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  1. Glad it has both NCL and RCCL along with the political weight. I hope it will move the CDC to begin working with the Industry on Protocols. I also read on another social media site that 22 RCCL employees worked on the EU protocols.
  2. Winkleman is also representing some crew members who got Covid19 or families whose loved ones died from it. Wonder if he's still actively working the case where the step-grandfather dropped his granddaughter out of an open window on Freedom's pool deck. These cases may be more likely to get a settlement.
  3. This would be good for us who want to book.
  4. Hope you're right and also hope the strains get weaker.
  5. I've also seen other forums ruined by an effort to turn them into political discussions. e.g. -- Downton Abbey -- I'm on there to discuss the movie, the exhibit, Matthew's proposal to Mary, the Dowager. Nothing political in these topics unless there were English political issues that were big from 1912 through the mid-1920's like suffrage or hospital regulation.
  6. Very well said. This forum is to get information and hope vis-a-vis when ships will sail again and other important issues like staterooms, concierges, captains, itineraries, etc. We cancelled our 8-23-2020 HM cruise so I'm keeping fingers crossed for the next cruise in December.
  7. Sorry I triggered you. I'm just trying to keep this forum on topic because I've seen lots of threads devolve into a political argument instead of cruising issues. So did you block me?
  8. Has the CDC begun working with the cruise lines to set new standards for cruises when the companies can resume sailing? Cruise Line Executives met with the CDC last Thursday but the topic was crew repatriation. Does anyone know if there has been any progress in drawing up requirements for the lines and the cruisers? Or is the CDC dragging its feet? Market Watch posted an articles that and Analyst said the CDC should be blamed for extended cruise suspensions. It said the industry has been actively developing health protocols. The CDC is unwilling to discuss, debate and mutually implement the highest standards for passenger and crew health. Read in MarketWatch: https://apple.news/AboEb0JbhQkGcZvF8ezzIAg
  9. TOTALLY AGREE -- Plenty of forums for political discussion. This forum is for cruising -- Lots of people use it for escape and hope that they will get back to their favorite form of of travel. Political posts on Cruise forums really irk me and I work in politics. Please don't ruin my forum that's getting me through until we can cruise again.
  10. Read somewhere that the CDC met with Cruise Executives yesterday.. Haven't seen anything else.
  11. Please post if anyone knows about any concierges returning. I will check with my contacts and post.
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