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  1. Unfortunately we didn't have the captain's corner on my recent Allure cruise. I actually saw the captain one day in the hallway and asked...he said these things are slowly coming back. 🤷‍♀️
  2. There was only one guarantee balcony type when I booked so I’m not sure if it would be XN or XB. They did tell me I could get a neighborhood or oceanview which I was fine with. I just noticed this today and wondered if anyone else had seen that on their invoices. I’ve had so many issues with this one reservation. 🥴
  3. I booked a balcony guarantee cabin for my June sailing on the Wonder. (I’ve never done this before.) And today after making final payment I noticed on my invoice it says “stateroom obstructed: pending”. I never noticed that before so I went and looked at a previous invoice for the same cruise and it says “stateroom obstructed: 0%”. Has anyone seen this before and is it something I should make a call about? I know the chance I took booking a guarantee but I’m just wondering if that is the norm. thanks in advance. Mary
  4. Hi all - I'm going on the Allure later this month and was wondering if the Captain's Corner (talks) have resumed on any ships? I know they stopped during Covid (or at least weren't on any of the cruises I sailed in 2021-22). I always find them so interesting. TIA! Mary 😀
  5. Yes. We did this in October and it was very easy. As soon as we dropped off the keys, the shuttle was ready to take us. Enjoy.
  6. That is crazy. In the end, because I was soooo insistent, he was able to make the adjustment to the cruise fare instead of adding it as a promotion. Glad this is over with! I probably spent about 6 hours on the phone over the last few days. 😱
  7. And just as an update … the guy on the phone is now telling me because my discount wasn’t applied the first day that I made the reservation, he cannot add it. He would have to reprice my cruise which is now about $1,000 more. Has anyone heard this before?
  8. Wow. I thought I was the only person with these old next cruise certificates! 😆 I also had one from 2013 and thankfully it is my last one. It’s been nothing but problems and I’m currently on hold for the 4th time in the last few days for yet another issue with this same reservation (currently 57 minutes). My latest issue was them not giving me my diamond balcony discount because I’m in a guarantee balcony. My only advice is to go in prepared with everything you know and don’t hang up until you check the confirmation. 😂 The first call all they kept telling me was it was not valid. On hold for several times and then finally said it was valid but they had to manually add the obc. Got the email, no obc and wrong room category. Called back and got that fixed. Was working on the obc and got disconnected. Ugh. Was hoping they would call back but nope. Called again yesterday and got the obc finally added. Told me I wasn’t entitled to my balcony discount and came here to check with others and was told call back. So here I am again. What a waste of time. Good luck!
  9. Thanks. Yes. I did the same and the discount applied. I’m on hold again. 😩
  10. Are you just talking about the MDR? If so you can try sending an email to RCLDining@rccl.com explaining that you have three reservations linked and would like to sit together. I cruised with a large group back in 2013 and we were able to get a table for 12. I sent them an email beforehand and they arranged it. I even had the table number before we cruised. 😁
  11. So I finally have my summer cruise booked. It was a frustrating process with the hold times and then getting the invoice and something was wrong ~ 3 times! Anyway, I booked a guarantee balcony for the Wonder for June. I noticed that I didn’t get the balcony discount and the guy on the phone said that since I will likely get a neighborhood balcony assigned, that I wasn’t entitled to the discount. The discount was only for ocean view. Does anyone know if that is the case? I have never booked one of those rooms before but when doing a fake booking and selecting that room type, it’s giving me a discount. Hate the thought of calling again but I will for that discount. 😁 Thanks in advance. Mary
  12. Thank you for your responses. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear... I was just looking for a hotel in a safe area with stores, restaurants within walking distance. We plan to take an Uber/Lyft to the port. I guess I was trying to find out if there were any areas to avoid.
  13. I am cruising out of Galveston in February with my two sisters. We have cruised out of this port a few times before but always arrive late and stay near IAH. This time we are flying in early on Saturday and would prefer to stay in Galveston as we never had the chance. We don't know anything about the area but are looking for a nice, clean, safe area to stay, with eateries and stores (for wine, toiletries, etc.) within walking distance since we won't have a car. Does this seem doable? I have looked up hotels, airbnb as well as vrbo but again, I'm just unsure of the areas. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! 🙂 Mary
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