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  1. it's time to just bend a knee to the CDC. From here on out, we will be advised to continue wearing masks until the common cold is eliminated. I predict that there will never ever be a statement from the CDC that masks are no longer recommended in public. Oh brave new world, that has such people in it .
  2. Maybe I am not understanding the science of the virus and the vaccination. If all the passengers and crew are vaccinated, then even after vaccination there is still a 10% chance getting sick with covid if one passenger gets on board and is capable of spreading covid. The vaccination clinical testing indicates that someone getting covid after vaccination will not get severely sick enough to require hospitalization. So, if passengers and crew are willing to take the 10% risk of getting sick with covid, it seems like this should be a matter of individual choice a
  3. Does anyone know if daily passes are sold after the first day? Headed out on an 18 day cruise and expect to be off the ship late in the evening 5 of those 18 days. I'd like to purchase 8 days of spa, not 18. Also, I had a problem on a repositioning cruise where I pre purchased a 14 day pass, and was told on boarding that the HAL website was in error and I needed to pay for the additional days to equal the 18 cruise days, I think the fact that the spa is a franchise and not HAL employee staffed is a part of the problem.
  4. I have had a few interesting conversations over the years with HAL employee's about the gratuities that we pay per day on the rooms. Basically, all employees, except that the captains leadership team, managers and entertainment staff, are in the gratuity share pool. Each of those employees are assigned point shares by job function. Your room primary steward has x number of point shares and his assistant has something less than x points. Each of the primary table waiters will have the same point shares and their assistant something less. Employee's behind the scenes like the k
  5. Hello IRMO12HD, In January my wife and I had free airfare with NCL for a Panama Canal cruise. Of course , it's not FREE. It's just a way to offer a discount, without showing a discounted rack rate. But I'm confident that NCL can get better rates than you and I. In our case, the carrier was American Airlines, who I fly with most of the time anyway ( ORD Chicago is our home airport). I called NCL once we got within 30 days of cruise and was given the flight reservation numbers ( they were going to get around to telling us, at some point, but I advise you to call when you get clos
  6. Hello responding to ILOVEISLANDS, Yes to planning for extra time, but even more so it is VERY difficult to take the airports shuttle bus with more than one small bag. The shuttles are overloaded as everyone is trying to deal with the disruption. I assume that NCL will figure out how to get you to the ship without a lot of trouble for you. On the return flight, you really should arrange your own taxi if the NCL transfer cannot get you to the right terminal.
  7. Hello, responding to ILOVEISLANDS. I was told by the porter that the construction was the cause of the busses being unable to drop passengers at terminal B on the 16th of Feb. The problem is that it may change weekly as to what restrictions are in place for what terminal. And my experience is that NCL had no clue as to what restrictions are in place at LaGuardia. Do avoid Laguardia, try to book thru JFK. Or just pay for a taxi on your own if you don't assurances you will be dropped at the right terminal. The shuttle between terminals does NOT have space for cruise ship luggage and passe
  8. We recently took the offer of free airfare for the 27 January 2019 Panama Cruise. This was for two flights. ORD to LAX and then LGA to ORD. The flights where with AA and once we had the booking, then I went onto the AA website and was able to select seats together. It was indeed a great deal. However, be very careful about the transfers , which are also included in the offer. LGA is under major construction, and apparently bus drop offs are not accepted at certain terminals on certain days. My own experience on 16 Feb was that the bus service dropped off 15 passengers at term
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