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  1. Extremely un appy!! Still have not been able to upload my passport picture. As for booking reservations - have given up. Even with all your input, its too time consuming. Hope everything will be great once onboard!
  2. Re the PCR tests. Will the result from a test we have to do, weekly, suffice? It will be done on Tuesday 29th June 2021. Also, hi Barbette165 - I will be travelling solo as well. I was hoping to take my 11yr old but they have Celeb have said not possible. Don't know why. Am assuming they have reached capacity for children. So hubby and he remain at home! Hopefully there will be solo meet ups onboard.
  3. Hi 8420PR - I've just booked this via the USA!!! I had originally booked for Genoa to Malaga but as this is sailing from the UK, at least there will be one less flight and hopefully more chances of it sailing with UK passengers! I usually book via a German website but they only had the 8 nighter. Thanks!! ps. Apologies for the font and typing, laptop gone crazy!
  4. Hi all - re single supplements. Virgin Voyages have played a blinder!! I have to travel alone for this voyage and thought it would be too expensive. However, I was able to book a solo fare for £479 for the 3 night voyage. I too thought I would not get any onboard spend, or it would be reduced. But no. Got the same $100 obc! I must have struck lucky as when I looked a couple of days ago, it is now £1079 for solo sailor!! Re P&O - really good touch adding the obc!
  5. Well, I'm not the only one who thinks its a good price. The insides, on most dates, are sold out. For those sailing on MSC. I love MSC but unless you are in the yacht club (ship within a ship concept), there is about a 1/3 of the ship that "steerage class" will not be allowed to enter. I believe there is access all areas on the Disney Magic. Yes, Disney is pricey but so is Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, The Ritz, the Burj, Waldorf etc, etc!! After the year we have had money is not an issue. Creating memories with my family is my philosophy!!
  6. Re Preziosa - sailing from Hamburg on 21 June 2021 - Fjords and Iceland. Due to do Med from 22 September 2021
  7. Hi all - just a quick reply re Disney. Happened to go online at 8.00am and was able to book an inside cabin, for 2. It came to £818 for both of us. Sailing on 30th August 2021 for the 2 nighter. Such a busy summer coming up now!! Britannia Virtuosa Scarlet Lady and Disney!! What has everyone else got booked?
  8. Hi - I just made a new booking. The one for Magnifica in October, I just requested a full refund. Also, totally agree about booking through a travel agency. Its only on very occasions that I book direct with MSC. Booking via a travel agency is:- usually lot cheaper lower deposit final payment is usually one month before
  9. Hi again, Stockjock. That is so funny! You may remember I had booked Magnifica for 12th May 2021 for 2 nights. It was only last week that MSC Germany finally conceded that she wouldn't be sailing. I finally got it cancelled. I transferred it to October 2021 on Seaside, with 100 euros obc. We had originally had Magnifica booked for October but they have actually now cancelled that. When was your Magnifica November booked for? On the MSC website it is showing Magnifica Eastern Med until 3rd November 2021, there is then a gap until 29th December 2021 where she will
  10. Agreed. Good price for a Disney cruise. We booked 30th August for 2 nights for £818. We're happy with the price. Really thought it would be around £1600!! Such a busy few months coming up now! We have Britannia (2 nights) Virgin Voyages (3 nights) MSC Virtuosa (3 nights) and now Disney!!
  11. Hi - I'm on the 6th August sailing, for 3 nights, which sailing have you booked? (The roll call is taking off slowly but surely!).
  12. The information I received from the travel agency just states negative PCR test for those under 18.
  13. Totally disagree Motownvoice (good name by the way!). I have had a Cunard cruise and Anthem booked. Back in Feb/Mar (?) of this year, they were both cancelled. I have already received my refund from Cunard. Anthem refund is pending. I booked MSC Magnifica in March for May this year, via MSC Germany, fully expecting it to be cancelled. (Was hoping for onboard spend or smooth transition to replacement Virtuosa)!. MSC UK customers were told that this cruise would be cancelled. However, as of today, this cruise is still showing on ALL of my portals - and they expect u
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