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  1. Thanks for sharing Jazzbeau! We're happy to have such a wonderful and unique program in Southern Africa to share with our clientele. The concepts that River Cruisers love: Small group travel (this program is for just 16 at a time!), all inclusive product, and adventure all shine in our 8 night itinerary. Both our stay in Namibia on the banks of the Zambezi River, and our days cruising on Lake Kariba have strong water components - just what you would expect from a River Cruise line. And it helps that water is the life force of the region: you know you'll have some up close and personal experiences with wildlife.
  2. France is a fantastic destination for River Cruising: The country is crisscrossed by major rivers, charming villages, wine regions, and great gastronomy. Options include: Paris, the Seine River and the Norman Coast Burgundy and Provence on the Rhone River The Loire Valley: Home of French Royals The Garonne and Dordogne Rivers and the Gironde Estuary in Bordeaux and the Aquitaine And some other options: Strasbourg, in France's Alsace, lies just south of the Romantic Rhine Valley. It is a European Capital and a gateway to the Rhine, Main, Neckar, and Moselle Rivers. French Canals - Canal Barging is a more intimate cousin of River Cruising, and available all over France. St. Pierre and Miquelon: This tiny archipelago off of Newfoundland is French territory in North America: Cruise between it and Montreal on the St. Lawrence River. Bon Voyage!
  3. Hi there! There is no reason why your travel agent wouldn't be able to book your barge cruise for you: We don't discriminate and want you to book through a Travel Agent of your choice! Generally, our barges are all inclusive just like our River Cruises: Meals on board, open bar, and your tours are wrapped into the cost. But the experience is different: These are intimate in size, focused in region, and exclusive in feel. You really feel connected as a group when traveling in such a small scope. Whichever you choose, enjoy!
  4. Hi Sjde, Thanks for thinking of us. Overwhelmingly, the majority of our guests are adults - this is the norm for River Cruises and it makes a lot of sense: River cruising is a little quieter, a little more focused on history and culture, and a little more refined than Ocean Cruising. But, we believe River Cruising can be a great fit for travelers of all ages - as long as they want to see Europe from a Comfortable cabin. So, we don't have age restrictions on any cruise. Our "Family Club" programs do tend to get more of a mix of young families, inter-generational travel, and family groups. They are offered in the Summer Months, on select sailings. Bon Voyage!
  5. Hi Roz, Our 2021 schedule should launch in March! Stay tuned.
  6. Hi Folks, Happy to see so much discussion about our cruise line, and just wanted to chime in on a few points you are discussing: For language on board, we operate these days in French and English on all departures. Fleetwide, about half of our guests remain French, but we have growing markets across Europe, North America, and worldwide. So each year, our international clientele grows. If you have concerns about language, speak to your travel agent or one of our cruise specialists when choosing your itinerary. Our single supplements: Our single supplement as a default tends to be close to 30% of the cruise fare, well below the industry norm of 50%. But, before paying that, consider this: Most of our ships offer single specific cabins, which come with no single supplement. And, we have frequent promotions where single supplements are waived on particular sailings. Again, I'd say speak to our cruise specialists - they can help you find a cruise that fits for you. Bon Voyage, CroisiEurope Team
  7. In France, you'll find great wine excursions regardless of the river you take: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Languedoc, Champagne, Alsace, and Loire Valley regions are all navigable by River Cruise or Barge, and all have their own wines focusing on the unique terroir. But, for real oenophiles, there are wine themed cruises available from time to time. Cheers!
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