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  1. emeraldcity

    Diamond Lounge Coffee

    I bring my own powdered Frenchy vanilla creamer to smooth it out.
  2. I can help with your confusion about the early departure from San Juan. We've had that sort of itinerary before and it's due to the distance they have to travel to get to the next port. It's particularly annoying in that most stores in San Juan do not open until 10:00, and the forts don't open till 9:00, so it leaves very little time to experience that port. Sure they could leave a little later and sail a little faster, but it's all about optimal fuel consumption and the costs therein.
  3. emeraldcity

    Brilliance - 9/17 - a quick review!

    We couldn't get our room to cool down on the Explorer on the Transpacific so we mentioned it to our room steward since we were headed toward the equator and it was bound to get worse. Within hours there was a maintenance guy on a ladder poking around above the ceiling tiles over the closet. A half hour later, he fixed whatever was wrong. Moral of the story, don't hesitate to mention an issue that major. It saved our cruise because only about 3 of those 23 days were ones that it was cool enough we didn't need the AC.
  4. emeraldcity

    Santorini Question

    Check on how many ships are porting at the island for the day before you get concerned. On the Jewel last year in late May we were the only ship in port. Since you are going to be there in October, you may find you are similarly lucky. We took the local tender to Oia, which included a bus ride back to Fira in the purchase price. We didn't run into any congestion, and our pictures of Oia are happily devoid of the crowds most people deal with in high season. as for the cable car back down, we walked right on … no line in early afternoon.
  5. emeraldcity

    Live. Adventure 9/17

    We're going to need the sandals … our cruise ends in Ft. Lauderdale, where we board the Allure for another week of cruising.
  6. emeraldcity

    Live. Adventure 9/17

    I'm taking special note of the outdoor attire of the tourists in your pictures. I'll soon be starting to stage stuff for my upcoming packing event for the Oct. 8th cruise from Quebec. I will definitely be taking the RC all-weather jacket I bought on my Alaska cruise … I'm thinking I'd better take some gloves too. Enjoy the fall colors. Things are just starting to change in the Cleveland area and I suspect I'll miss the peak foliage here, but I should see it somewhere in either Canada or New England
  7. emeraldcity

    Live. Adventure 9/17

    LOL … There was one of those on the last few days of our transpacific before we got to Seattle. I would sit up in the Viking Crown lounge and watch the poor guy struggle to open the pool in the wind and the rain, and then stand there contemplating that empty puddle for the rest of the day.
  8. Enjoying your write-up. I'll be doing my first cruise on the Allure Oct. 21. If you're posting live I'll get to check out your review before I leave for my pre-cruise cruise, because I'm taking the Adventure from Quebec to Ft. Lauderdale to board the Allure. I just printed off luggage tags and final cruise paperwork and am on the boards this morning because this is more fun than cleaning house.
  9. emeraldcity

    Call and Switch?

    I got a free upgrade once by asking, but the situation was unusual. I was on a back-to-back and the second cruise was sailing at 35% occupancy. Additionally, I was making diamond on the first sailing and I was in a grand suite. I was to be in a balcony on the second sailing so I asked for an upgrade to a JS. These days, upgrades can be had, but they generally involve an upcharge and you may have to go through several layers of people to get them. It took a great deal of persistence to get a paid upgrade on the transpacific last April. We were booked on an inside and I wanted to pay the difference between what we paid for the inside and the going rate for one of the last few balconies in the final weeks before sailing. It was an hour of phone time and a number of repeated calm statements that "I don't understand why I can't have the price that is currently on your website. That is the going price for the cabin in question and I am willing to pay that price." She had to keep putting me on hold while she conferred with someone else, but I was finally able to get the cabin. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  10. What is the extent of the obstructed view on deck six balconies on Ovation? Looks like there's a large selection of them that are marked obstructed on that deck.
  11. emeraldcity

    Late Arrival for Check-in

    Thank you everyone for your assistance. We have the assurance of Everaud (hope the spelling is correct) that they will accommodate a late boarding and the booking is to be noted that this has been agreed upon. As the earlier poster noted, luggage assistance will not be available, but we weren't expecting that anyway. After the cruise, I'll come back on this thread and report back how it all went.
  12. emeraldcity

    Late Arrival for Check-in

    Thank you to everyone trying to help. I think we've all had conflicting information from folks over the phone at RCI and what I really need is get an authoritative ruling (and something in writing) so we don't have a disappointed (and rather upset) passenger standing on the dock with luggage on October 8th. Being told to get a hotel room and come back in the morning isn't going to go down very well either, after having paid to spend the night on the Adventure.
  13. emeraldcity

    Late Arrival for Check-in

    The regular folks who staff the phones are trained to sell cruises and shore excursions. I'm looking for someone with in-depth information about the process of check-in in this unusual situation. I fear I will get glib assurances from the first line phone rep.
  14. emeraldcity

    Late Arrival for Check-in

    Not so simple. Flight arrives on the 8th. Boarding is on the 8th. Ship overnights in Quebec City and does not depart until 5 p.m. on the 9th.
  15. I am sailing on the Quebec-to-Ft. Lauderdale cruise in October which overnights in Quebec before setting sail at 5:00 p.m. on the day after boarding. Although I will be in Quebec City two days early to see the city, my cabinmate won't be arriving until later on a 3:30 p.m. flight from London. The cruise documents state that anyone arriving after 4:30 p.m. will be denied boarding. Can some of the more knowledgeable folks on this board advise who I contact at RCI to insure that there is no problem with the late arrival?