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  1. And Allure is sailing through November out of Port C, so early dining is hot during these sailings.
  2. I have late dining on all my invoices into February 2023 for Harmony. Late dining on that ship is 7:45 pm. We sail out of Port Canaveral and early dining is hot!
  3. If this happens, I wonder where Marc Walker will go. Didn't he used to be CD for Harmony?
  4. Does the cruise payment have to be made by 12-31-2021? Or does the promotion just need to be appended to the card or cards?
  5. We both have had our booster shots (Pfeizer). Husband's shot was in September and mine was last week. we cruse at the end of the month -- both shots are well over 14 days before the cruise. Hope these shots won't keep us from cruising. Did those vaccinated passengers actually have COVID, albeit asymptomatic?
  6. Can this be used on already booked cruises. I have 7 cruises booked now (two are paid up but there are still 5 in 2022-2023 that need to be paid for.)
  7. MARINER -- does anyone know who the concierges are in the Suite Lounge and Diamond Lounge? Thanks
  8. Do you like these new toiletries better than L ' Occitane? I really like that brand.
  9. John -- thanks for taking us along on your cruise. Glad you got to see Mama Mia -- we enjoyed it in August. I actually liked it better than the movie, maybe due to the actor's enthusiasm.
  10. I think if southern states realty trends keep going, you should sell quickly. Things here in SC have sold quickly.
  11. Will be marking my calendar for 45 days before the cruise for check-in but going into the App a few days before.
  12. Thanks John -- that probably means that Elaine moved to the SL. Friends are on Sunday's cruise in a GS and I will confirm with them.
  13. There are also two threads covering Captains and Cruise Directors that have been operated for years.
  14. I read that also. All Royal Caribbean Group (including Celebrity) dock at Crown Bay.
  15. If Elaine was transferred to the SL, it may be because RCI is ramping up the Concierge staffing and getting up to two Concierges in the SL.
  16. That's enlightening. I wondered what would cause RCI to ban a cruiser for life for posting about Concierge Assignments.
  17. I know about Rahul and Nadia. We have sailed with Rahul since 2010 -- fabulous concierge. Elaine was our Concierge on our August 22, 2021 AL Sailing - we liked her.
  18. John -- Did Elaine Santana move from the Diamond Lounge to the Suite Lounge? I read on the Facebook Concierge thread that the email sent to Suite passengers came from Elaine and Dexter Fraser. She is a good concierge -- she was our DL Concierge in August. If Elaine moved to the SL, who is the Diamond Concierge. Thanks.
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