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  1. Doesn't make a diff - as of now only Schengen customers allowed.
  2. I believe some lines disallowed them and RCI said that longer cruises (10 days+) won't start for quite some time.
  3. I don't see RCI (and RCG) being so flush with cash to do this before her next required dry dock - not likely before 2023 (now that she's 20 years old she needs two dry docks within the next 5 years).
  4. assuming he cruises at his pre-COVID pace and RCI allows B2Bs. BTW, I think he was in the 8K points range last year, so 10K is unlikely.
  5. Until we get some confirmation after the first few sailings, we won't know how much of the planned Amp was cancelled, but the mechanical part of the dry dock was certainly completed.
  6. Explorer had her dry dock in Brest France mid August to mid Sep.
  7. They could just as easily adjust the solo premium and not relabel the cabin, but there may be some market specific reasons to recategorize.
  8. I don't think that will happen till after the first few 2021 sailings have the customers get these points. Biker, who somehow sees "issues" with implementation.
  9. I can't see a scenario under which RCI would change a "regular" sized cabin (160+ sq ft) into a solo cabin.
  10. The chances that RCI did any renovation to a brand new ship (especially to cabins) is the same as them sailing next month. What's more likely, and seems to be happening more often, they relabel them.
  11. You are the mercy of the web cam or whatever Lloyd can dig up.
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