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  1. Can you tip in cash (dollars) or is it best to add to credit card bill?
  2. If this is true, I’m going to be a sad lady! My first cruise I started collecting the cute shot glasses they bring at dinner. I had Cheers but knew they weren’t covered. I’m cruising in September and was looking forward to the new (to me) shot glass design. I’ll have Cheers this cruise also. I want my shot glasses!
  3. Thank you for the great review. You’ve made me even more excited for my September cruise.
  4. How does one get a PVP?
  5. I don’t know if I’m more excited about our girl’s trip cruise or getting to try the Alchemy Bar finally! 🤣
  6. But if the mom can’t drink due to medical reasons, would that exempt her from having to purchase the Cheers?
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed your review! Thank you for taking the time to share your adventures with us. Looking forward to your girls cruise. I’ll be doing my girls Cruise the week after yours on the Miracle.
  8. Thank you for this suggestion! I just reserved and paid for my parking.
  9. Try the Florida departure board. Lots of great suggestions there. I’ve decided to do port parking for the convenience in September.
  10. Berns for breakfast? We’re doing Berns for dinner Saturday night. 😊
  11. We’ll be arriving in Tampa 2 days before our September cruise. The hotel will probably have the standard continental breakfast but I’m looking for more of a local favorite. We’ll have a car so can travel easily outside of the downtown Tampa area for a good breakfast. ☺️ I’m going to try Tampa Bay Brewing Co for Friday night and Columbia’s for Saturday lunch. I’ve been to the one in St Augustine so know how delicious this place is! Any other food suggestions?
  12. I don't understand it either, just going off what I’ve been told. Heck, I rarely ever drink wine.
  13. I enjoyed the review. Sailing on Miracle in September for a girls trip.
  14. Hope you enjoyed your cruise! How long did it take to reach the bridge? We have early dining and I was hoping we'd be able to see it.
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