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  1. suezyq50

    Best Walking shoes

    Service is wonderful too. I had a pair that was ripping in the back, after about 9 months. Replaced them at no charge.
  2. suezyq50

    Web Site

    I have been having issues for 2 days. I deleted search history. I called and was told to give it 1 hr. Time will tell.
  3. We, 5 of us, are on the same cruise. Two have never cruised before. It will be interesting what they think!
  4. suezyq50

    carnival Fantasy????

    Thanks for posting. Did you go to the spa without getting any treatments, use sauna, etc.? Any other details or comments appreciated.
  5. suezyq50


    Right behind you!!:D
  6. suezyq50

    Mobile Cruise Terminal

    I am glad to see this. Any suggestions about the 19th and 20th? We are staying at Hampton Inn & Suites Mobile- Downtown Historic District, 62 South Royal Street, Mobile, AL 36602, coming in from Atlanta.
  7. Any body? How did you get the info for the code?
  8. Good info. I had been wondering the same thing
  9. I am needing to book excursions for 2 separate bookings, 5 people, 4 credits cards. Anyone done this? I was wishing carnival would do this or me, but I was told they don't do that and it has to be booked online. I was given instructions, but can't find the button that states "add a booking. Thanks for your help,
  10. suezyq50

    Cheers question.....

    Good information. I thought both needed to be present.
  11. suezyq50

    Mobile Parking update

    Not good to hear. It concerns me too!
  12. suezyq50

    CHEERS -quality not quantity

    I hope someone answers this. I wonder if some bars are better than others when it comes to wine.
  13. suezyq50

    Cheers Program

    Thanks for the info. I missed that part!
  14. suezyq50

    Kroger 4x Fuel Points on Gift Cards

    I considered gift cards, but can not be used for everything. They can not be used for Cheers.