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  1. I don't know why I put myself through it. I find the cruise. I do the research. I select the cabin. Then......I pick up the phone and call the TA. She gives me land credit or OBC, a loyalty discount or something nice. Then, I find the price drop, better cabins added and .....I pick up the phone and call the TA. Well, every time without fail, I get the new price, the better cabin and all the cruise line perks I had to start with. But....I lose the TA land credit, the OBC, the loyalty discount and the something nice. Why don't I just save myself the heartache and book directly with the cruise line?
  2. They are still flashing. Perhaps someone could have a quiet word........
  3. Some members posting on this new forum have moving profile pictures. Is there any wsy to turn them off?
  4. Did the crew actually say this: Yes. Over and over and I'm surprised with the history you're stating that you haven't heard it before on Princess. It's become the common mantra as far as we're concerned. I've edited because I forgot to respond about reporting it. Yes we did. The Maitre'd was not interested. His name should be very obvious to someone with your Princess experience. Reread my statement re lesser cruise route. I was very clear and its meaning is not how you've chosen to interpret it.
  5. The Sun Princess was a wonderful ship in early 2017. Shiny, glossy, the wonderful Crooners Bar for dancing, chatting, having a wonderful time. Sure there's a little rust on the balconies but it sails the seas doesn't it? Shame about the attitude of the staff though. We sailed Sydney return and without exception the wait staff hassled us with the "You're rich, you're on a cruise" chant. Other staff were similarly offhand. We're Elite with Princess having sailed with them all over the world, but we found this attitude intolerable. Perhaps it was because Australians don't necessarily tip and they thought they were stuck on this lesser earning (due to tipping) cruise route? But before you go saying they don't earn much, think again. With cruise ship salaries they are earning much, much more than if they were in their own countries. They are comparatively wealthy and hailed as heroes when they go home. We sail for destinations easily reached with the luxury of coming home to your own space every night, but we did not enjoy this cruise. Our onboard experience due to the unhappy attitude of the staff, particularly in the dining room was the worst we've ever experienced on any cruise line.
  6. It's been a few years but we loved the Golden. She's a grand old ship in the tradition of ocean cruising. Problems, probably. Old, definitely. Your enjoyment will depend on what you expect.
  7. We use room service a lot, always for breakfast, often during the day for a cuppa and occasionally for dinner but we've never tipped delivery staff directly. We keep a small bowl of sweets that the crew can help themselves to, Easter eggs, chocolate Santas, whatever the occasion but not money. Those stewards that expect a monetary tip hover, realise they're getting nothing and don't return but there are plenty of others who enjoy a friendly chat, enquiry about their well being, interest in their life and future, their family and loved ones. They come back time and time again and always appear for a hug or two (always at their request) on the final day and many take away a book we've been reading, something small bought in a port, favourite Aussie magnets or a map that they've admired on our walls. We've also been known to hand over the odd dollar to staff leaving the ship or visiting family at a port of call. I guess it comes down to showing kindness.
  8. Thanks everyone. We went ahead and booked and we're looking forward to it as much as our Celebrity cruise a week later.
  9. You don't need to order your cuppa the night before using the breakfast menu. You can just phone room service when you wake up. If you're early enough they also have hot muffins. Just ask!
  10. Depending on the time of year lunch or dinner at Doyles Watsons Bay. Its a Sydney institution for all things seafood. Catch a water taxi or the ferry from Circular Quay. There's a takeaway too and you can paddle your feet in the harbour while you enjoy your fish and chips! Great for a sunny day. Also on fish and chips and a wee bit more expensive is Catalina at Rose Bay and the best Greek food in Sydney is at the Athenian.
  11. Have a great holiday Mic and Rosie. It would be wonderful if you wrote us a blog a la cheznandy. You know we all love to live vicariously LOL
  12. We've sailed a lot with both Celebrity and Princess. We love Celebrity but have only sailed with them outside Australia. We have sailed out of Sydney on Princess a few times and found the experience underwhelming so much so that we'll never sail with Princess again.
  13. Might be time you got out there and looked around your own backyard :):):) Just saying:cool:
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