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  1. I am in the UK and have only received one email with a Power Up Points ☹️
  2. the same here - I received the very first and second ones and that's it :-)
  3. I am the same - I have only received two ....
  4. Hi You guys seem to be getting regular emails for the Power up Points. I have only received two ..... the second being the one to put on fb ... which I didn't do, like a number of others ... after this, nothing ... Could this possibly have been why ?
  5. My husband is on the same level etc. to me, as we started cruising at the same time and joined at the same time 🙂
  6. Thank you for your advice - we're in the UK and the telephone number looks like the USA ? I have, I think, may have fixed it ... I found a way of registering it on line ... Hopefully my DH should start receiving emails 🙂 Thank you again
  7. Thank you - I didn't think of that as he had his own CC # allocated to him and was always allocated the same points as me, when I did 🙂 I will get this hopefully sorted on our next cruise ... kind regards
  8. Hi Can anyone throw any light on this please ? I received an email with my CC # on ... my husband did not .. regarding the Power up Point. I completed the email and then thought about emailing it to my DH and him changing my CC # to his. I then read the Activity Terms printed at the bottom of my email. Activity Terms: Link is applicable to the recipient of this email only. Power Up Points to be awarded once per eligible member. It says - Link is applicable to the recipient of this email only. Does this mean, that even if my
  9. I have also received the same promotion in my Princess Account. However, when I looked on line to find more information about this, it says that the cruise ship that I am going on in February, won't receive Medallionnet 4-Device until April ? Can anyone explain this, please ? Many thanks :-)
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