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  1. Do you know if I can purchase the plan on morning of Day 4 and only pay 3/7 of the internet package on a 7 days cruise?
  2. I am literally on the same boat. :) Hopefully, they will offer an acceptable alternative as I booked the cruise because it is March break for the kids.
  3. On the older ships like Grandeur, is it worth it to pay the difference and get Stream instead of Surf?
  4. Thanks for the update. I'm on Rotterdam's Dec 16, 2018 sailing, and I noticed when I went to check pricing for upgrades, all of the inside as well as most of the quads aside from suites are gone. Do you know if there is a large group just booked on this cruise?
  5. I upgraded my parents a couple of months ago from an inside to a balcony after the final payment period. It was a significant price drop where what they paid originally for an inside was about the same as the going rate of a balcony. Originally, HAL wants to charge the difference between what an interior and a balcony at the time the cruise was booked. They only reduce it to the prevailing rate after our call was transferred to a "pricing specialist".
  6. May be you can ask your TA to speak to a pricing specialist at HAL. Last month, I tried to get an upgrade because of a price drop, and the original/front line agent at HAL wasn't willing to do it and quoted a much higher amount that the advertised rate. When we asked for pricing for a specific cabin, we were transferred to a Pricing Specialist which were able to upgrade us to higher a category for the advertised difference.
  7. HAL just dropped their prices again now, it is $764 pp port and taxes included for an interior. Looks like this itinerary is not sell well regardless of cruiseline.
  8. Both HAL and NCL offers lunch at MDR on embarkation day.
  9. HAL also has a similar itineraries but for 14 nights leaving on 30th Sept. Lowest category guarantee balcony works out to 2186 taxes and port charges included.
  10. I can attest that HAL has even more cabin available than they are showing on a Big Box store website. Recently, there was a significant price drop for my trans pacific cruise, and that was within the penalty period. I called my TA which in turns call HAL, long story short, they were able to move me to a VA for $10pp more. The VA that they offered me to was NOT showing as available on the website. In fact, there were probably at least 16 other VA still showing as available on the website at the time change. Also, to note, the VA that they assigned to me wasn't in particularly a desirable location. It was not significantly better/worst than the available ones.
  11. I was just on the phone with the TA. HAL initially wasn't willing to do anything even though what I paid for an inside is higher than what they are selling the balcony right now. And it appears the cruise is not selling well and they still have a lot of empty cabins. However, when I asked my TA how much it will cost to pay to upgrade to an ocean view cabin, she was transferred to a Pricing Specialist at HAL, and the Pricing Specialist was able to upgrade me to an Oceanview at no cost or a VA for $10pp. Lesson learn here is a regular agent at HAL may not give you anything, but a Pricing Specialist may offer you something.
  12. I have been on both the Grandeur (2014) and the Veendam (2017 & 2018). And I completely agree on your assessment, From a hardware perspective, I would say the Grandeur has a more modern feel to it, and it is generally better maintained than the Veendam. But the Veedam do feel less crowded than the Grandeur. But from a "software" perspective, which can be very subjective and personal, I prefer activities on the Veendam such as American Test Kitchen`s cooking demonstration, Digital Workshop by Windows, or its BBC partnership over the activities like Bingo, Trivia, bean bag toss offered on RCCL/Grandeur. And I also enjoy the food options offered on the Veendam more than what's being offer on the Grandeur. Veendam has offer more varieties like New York Pizza, Dive In Burger whereas Grandeur only has the Park Cafe. Furthermore, HAL offers better and more expensive ingredients in the included dinning as they still offers items like ducks, rack of lambs, filet mignon and fois gois in one of the evening in the main dining room. Whereas items like these are only now served on RCCL's specialty restaurants. In short, both ships lacks attractions that some cruisers expects from a modern cruise ships. The difference is on the Veendam they made up for it with enhanced "software" whereas I do not feel RCCL try to make up for Grandeur's hardware shortcoming by enhancing its "software". Personally,despite its age and somewhat spotty maintenance, I would have no hesitation booking another cruise on the Veendam. But I'm debating whether I should cancel my booking on the Grandeur and jump ship to either the NCL Gem or the Anthem for March break 2019 .
  13. Looking at the heavy last minute discounting HAL is having on these Bermuda cruise. Limited onshore shopping commission, excursions revenues and casino operating hours. You can't really blame them for abandoning the market.
  14. Thanks. Unfortunately the Jewel's September re-positioning cruise does not qualify. Have a nice trip, hope you have good weather!
  15. I'm currently looking at the Trans-Pac this September, and when I check NCL's website, it doesn't look like it qualified for the Distinctive Voyages. Would you mind sharing the Trans-Pac that you will be doing? Thanks!
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