can still convert your FCC into one.
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