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  1. Yes, that is true. . .so? I'm just mourning her possible loss. What's wrong with that?
  2. Or eventually San Juan? I'm considering B2Bs from SJ on Empress, but not booking until her fate is known. I wouldn't fly that far for just any ole ship!
  3. Love it! 😂 (Making note to self to put zip ties in car.) 😁 🤐 on what else I'd like to say. -- Seems some opinions are tolerated here and some not. 😕
  4. re: Empress: Yesterday, I would have bet the farm that she was Turkey bound for sure no matter what the destination indicated. Today, not so sure. 😵 _________ I don't mind explaining further--I should have said there is nothing to L & S to that fits in with my 2021 cruise/travel schedule or meets my criteria, so for me there is nothing to L & S to. I didn't think anyone really cared about why, but here goes (the condensed version): Conflict with other booked cruises and travel plans in Nov-Dec 2021 and Royal not willing to be flexible with the 4
  5. Ditto! _______________________________________________________________ On topic: I wish RC would either !#*& or get off the pot about Empress. I just made the first of final payments on 3 B2Bs from November 22 - December 12. Nothing to Lift & Shift to since I booked solo OVs, and I don't want FCC at this point if cancelled by RC (or for any reason) because solo cabins on anything I'm interested in in 2021 are booked through 2021, and I'm not willing to pay more (got a hell of a deal on these three). If Empress goes, I don't know when I'll book another Royal cruise (and I
  6. I cruise for itinerary not onboard activities. My husband I were on Allure of the Seas last Fall because his niece had booked and wanted us to go along. We both hated it--the "kids" (in their 30s with 3 kids) loved it. I'm not fond of floating amusement parks with wall-to-wall bodies with nowhere to get out of the din except your own balcony and where you have to get a search warrant to even find the ocean. I came home and immediately booked my next 3 B2Bs on Empress of the Seas for this Fall. My cruise planner told me that I wouldn't like Empress after the Allure, but my exact
  7. Warning: Off topic @ipeeinthepool I love your screen name, but would you by any chance be willing to give me your cruise schedule for the next 10-20 years or so? 😁😉
  8. I'm very enthusiastic about cruising--love it, but I'm not very optimistic about being able to do it again anytime soon. My husband and I will do road trips as soon as we both feel comfortable again, and I will cruise solo as soon as I feel comfortable about doing that. My "me" time is solo cruising, and my husband's "me" time is solo motorcycle road trips, and usually our "our" time is a combination of motorcycle trips, 4-wheeled trips and cruising, so we have other options. We don't plan to waste our retirement unless we just have to. I'm OK with Plan B for now.
  9. I'm getting the same thing. Have B2Bs booked in October on Conquest. Both are showing the same error message. Actually, I'm kinda relieved; I'm not too keen on going to Miami (or anywhere in Florida) any time soon anyway. Charleston for October doesn't seem to be available either. Could just be a website issue, but I doubt it.
  10. Unfortunately, I'm not surprised. Other side of the world, so. . .out of sight, out of mind. And there are many around here who have their heads stuck in the sand and won't or refuse to acknowledge how much of a problem and how contagious COVID is. I love cruising myself, but until the cruise lines get their act together and EVERYONE is willing to religiously follow mitigation strategies on the ships, I don't see cruising happening any time in the near future for me or anyone else no matter where they're located on this Third Rock from the Sun. I know a couple of fellow cruisers
  11. Yeah, I read it. They must have suspected "something" or they would not have had them tested. They should not have let ANYONE off the ship before a confirmation of 'negative' or 'positive' for COVID was established. I would think in the current situation they would want to be overly cautious even if it turned out to be a false alarm. "According to the company, at some point during the cruise, a number of crew members reported that they were not feeling well, and while they had no symptoms of COVID-19, under the company protocols, those crew members were immediately isolated.
  12. I can think of another word or two. . .if that's true, there is no excuse for that.
  13. ☹️ Well, that didn't take long to happen. ☹️ Not very encouraging for the near (and maybe far) future. Here's another link to the same info. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/hurtigruten-crew-members-test-positive-for-covid-19-on-a-norway-cruise
  14. I know exactly how you feel. Had the COVID not messed with our retirement travels, we would have already been to Vietnam, Australia, Maritime Provinces, many other spur of the moment short trips and still looking forward to a cruise around South America. This wasn't our plan for retirement. 😒 At least we live in beautiful Western NC and can still enjoy the mountain roads. . .
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