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  1. Last night my December 2021 cruise was the only one missing; now all 7 are missing. I used Chrome and Edge. Will clear my cache
  2. Concierge Lounges accessibility changed to D+ and up a few years ago. However I think the Lounge on Deck 11 is really a DL and the diagram is wrong
  3. A couple folks from my 12-5 roll call have the same problem
  4. My 12-5-2021 Harmony Cruise is missing also. I know the ship is coming back from Europe. I'll check tomorrow and see if anyone on my roll call has the same problem.
  5. We're sailing with you and we haven't received our luggage tags yet either. I figure they will come in a week or two. At least we're checked in with a pier check-in time. The luggage porters can also make up tags at the Cruise Terminal.
  6. I remember Becky. She is a lovely person and was a great Cruise Director. I think in addition to her injury that she got married and may have wanted a shoreside job to be with her husband. I wonder if she's still training CD's for Celebrity
  7. I like them both especially compared to the Diamond Lounge being located on Deck 4 forward inside with no windows.
  8. -- hoping this change will be temporary as we are on track to make Pinnacle after our January cruise.
  9. I think the Concierges would rather have the Ps in the SL as there would be more passengers to tip. One of the documents I saved about C&A changes stated this
  10. We're D+ so that works -- the Lounge is a good size but not able to handle all Ds, D+s and Ps. It could be D+ and Pinnacle as Ps are not able to use the SL (this is supposed to be temporary).
  11. Just checked App and it says Concierge Lounge but with a Suite Lounge (Limited to Suite passengers only at least temporarily) on Deck 17, who would use the Deck 11 lounge?
  12. Concierge Lounge was the original designation for this area. I can't remember if I have ever seen it labeled as Diamond Lounge in the RCI ship diagrams although DL is the designation on the App.
  13. Let's see how the restrictions pan out later in the year. Our next shot at St. Kitts, as I posted above, is August 2022
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