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  1. Well, since they published all those cancellations today, I'm not sailing anywhere until December. I suspect it will all change by then. In any event, I come down on the side of whatever is the safest way to have a vacation. And if that means mask wearing indoors and all those over 12 vaccinated, that improves the odds of an uninterrupted vacation cruising through the Caribbean when the folks at home are shoveling snow. 🙂
  2. I've located the most likely option for my canceled 11-night NZ cruise on Ovation. That was to be March 30, 2022. There is a 10-night Ovation cruise sailing on April 5, 2023. It's several hundred dollars higher, and one night shorter. I wonder if we can Lift-and-Shift to it.
  3. I would love to just Lift & Shift the New Zealand cruise.
  4. Thank you for the details. I've got three in here ... one I made final payment on. One I had final coming up in 10 days and one that was booked with the old next cruise certificate (New Zealand one in March). So what happens with that one? Do they return the certificate to it's original unredeemed state?
  5. Thank you. That is exactly what I wanted to know. I don't regret changing to the Symphony. The bonus is the younger of the two girls will be eighteen by then, so she will have the same kinds of access that her cousin will have. I haven't been on the Symphony yet, so that will be a first for me ... and I will be on the Odyssey in February with a friend, so I'll still get to experience that as well. I hope everything goes well for you and you have a wonderful cruise later this month.
  6. I decided to move the cruise to a totally different sailing. The challenge with this cruise is that I have to work around my granddaughter's college semesters ... and I wasn't willing to tie up that much money (I'm paying for all three of us in a balcony) and hope for an FCC. The concept of a Lift & Shift was ruled out by the fact there wasn't anything comparable in the time frame in 2022. So just before final payment I contacted Royal and they let me move to the Symphony in late May. I hope you have a great time on the Odyssey. My cruising friend and I were to have sailed on her this October for a Greek Isles cruise, followed by the TA ... and we all know what happened to that.
  7. Yes. If Royal Cancels your cruise, they will refund the total cost of the airfare. And if the price of the flight drops, or if you see a more attractive option with better flight times, they will make the changes for you, as long as it is prior to final payment. The only tough part is that the phone lines tend to be jammed. I've waited as much as an hour and a half before someone came on the line. I think I've memorized their marketing blurbs by now.
  8. It's not the same world it was two years ago. I did what you did ... and shopped around for airfare bargains. And I got sucked in by the folks recommending TAP for my October 2020 Greek isles cruise on the Rhapsody, followed by the November 2020 TA on the Allure. So I booked Cleveland to Venice with them and got a great price ... about $650 as I recall. Leave Cleveland in the morning and land in Newark with a number of hours to kill until my overnight flight to Lisbon. Then a few hours to change planes and arrive in Venice late morning. So we booked a non-refundable hotel for three days before our cruise on the Rhapsody. And then covid happened. And Europe shut down. I got a notice that my flight to Newark was a couple hours earlier in the morning. And then I got a notice that my flight to Venice was moving back TWO DAYS. I called about cancellation and the best they would offer was flight credit that had to be used up by one year from the date of booking (Feb 8, 2021). It was already pretty clear there wouldn't be much reasonable chance of travel to Europe by then. So I waited it out, hoping they would have to cancel and I could get a refund. Meanwhile the hotel voluntarily refunded me the full amount of the booking since travel to Europe was restricted. I hadn't expected them to and I deeply appreciate the gesture. Another month passes and I get another change ... TAP now plans to strand me in Lisbon another day ... meaning it's now questionable that I would have even made the ship if the original plans still been feasible. So I went back to TAP and argued that a three-day change should certainly qualify for a refund, particularly since the cruise was now cancelled due to covid and Americans still couldn't realistically expect to fly to Europe anyway. I got nowhere. My travel friends booked with Air2Sea. They got no-hassle refunds. I advise you to book Air2Sea and keep checking back. They will adjust the price lower if it drops before final payment. I know because I have three cruises I have booked the air with them in the coming months ... and I have already gotten one price drop and one change to a non-stop flight that recently became available. If you find a deal you think is worth the risk before final payment, you can always drop the air booking from your cruise arrangements. Somebody needs to benefit from my $650 "bargain".
  9. I was booked on a sailing to Aruba and Curacao on the Independence out of Miami leaving August 14. I know the Independence has moved to Galveston and I've heard many of the Independence sailings were switched to Odyssey. Was that Independence cruise cancelled outright or were guests moved to a different ship?
  10. Thank you for inviting us along for the ride. I last cruised the Independence late last February (right before the TA on the Allure). Such a beautiful ship. My daughter and I have great memories of that sailing. Funny story ... we booked the cruise late Wednesday evening for a sailing on Saturday (clearly less than what I thought was the required 72 hours). Anyway, we must have gotten a cabin that someone had cancelled late in the game. We got to our room and discovered a welcome letter on the desk detailing platinum benefits for Kimmy ... but no welcome letter with daughter's diamond benefits and my D+ ones. So we went to Guest Services to ensure our benefits were loaded on our cards ... and they were. So then we went to the dining room to find our dining table and discovered we were at different tables for dinner. So we went to the maitre di to untangle that, and we were told that there were three people in our cabin ... the other person was "Kimmy". No, we advised. Just us. No Kimmy. So they straightened out the dining arrangements and put us at a table of six with a wonderful family of four that we had great experiences with. Anyway ... back we went to our cabin and atop the desk were two shrink-wrapped drink cups. My daughter asked me if I'd brought a beverage package and I said no. We left the drink cups there until the next day to see if the steward would reclaim them. He didn't. So we tore off the wrapping and headed down to the Royal Promenade for flavored lemonades and figured if the charge showed up on the bill, we'd just pay it. But it never did. And every time we filled our cups on the cruise, we'd smile and say "Thank you, Kimmy"
  11. I tested positive for Covid on Adventure 7/24 Sailing - Royal Caribbean International - Cruise Critic Community I found the previous post on page three.
  12. I'd have to say if it's offered on my February cruise with a friend, we might take a look at it. We'd still be able to hang out together all day, but it would make things easier when we aren't quite on the same sleep schedule.
  13. Thank you for taking the time to post your experience. So many of us are weighing the decision of whether or not to take upcoming cruises. You have given us some very detailed pictures of what to expect if the unthinkable happens. I commend you for your determination to get your story out and am sorry that some folks thought this made a great forum to highlight their personal positions. This has always been a simple narrative of what happened to one cruiser ... and will likely happen to others in the coming months. I wish you and your partner good health and hope to meet some day on a Royal ship.
  14. Final payment for me is next week on my Radiance cruise and I am going ahead with payment. But no one can make the decision for you. You have to be comfortable with it. I figure if the Radiance cruise gets cancelled, I'll just move the funds to one of the cruises I have booked for next year. In my case, I have air and hotel costs involved as well, but I booked everything through Royal so they will handle any change of plans necessary without loss of funds. Meanwhile, I am waiting for them to cancel my Enchantment cruise in September. That one has no chance of sailing, since test sailings haven't been announced yet and all the test sailings seems to be the mega ships.
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