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  1. At least they had the wisdom to remove the dishonest line that said, "All credit card processors are in a similar place and are affected by the sheer volume of refunds, which is further constraining the process and causing delays on their end as well." Not surprisingly, they replaced that lie with a reworded excuse: "The sheer volume of refund requests in such a short period of time has been challenging and we are experiencing longer delays.” They really need to rewrite their "Refund Statement" from scratch with a little more sincerity instead of just moving words
  2. Ah, now that sounds more like what a Crystal employee who wants to keep her job would say. Our first thought after reading Ms. Beck's comment that “We absolutely recognise the impact that this delay is having on our reputation and ... we know that we have a mountain to climb to regain the trust of our loyal guests and partners” was that some higher-up would be contacting her soon. The "misunderstanding" sounds like it might have been on her part for thinking she could be honest and informative when dealing with a passenger.
  3. We received refunds for two cruises Crystal canceled on March 13 without filing credit card disputes. The first refund was issued on Sept. 23 after 194 days and the second one came on Oct. 1 after 202 days. We certainly understand your annoyance with Crystal's refunding delay and lack of communication.
  4. UPDATE: We still can't say anything about Regent's service on the seas, but we certainly can commend their customer service and refund operations. We canceled our December cruise on Oct. 7 and received a full refund (minus a $200 FCC) on Oct. 14. By comparison, Crystal took 194 days and 202 days to issue our refunds for the two cruises they canceled on March 13. For those who think all cruise lines are in the same boat when it comes to refunds, Regent has shown that is not the case.
  5. You obviously are in the majority with that viewpoint. We, however, rate our experience from the time of booking until the moment we step off the ship. That is why we don't plan to book with Crystal again. Of our six bookings (two of which were canceled by Crystal), we have had pre-cruise issues with all of them. All involved lies and misinformation, and not one was resolved as we would expect from a luxury cruise line. And not one of them involved a policy or issue that was known at the time of booking, as Roland4 describes above. If Crystal had said beforehand that "we reser
  6. We recently received our refund on Day 202. Maybe Monday will be your lucky day. Good luck!
  7. That certainly looks to be the case here. We are very happy to say that “apparent censorship” can be struck from our earlier post listing some of Crystal’s deceitful practices.
  8. Knowing absolutely nothing about Facebook, except that its CEO is very rich and looks like he’s still in high school, we did a little research. It would appear that the Crystal Society Family page is hosted by Crystal Cruises. Here are a few of the group’s rules: Be Kind and courteous: Any posts or comments that are inappropriate, offensive, commercialized, spam-like in nature, or that otherwise violate Crystal Cruises’ Terms of Use will be deleted without prior notice. Respect Everyone’s Privacy: We will delete any posts containing private information such as names (
  9. If it's Crystal's policy to delete legitimate negative comments from its Facebook page, that's appalling. Let's hope that Jack Anderson can inject some integrity back into Crystal Cruises. If not, the excuses, lies, misinformation and apparent censorship surely will drive many prospective customers away, no matter how good the product is at sea.
  10. SusieQft: We received notice today from Amex that Crystal has refunded the port taxes of our second cruise that they canceled on March 13. It took a mere 202 days. As we reported earlier, the other canceled cruise was refunded on Sept. 23 after 194 days. Both refunds were issued without our filing disputes with Amex.
  11. We can't wait to hear how Mr. Anderson plans to right Crystal's shoreside operations. Unless he's able to print money, we don't expect a lot of progress with refunds, but it would be very refreshing if he could restore a little integrity to Crystal Cruises. And we were so much anticipating a Wolber holiday greeting in which he says, "2020 was a challenging year for the Crystal Family, but we are looking forward to smoother sailing in 2021."
  12. Wolber may be in hiding, but his "special assistant," Violet Bianchi, still is responding to emails sent to him. At least she was as of last week. She responds from officeofthepresident@crystalcruises.com. Even though she obviously must toe the corporate line, she is amazingly responsive and efficient.
  13. We agree completely. The inconvenience is not the issue, however. It's the lame excuses, lies and misinformation that Crystal continues to spout about its refund policy. And, oh, did we mention the lack of communication? This shameless company is not doing its brand any favors by being so deceitful. That has been our point all along, pure and simple. Surely, many will forget and even be able to overlook these indiscretions, but there is a significant number of cruisers on this forum that will divorce themselves from the "Crystal Family." Just read some of the posts. You pro
  14. We assume the dead horse you are referring to is the one in the Crystal boardroom. Your "this too shall pass" observation is as certain as Christmas coming in December, although by no means do we expect the passage to occur before Christmas. How "this" shall pass will depend a lot on leadership -- something that apparently is lacking at Crystal Cruises. So what exactly is your point? That the people who have come here with thousands of dollars at risk should be patient and give Crystal another six months to come clean?
  15. Good point, John. We feel the same way. We cruise to relax and enjoy ourselves. Although not the intent, the conditions you describe would make us feel like suspected criminals. It would be interesting to hear from others if they would accept masking, spacing and isolation restrictions in order to cruise. Our guess is that most cruise lines probably would not consider such restrictions to be conducive to a pleasant cruise experience despite their eagerness to get back on the seas.
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