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    Harvest Caye - what's the scene?

    No free food or beverages on the island... if you want to eat for free, you have to return to the ship.
  2. Yesterday, I got off the Norwegian Jade. I was on the cruise before the currently ongoing Star Trek cruise. (I did see a couple decorations slip into position the night before we got off the ship). It got me thinking, though. When a ship is chartered like this, what happens to the crew (and specifically the entertainers, ie production cast). I found the schedule for the star trek cruise online, and it is quite clear that the normal productions don't happen during these cruises. Are the cast members still around (perhaps for rehearsals, etc)? Do they go on vacation for a couple weeks? Or do they simply time it so that their contract ends before the charter, so a new cast can take their place a couple weeks later?
  3. I've searched the forum and found a lot of contradictory (or possibly outdated info). Could someone please provide updated info on free beverages in the Buffet? It sounds like Lemonade was at one point available. Is that still true? Is that universal across ships, or does it vary by cruise? Thanks!
  4. cruisingadget

    Harvey Remnants

    The FAA is currently saying Thursday Noon for both airports... those seem to be rolling estimates, not promises. Source: http://www.fly.faa.gov/flyfaa/usmap.jsp
  5. That's exactly what happened... the website you gave works great. Incidentally the page I was looking at seems to have disappeared. Good riddance. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, but I remain confused, since it doesn't actually seem possible to book online.
  7. I tried plugging in many dummy dates into their website, http://www.bahamaparadisecruise.com. Every date, even more than a year out shows sold out. I started a chat session, and they said they would have to call me, which they did about 15 minutes later from a number that ID's as Plaza Resorts. I didn't quite understand the reason, but apparently they don't take bookings online anymore... only by phone. So the only way to even get a price is to talk to someone on the phone. I refuse to do business that way... I'm curious, does anyone? It seems many people here got their cruises for free from timeshares or other promotions.