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  1. PCR is more accurate and less likely to throw out a false positive. Hank
  2. It says either. We’ll be doing the Antigen, “rapid” test for our 9/18 Horizon cruise. Hank
  3. Not sure they’ll move Alchemy out there for you. But you never know in these unprecedented times. Hank
  4. How about that. A simple solution. That’s what I do every morning for she whom must be obeyed. Hank
  5. I’m all about making lemonade out of lemons. Excursion’s have not been posted yet. Care to share which AI you did?
  6. I feel y’all. Our 9/18 Horizon ABC cruise dropped Bonaire and added LaRamona and Amber Cove. Not ideal IMO. Hank
  7. I sent in the request on 7-5. Received the auto reply afterwards. Received a Cabin Confirmation email today. When I checked it, the shareholder benefit had been applied. So for me, 15 days. Hank
  8. The complimentary water are the large bottles.
  9. You can pre order both I believe. The 12 pack is the smaller bottles and is less than $5. I do not know the price of larger bottles.
  10. Based on the replies you’ve received, sounds like your sun goddess DH will like the aft balcony. Hope you have a great cruise T. We’ll see on part two of your b2b. Hank Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. I whole heartily agree about Woodwind. We went with them 3 years ago and will again in 2021. Dee and her crew are excellent and professional. The snorkeling is excellent in Bonaire. Plenty to see. Hank
  12. We’ve had an extended balcony twice on Spirit class ships. There is plenty of room for three people. There are only 2 chairs though. You may ask room steward for another. Enjoy your cruise Hank
  13. Nicely done Shipling. Always fun to cruise with you. Nice pics as well. Hank
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