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  1. I'm interested in an answer to this as well. I am going to be on the March 25th sailing of the Mariner and we've been guessing whether the planned stop at Coco Cay will actually take place.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to give this review. It is well written and very informative. I'm part of a group that met on the Brilliance spring TA some years ago and a number of us will be meeting in Miami in late March to do this 4-day cruise, so it was interesting to get someone's take on what to expect. You don't mention the evening shows, which is something we always try to schedule our evening around. Did you attend any? Special aside to Doreen: Bring games … we'll have to entertain ourselves … I think we can rise to the challenge.
  3. I thought the St. Lawrence Seaway would be the visual delight that we had cruising the inside passage to Alaska … it was a dud. As the earlier poster noted … it is wide so expect to treat the time like a sea day.
  4. We carried our luggage off, but customs was the delay. We didn't make it to the airport until 9:00.
  5. My information is going to be a bit dated, but we did the Chiva Party Bus in April 2012. Keep in mind that this is an open air bus in a very hot country. I struggled with the heat index. The emphasis is on music, booze and partying, but they did a very credible job of providing standard tour info. It was billed as multi-lingual and they did some English, but you will get more out of it if you speak Spanish. They chattered in Spanish for maybe 5 minutes, and they gave a quick 60 seconds in English. Spanish-speaking friends on the tour told us we missed a lot. Every row on the bus got an ice bucket, coke and a bottle of rum. We did the obligatory stop outside the fort and also a lakeside stop to dance and try to play some of the instruments ourselves. We spent quite a bit of time at a section of the old city wall, where we were able to shop in some shops that were built into the wall and then climb the wall for yet another opportunity to listen to music. The tour ran over. Long after I was expecting us to be heading back to the ship they were still partying atop the wall. I was so hot, I just wanted to be back on the ship.
  6. Sounds like you talked to someone who gave you the easy answer rather than checking with someone else who was better informed. There were about 400 people who left the Adventure on Day 12 at Port Canaveral, rather than continuing on to Ft. Lauderdale. This was the Snowbird Migration cruise this past October, which originated in Canada. I believe the people who made advance arrangements to do so had to pay about $60-65 each. And yes, a flight back to Kona the following day is an option, but you have to consider the aspect of a full morning lost taking transport to the airport, waiting for the flight, collecting baggage after the flight, etc. I'm sure you connect with someone at Royal who can be more accommodating than the past person you talked to.
  7. I was on Adventure in October and the staff hosted an escape room game in the main show lounge one day, so if you're looking to try out the experience, keep an eye on your cruise compass.
  8. Thanks you for all the replies. Now I have a really great place for all those books I snagged at work. Just before retirement there was a book sale at work to benefit United Way. I was one of their best customers. And I have been happily working my way through them, but once I've read it, I want to find it a new home.
  9. I recently took a cruise on the Allure right after getting off the Adventure. Having done a book exchange on the Adventure, I wandered over to the Allure library hoping to do the same. However, the offerings were pretty meager. Mind you, there was plenty of shelf space, but there wasn't much on it. In the end, I just left my recently completed book behind. Just out of curiosity I checked back a few hours later and somebody had found it interesting and taken it with them. So I wasn't the only one hoping to find something there. Is it appropriate to bring some finished books along on my next cruise and give them a good home?
  10. Sadly, the staff on the Adventure of the Seas wasn't one of the best I've ever sailed with. I suspect the only people that were catered to were the 78 Pinnacles. The elevator issue mentioned was ridiculous. They were well aware in advance of the sailing that there would be over 1200 D/D+ and they shut down two of the four elevators to the VC for a 13-day cruise to upgrade them. Failing to provide the main show lounge for an alternate to the overcrowded diamond Lounge and VC was a blunder. I suppose just because the ships for TA and TP that I cruised made that accommodation, I was expecting it on the Adventure. Silly me. With no signs in a lounge dictating that saving chairs is against the rules, people are free to do as they choose. And apparently, many chose to stake their claim to prime real estate for later in the day. Since much of this sailing took place in chilly weather, it was often difficult to find any lounge at all where one could settle down with a book. Believe me -- I went hunting several times. I even asked people who were sitting alone in a seated grouping if any of the chairs were available and I was turned away. And yes, there were an awful lot of people who were entitled … I was entitled … but I didn't get what I was entitled to and I wasn't about to insist on it. I just went away. I will say that I am particularly happy that I didn't fly home after this trip … I transferred to the Allure for a 7-day chaser. And that cruise was what I remember best about Royal Caribbean cruises prior to the Snowbird cruise. I'm not talking about a comparison in ship size or amenities … I'm talking about a can-do attitude from every staff member I met. On the Adventure, it was common to ask about something a get and flat "no". Nothing to soften like a little preamble "I'm really sorry, but because of this and that..." On the Allure, it would be "let me see what I can do." I have no complaints about the cabin steward, or our dining room wait staff … and I thought the LA was doing an extraordinary job under very trying conditions, but sadly, I wouldn't book that cruise again … and I've never said that about any cruise I've been on.
  11. When you said they delivered your luggage to the wrong room, I thought they put it inside. It's really not all that uncommon to have your luggage a few doors down … at least, that's been my experience for quite some time. They seem to line the bags up along the hallway in the general area of the rooms. Depending on the number of bags for a given cabin they may actually run out of space to set them right next to your door. I'd be interested in hearing if there are others who generally find their bags right outside their door, because I really can't remember the last time I did.
  12. I'm sure there are others like me who enjoy settling down with a book in the afternoon in the Viking Crown Lounge (or whatever they call the disco on the ship of the moment). On the Snowbird Migration cruise, this was not an option. Go up there on any given afternoon and all chairs were spread with personal belongings with very few people in attendance. Since this was the overflow for the Diamond Lounge, I can only surmise there were some very determined people to ensure they had reserved optimal seating for the evening.
  13. I would imagine it varies from one situation to another, but here's what happened on the Snowbird Migration cruise. This was a thirteen day cruise from Quebec to Ft. Lauderdale. There were a number of people on the roll call who discussed leaving on Day 12 at Port Canaveral. Since arrangement had to be made with Immigration they were advised to pay a fee and their names were submitted to Immigration early in the process. Once on board, the number of people who announced they also wanted to leave in Pt. Canaveral swelled. I was advised that the ones on board didn't have to pay the fee and some 400 people disembarked. The one surprise they encountered was that they thought they could enjoy a leisurely day on the ship and leave when they wanted, but that was not the case. They all had to be off by 9:00.
  14. I bring my own powdered Frenchy vanilla creamer to smooth it out.
  15. I can help with your confusion about the early departure from San Juan. We've had that sort of itinerary before and it's due to the distance they have to travel to get to the next port. It's particularly annoying in that most stores in San Juan do not open until 10:00, and the forts don't open till 9:00, so it leaves very little time to experience that port. Sure they could leave a little later and sail a little faster, but it's all about optimal fuel consumption and the costs therein.
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