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  1. booked 52 days before sailing (bella guaranteed balcony), was assigned a aurea suite deck 9 aft 24 days after booking
  2. interiors may be the same but the balcony's on the aft are significantly larger. gimletgal, here's a great photo album from cruise critic with great 360 photos. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/msc-seaside-994/suite-405481/ this cabin (9218) is on the starboard side, whereas 9215 is on the port side. one thing to note is that the photos do not have any loungers on the balcony but i'm almost positive all of the aurea suites on deck 9 have 2 chairs and 2 loungers. these balconys are huge, but lack privacy since every deck above you will be looking down on you, but you do have a bit of privacy closer toward the balcony door
  3. If you upgrade to the classic before embarkation, its $18pppd ($252 double occupancy)??? If you upgrade on the boat, its $18pppd + 15% ($37.80)??? Is this in writing somewhere? I'm getting all these 15% off emails on drink packages, excursions, etc (its actually printed right on my etickets) - I want to call in and upgrade and I want to ask for 15% off the $18pppd but I'm afraid they will just claim that I'm saving 15% because I'm booking before they add a 'service charge' once I'm on the boat.
  4. i applied for one just a few days ago and i had a voyagers number only a few hours later, but no notification email from them, i logged into my account and see that its assigned. submitted a pdf print out of an email from princess welcoming me to ruby, msc gave me 2200 points and silver status,
  5. +1 on if you paid $25 for a couple or $25pp. Also, can you comment on how crowded it was with 25 other guests there? i see they say they try to keep it around that number and never exceed 50 people, but from Google maps it looks fairly small and was thinking maybe 25-30 people might actually seem crowded. Basically trying to hope this place is like Cozumel's Nachi Cocum but more expensive and a la carte.
  6. i think a lot of you are missing the point. NCL is STILL advertising this cruise as going to GSC. We booked, then 3 days after booking they send the notice (enough time for us to book non refundable flights). It's not good business ethics to advertise an all inclusive cruise that schedules a port at their private island and then switch it to a port that is typically last on everyone's list. https://www.ncl.com/vacations/norwegian-sky-?ships=4294963192
  7. it's closed for renovations from aug 25th to oct 20th - they are rerouting my sky cruise from their paradise private island with free fruity drinks with the umbrellas to the oil refinement dump of freeport....:mad:
  8. I called in today and was stonewalled. No credit, no included tips, no cabin upgrades, no excursions, no speciality dinners. Just offered a refund which would I love to do and give my business to another cruise line, but we have flights already booked. It will be my first and last with NCL unfortunately for them. Just the fact that they are still advertising this voyage as still going to GSC is ridiculous, they should at least be up front about it...
  9. yes, on the sky and it was a selling feature to go to GSC and to be able to drink all day on their island under the all inclusive package and now its not so much (unless we stay on the boat which has already been discussed). this renovation has clearly been planned for quite some time from NCL, but its not in good taste to still advertise that the cruise stops in their private island, and then just email their reservations of that change after the fact...
  10. Came to the boards to see what people were doing about NCL's closure of great stirrup cay for the month of september. My searches came up with no results for this upcoming closure. I was planning on calling in to see if I could get some extra on board credit to make up some drinking costs (this 3 day Sky cruise will be a bachelors party) for Freeport. Wanted to inform everyone, see what peoples opinions were, and thoughts. I also noticed that NCL is still advertising these cruises as still stoping in Great Stirrup, which is not cool, and a little bait and switch...
  11. my apologizes for not checking the date.
  12. i found this article that quotes princess' spokeswoman: (edit: thats not relevant to this thread because i didn't realize the date) article from 2012
  13. Just got off the Caribbean Princess and can happily announce to everyone that Paul Chandler Burns, the newest cruise director that started on our Oct 27th voyage, was a highlight to our cruise. An excellent move on Princess' part to move Burns to one of their more popular ships in need of an upgrade in the entertainment category. Not that I had a recent experience on the CB and Lee Childers, but I have not seen any positive reviews on him. So all of you that are eagerly anticipating a cruise on the Caribbean, you will be pleasantly surprised about Paul Chandler Burns! Note: Burns was funnier in 3 sentences when he opened for the hired comedian, Cary Long (opinion based by Long's first night only, which did not earn my 2nd chance viewing a few nights later).
  14. call their toll free line or fill out the order form (page 17 of the PDF): http://www.princess.com/learn/onboard/gifts_services/index.jsp
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