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  1. Nope. I'm part of senior citizen community. At worst, I'm in Phase 2. See you onboard. Dorothy
  2. Quit quibbling. We've had little to celebrate this year. Let's celebrate this news. And those of us who own shares of Pfizer are pretty damn pleased they are sharing this news. Frankly I was a bit dubious until I saw an interview with Fauci and he was very pleased. He's on the inside of things, so if he's positive about it so am I. Dorothy (who is counting heavily on cruising in the Fall of 2021)
  3. I clicked on this thread expecting to see numerous posts of people volunteering to be on the test cruises. It's just a debate on the merits of the ruling. So disappointing.
  4. With the four cruises I now have booked for next year, I should be able to add 2 crystal blocks to my collection.
  5. I've never followed a build thread very closely, because I've never before been booked on a ship that wasn't already in service. So, please excuse my ignorance when I note that it seems like they have way too much to accomplish in the few months left before April. I want to be wrong.
  6. Royal sucked me in with the double points. In addition to the three already booked for the latter part of next year, my daughter and I added a quick 5-day to Bermuda in a JS. We booked it the day after we cancelled our long-awaited Hawaii January 2021 trip that would have included 7-days on the POA. The Bermuda cruise will get me over 350. The savings on my next solo trip will likely cover much of the cruise fare for this one. The particular appeal to that cruise is that it is within reasonable driving distance.
  7. Those of you who got moved from the Brilliance to the Independence instead of getting a cancellation are very fortunate. I was simply cancelled. I even called and tried to change my reservation to the Independence for the same itinerary one week earlier and they said no. The cancellation is going through regardless. The Independence is not doing the same itinerary the week we were scheduled to sail, so I have to do a separate booking and it is costing me over $1000 more for the exact same itinerary in the same type of balcony cabin for the three of us.
  8. I miss it horribly. I know I'm lucky in that I got in that Transatlantic in March, and a 5-day on the Independence before it, but I've been home for six months now and the thing that bothers me most is that I've waited all these years to be retired and be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want. And now I can't. Cruising makes a great vacation option for the solo traveler. It's a much more social setting than a resort hotel. I have a group I was to have cruised with this fall (we met on a TA years ago) and we're all extremely disappointed that this stoppage is preventing us fro
  9. That makes a lot of sense. It has to be much cheaper to fly the Asian crew to a port in the Med.
  10. I was one of her first passengers ... I sailed on the February 6, 1988 sailing (sailing #4). She was so beautiful. So sad that it's over for her.
  11. Looks amazing so I had to do some research: "Puppy was based on a small wooden sculpture of a terrier which Jeff Koons created in 1991. Although this original manifestation was a diminutive 52 cm tall, Koons chose the terrier because he believed it would be disarming and non-threatening regardless of the scale." https://www.guggenheim.org/news/bilbao-jeff-koons-puppy#:~:text=Since 1997%2C Jeff Koons' monumental,before the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.&text=The museum recently undertook this,hues of red and pink.
  12. Add me to the list of people who love the sea days. The more the merrier. I don't really care about what day of the week it is … it's Day 5 or Day 6 … not Tuesday or Wednesday. You can join in activities around the ship, or do nothing at all. I believe I read almost a book a day on the March TA on the Allure. It was wonderful and relaxed.
  13. We switched from a 7-day Rhapsody Greek Isles this year to a 9-day Odyssey Greek Isles next year. I didn't even try to get price protected because I am getting an extra two days. I'm just content that there was no change fee.
  14. I'm actually looking at that one. Lots of available cabins too.
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