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  1. There is a Current Concierge Thread but here is the Google Doc with Concierges in the SL, CL and DLs on the ships. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0
  2. Could recent cruisers please give me updates for the Google Doc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0 Thanks
  3. Gavin left Allure on Wed (9-18-2019) Ava now in DL https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=1209646832
  4. Synopsis of updates fro 9-19-to 9-22-2019-- please correct me if anything is wrong. 9-19 to 9-22-2019 –GR -- Grandeur. Dudley Jean is now in the CL and Ilona Tsyhaniuk. is now back in the DL. Carlington is on vacation. Francis will not be returning to the ship as he is now assigned to Radiance HM -- Jeremias is going on vacay Sept 29th and checker is returning LB -- Concierges on Liberty are Nadja-SL and MJ-DC NV -- Navigator since 9/9. Andrea was in SL upon arrival and still is. Farah joined the ship on 9/13 as DL concierge. SY -- Symphony, Willie will be starting his vacation tomorrow, 9/21/2019. Raul will be moving to the Suite Lounge. I expect Jenny will be returning to the DL Jackie will be on board for the birthday cruise. I think she will be going home about 2 weeks later; Norman De Ocampo on DL for 2 weeks. ( I updated the Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0
  5. Not huge -- we're booked through April 2021. Now if they send me an email about cruises from late April 2021 through April 2022, I'll be interested.
  6. I think Port Canaveral will get either Oasis or Symphony and that Harmony will be in Europe all summer. We were booked for April 2021 and they cancelled the cruise so we switched to Oasis out of Ft. Lauderdale. Actually saved a good amount of money and got OBC.
  7. I updated the Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0
  8. SUMMARY OF UPDATES FROM THIS BOARD AND OTHER SOURCES Allure – Claudine on vacation; Dexter & Usha Purryag– SL; DL – Gavin Nancy’s last sailing with RCCL, she is returning to the Philippines. Anthem -- Alex Kupryk is Diamond Concierge; Ricardo Mock -- CL Adventurer -- Fabio is going to be here till the middle of December Just off the Adventure, 9/6. Sucel Anderson was in the Suite Lounge and Christopher Dhoukit was in the Diamond Lounge. Jewel -- Cristina Onisii is the DL manager on Jewel (came from SY) Romina left the Jewel DL 9-8-2019 to go on vacation and to train as a Genie, joining Anthem in October. Her replacement is someone called Christina/Kristina - sorry don't know the surname. Anis is still in the CL NV -- NV. Grecia is in DL thru mid September. 9-8-2019 -- Grecia - tomorrow is her last day on Navigator. She is going to Rhapsody. I do not know if to CL or DL. Ovation Update - Concierge Lounge - Bing Bai Diamond Club - Hailey Park Radiance now and Francis said he goes on vacation Oct 9 RH - Alan will leave the Rhapsody on 15 September to go on vacation. Kumar (KK) will move to the Concierge Lounge and Grecia will transfer from the Navigator to take over in the Diamond Lounge Spectrum Gold Lounge - Sylvia. Silver Lounge - Sky. Vision -- Norma Zarate is the Diamond Concierge and Ryno Strapp is the Suite Concierge
  9. A friend wants to make sure she has adequate shade on Coco Cay. Are there ample chairs in the shade? Are there umbrellas? Do some of the chairs have a half moon fold back umbrella (I guess these are clam shells). Thanks
  10. Fall sailings for 2021 would be good to know about.
  11. Guess I will continue waiting. We were booked on HM for April 11, 2021 and they cancelled April, 2021 sailings for the ship to go into Drydock. We got good OBC and a lower price and are now sailing on Oasis out of Ft. Lauderdale for the following week. My guess is that HM does summer/fall 2021 Europe and RCCL brings up a new ship to Port Canaveral.
  12. DL Lockout until after Muster is what I am hearing. I have a friend on HM this week in the DL and he is checking. I will probably email the Concierge also. I have a plan B but very inhospitable.
  13. Radiance update: From folks currently sailing on Radiance. Frances Calimag is in the CL Concierge and Ken Degrace is the Diamond Concierge. Updated the Google Doc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=1209646832
  14. Thanks but where is the side door? We also won't have our Sea Passes until we get into the stateroom and the reason I want to know if the DL is unlocked and open to D, D+ and Pinnacle is that we want a place to wait with the luggage etc. while we wait for our staterooms.
  15. Elaine Santana is now the DL Concierge on Harmony. I updated the Google Doc. I thought she was starting on Sunday -- 8-25-2019 but it looks like she has embarked and relieved Gavin from Guest Relations who doing an excellent job. She will be our Concierge for our 9-1-2019 cruise. Updated the Google Doc https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=1209646832
  16. The current DL Concierge in the D Lounge is Leonardo (Leo) who I guess will be in DL until 9-29-2019 when Tao returns. Updated the Google Doc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=1209646832
  17. Propping open the DL doors was what was done on Mariner. So I hope they do this on HM. The Concierge changes on Sunday (I have a friend presently on the ship) and I will email her. If the DL isn't open, I have a Plan B -- meet at the Schooner Bar and get chairs with one or two tables, have the guys watch the luggage, then Shelton and I will get our CK reservations and bring back lunch from the Park Cafe. Schooner might also be more convenient as CK is at the Aft Elevators as are our staterooms. The HM DL is on deck 4 in the front of the ship. I really miss the DL being on Deck 11.
  18. Fabio Arena Dias in Freedom's CL until December (no definite Dec. date for him to go on vacation) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0
  19. Thanks -- I hope someone will update if JJ posts that she is returning to Serenade or has other plans.
  20. Thanks -- I hope someone will update if JJ posts that she is returning to Serenade or has other plans.
  21. We didin't get our sea passes until we got to our Stateroom on Mariner but the DL door was basically unlocked. The DL o MA is out of the way on deck 14 as is HM's DL which is down by the Jazz Club on deck 4. I will email the DL concierge next week.
  22. That's usually true but I'm picking up from folks sailing on HM that it has been closed until after the Muster Drill. We need to use it to wait for our rooms to open. We are two couples -- the guys sit in the DL and watch the luggage while the wives run around and get our CK dinner reservations (we're all in JSs) and then bring lunch back from the Park Cafe. One time on Oasis, it wasn't open early as the HD did not want it open but they relented and allowed it to be open the next time we sailed. This is our first sailing on HM. There is a DL Concierge switch coming on Sunday with Elaine taking over and I'm also going to email her after she comes on board. However, I wanted to get information from Cruise Critic folks.
  23. For those of you who have sailed recently on Harmony and use the Diamond Lounge, was the DL open early (10:30 AM) on embarkation day. We like to wait in the DL until our staterooms are ready. Thanks
  24. Serenade Question -- If Mario is on vacation is JJ in the CL or SL?
  25. Updates Vision -- Ryno Strapp currently in Concierge Lounge on Vision Harmony – Gavin in DL; Checker Chehaibi;on vacation; Jeremias Lora Martinez and Mohamed Sayeh Serenade -- Mario on vacation. Updated the Google Doc https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0
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