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  1. I finally got through to someone and they didn't realize it was pushed to 60 days, said they had never seen it before. But yes the answers are what we thought. Even if you did the original final payment it will work like always - able to get your money back (minus the non refundable deposit) and can still get a lower priced room if rates go down. They said right now it's all a go with the flow/see what happens/they are doing their best.
  2. Sorry for asking this but I'm still a bit confused. I'm also on the Anthem 5/29 out of Southampton. Does this mean even thought I did final payment if I decide to cancel in mid-March I get a full refund minus my non-refundable deposit? Am I also able to get a better price if that comes down again?
  3. Which ships have these?? Was on Ovation last year and nothing, heading on Anthem this year but next year would love to do a Caribbean one with this.
  4. Besides what others have mentioned (airplane, not suing automatic notifications and push in the background) also look at your carrier. I have Verizon and automatically have the international plan set to turn on should I use my phone in Canada and Mexico ($5 for 24 hours) or Europe and Caribbean ($10 for 24 hours) that will then utilize my regular data plan. A great way to not get socked with charges and since it's automatic I never have to think about it when traveling.
  5. Oooph what a pain. Thank you, I will definitely check out the public transport site but was wondering if you had any other ideas for how to get into Hamburg? Are taxis cheap and easily available or really is my figuring out the public transit the way to go?
  6. When I called to book my cruise, they were able to look and tell me if a particular type of excursion still had space in it. I'm assuming if you call and ask them they would also be able to tell you about the other pricing so you can have an idea as to what your all-in costs are. Also, they can book those for you on the phone and as someone mentioned if there is a cheaper price you can cancel and rebook for the lower cost.
  7. There is no naturalist on board, not that kind of ship. I did the excursion to Butchart Gardens and on the way back the driver dropped us in town so I walked around (picked up little maple butter jars for gifts) and then walked to Fisherman's wharf. Ate a lot at the wharf and then walked back to the ship, that walk felt good after everything I ate lol. Some people went back to the ship, rested and then went to Fisherman's wharf since it's maybe a 15 minute walk from the ship.
  8. First I want to say that what you are feeling is totally normal. Once you get into the swing of traveling solo, your worries will start to ease. On many excursions I've done there have been others who were solo because their partner wanted to do something else. Usually the organizers of the excursion decide on groups or people will say hey come join us. The same for shows, sitting by the pool, going to the gym. For dinner you can request to eat by yourself, no one will think twice. No one has ever thought twice that I was by myself even though I was sitting by myself for all activities. It's all a very relaxed atmosphere. I've been solo traveling for 11 years, had the same worries and thoughts especially with cruising, but eventually you don't even think about it anymore and can just be yourself on vacation. Most of the time others are so preoccupied with themselves they don't notice a thing lol.
  9. Oh fun! In that case I say go for it, might as well.
  10. Correct, the only time it goes over the edge is if it's paid and at the glacier. Maybe other times but it does only do the up and down otherwise. I really enjoyed the up and down, sure going over the edge would be cool, but it's still a fun thing to do. I think people are being cautious with the pay because some people do it only for the pictures and can then be greatly disappointed. You can also use your OBC to pay for gratuities, drinks, etc.
  11. You can book online, on the app once you're on the ship or you can just show up. You may have to wait a few minutes if you do the show up but it's not bad.
  12. Love the studio cabins with the virtual balcony (flat screen tv with a live feed on your wall) as I don't spend much time in my room. However, they sell out very quickly as there are not a lot. You do usually have to pay a supplement if you want a bigger room but due to a price drop I just upgraded from a studio to an interior (both virtual balconies) for $50 more but received a $75 onboard credit. So saved $25, bigger room and bed, plus double points.
  13. I really enjoyed the Fishermans Wharf. Great food, fun to see the houseboats, and delicious ice cream plus watching the seaplanes could be entertaining for them. You can walk, might be a bit far with the 6 and 1 year old, to the town. On Ovation last year we docked next to this really long pier that had fabulous views so that might be something they would enjoy as well.
  14. Yup! I went on embarkation day because there was no line and then later when I had my reservation.
  15. If I remember correctly, it was when you are at the glacier and maybe a handful of other times when in Alaskan ports. Otherwise it was free.
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