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  1. I must have been on a different Koningsdam as of the 14 days on board absolutely no 'wiff' of smoke......anywhere.....there were the two designated external areas and even there it was rare to see a smoker....
  2. We booked onboard the Koningsdam last July for our cruise in April from FL to Copenhagen. $100 AUD deposit; Explore 4 Package, Onboard Credit $400 US, $200 US internet, Gratuities, Pinnacle Dinner etc. Could not even come close to that when I got home so will book again next time onboard!. Ciao, Cristiano.
  3. Hi EDLOS I am from Sydney and I would not even attempt to make a 10.30 am flight as the traffic to the airport from Circular Quay or White Bay is horrendous at the best of times and you have our Peak Hour from about 6.30 am to 10.30. I was driving on Wednesday morning from the airport to the city at about 10 am and it took me almost 40 mins on our so called expressway. ( let alone any new freeway ?) With traffic , any probable accident, possible roadworks etc. and then you are supposed o check in two hours before an international flight you will never make it, sorry. Would not even bother with a train at that time of the morning and you still have to catch a cab to Central Station. also rush hour and it would be very difficult with luggage. Best bet is to stay at the Rydges at the airport which is what we do and just stroll across the road to check in the following morning :-) Ciao, Cristiano.
  4. I have heard that the Nieuw Statendam could be based in Sydney :cool:
  5. LOVE IT !!!!!!! maybe Sir PMP is having a royal melt down :confused: like all of us he is entitled to his opinion but I just love disagreeing with him :eek:
  6. Apart from the last 3 years I have lived in Sydney all my life and never seen an RSL or even the 'Star' that quite would resemble the Koningsdam :confused: None of those take you anywhere like the Koningsdam will.:) I for one think that she is quite beautiful with a few minor design flaws but as said in a previous post they are for stability and fuel economy. All you need to do is see her entering Venice from the air last Sunday ! Ciao, Cristiano.
  7. She is on the move again just leaving her berth !
  8. For the record I think that the ship is beautiful both outside and inside and leaves many of the ' floating apartment blocks' for dead :-) She is sleek and modern with the right colours for a cruise liner. The only slight issue I have is the " duck tail" at the rear but if it provides more stability and less fuel usage then all fine by me.
  9. An explanation from Captain Albert and also thank you to Alphen for his explanation: Quote : "Today everything was about the transfer from Marghera to Venice. There is an indoor route but we went first to open sea for a helicopter photo shoot and entered Venice via the regular Lido Entrance to the sail past San Marco Square."
  10. An explanation from Capatin Albert and I quote: "For this first transfer we had tugboats and apart from wanting to have a safety net for the first time, the local regulations also require us to have tugs in case the steering would fail while traversing trough Venice. It would not do if Holland America suddenly had a Hotel-Koningsdam parked with the nose embedded in San Marco square. Hence a safety tugboat to steer from the bow and a safety tugboat to break at the stern."
  11. Thank you Alphen although I do have them :-) my wife says that I am an internet tragic :-) Are you in Amsterdam ? I was born not far from Venice but live in Australia !!
  12. In the channel maybe she will turn right :-)
  13. Whooops she changed course looks like going straight out onto the Adriatic !!! Sorry !!! Heading to Civitavecchia :-)
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