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  1. Lets give them some credit for innovating the LED ceiling at sea.!!
  2. Depends on your idea of an upgrade!! A few years ago, before they changed the categories to include "basic" options, we used to book a standard inside. We regularly got upgraded to premium ocean views. Since the introduction of "basic", we have booked this grade (guaranteed basic inside) twice and were not upgraded.
  3. Well, if possible, I would book another cruise with another cruise line.or even a different Costa ship. You may see from my other posts on deployment changes - Costa change a lot!! We had the maiden Costa Smeralda sailing booked - that was cancelled. We booked New Year's Eve on Smeralda, embark on 31.12.20 - that was changed to embarkation on 1.1.21 (the whole point was to have NYE on board!). I booked the Costa Luminosa for my birthday 27th March 2021!! - that too was cancelled. Luckily, we had the MSC Virtusoa booked for Christmas 2020 before the prices increased. Left to Costa, we would have had to book the MSC cruise at double the cost! Is there another itinerary you could book with a refundable deposit - just in case!!
  4. Hi there - I normally travel with hubby and son but wanted to sail on the new Costa Smeralda. They have a 2 night sailing (5 December 2019) but I just thought the price was a bit steep at 398 euros for 1 adult and 1 child. (For comparison, I am sailing on the MSC Grandiosa, brand new ship on 10th November 2019 at £140 for the cabin for 1 adult and I child ) so I thought, I'll go it alone!! I had NO problems whatsoever in booking a single cabin. Sometimes I think things get lost in translation when speaking to the Costa staff, who all seem to be Italian (obviously). Also sometimes a single option is available, disappears, goes up in price, reappears - so you do have to keep on looking. For those who have not yet sailed with Costa - give them a try!! My only "worry" is that that they do seem to cater more for families so I am watching the price and may well take my son.
  5. Another deployment change affecting Costa Smeralda! We were due to embark Rome on 31.12.20. I received an email yesterday stating that the sail date had moved to 01.01.21. The whole point was to be on board on New Year's Eve!! Again really poor offerings from Costa - accept the new date at the same rate or refund. No fcc, obs - nothing. Luckily we have MSC Virtuosa booked for 18th December 2020 disembark on Xmas Day. I booked that at the same time as the Smeralda and am so glad I did as we got a really good price. (The cabin price has since doubled). Really poor show from Costa. If I hadn't had anything booked, all the alternatives have really gone up in price. Sometimes I think it is better not to book so far in advance but with Easter and Christmas there really isn't the option to book last minute as flights are more expensive or no 3-berth cabins!! Rant now over.
  6. I know it is the Celebrity site, but what about the new P&O Iona out of Southampton on 23 May 2020? It will be the school holidays in the UK. Must say, I have been on many sailings with various cruise lines and have NEVER known the kids club to be closed?!! We sailed on the Eclipse to the fjords mid-July and it was one of our best cruises. In terms of location, the fjords are hard to beat. (We are doing the preview Apex out of Southampton - can't wait!)
  7. We too are booked onto this cruise (2 adults and 1 ten year old). I agree about the itinerary but the sail into Rotterdam is just fabulous and I'll never tire of it. Added to this, we will be sailing over Easter so the ship should be decked out accordingly. It is the school holidays as well, so expect there will be a lot of children and a lot of Easter themed events.
  8. Thanks to the regulars here, we now have a few cruises booked with P&O. In the past we were put off with the "cost" in comparison to other lines as we have a child and are fixed with when we travel. However, we now does just book the minute the new itineraries come out. Why didn't I do that before?! What with the low deposit, good child prices, choice of cabin, no-fly and obc we are more than happy to sail with P&O. Agreed that itineraries are somewhat repetitive but other lines, especially now out of the med, are just as tedious (I don't want to see Marseilles for at least another decade)! We are now just focusing on the ship and onboard experiences/facilities. Though some ports are have better sail in and out - Rotterdam being one of my favourites. By the way, MSC will have a presence from Southampton for 2021. We have booked the short May 2021 cruise. Also, has someone else suggested, Princess is good and we have booked a short October cruise for 2020.
  9. Anyone booked? I booked the 3 nighter - 28th May 2021. Came out at £550 for 2 adults and 1 child, OVF. £25 onboard spend. Booked this time through UK travel agent as the deposit was £150 per cabin. Not too fussed where the cabin is as its "only" for 3 nights. ps - Hi Beamafar!
  10. Hi Wansborough. The same thing has happened to us. I regularly check the cruiseindustrynews website. On 27th August they mentioned that Costa were shuffling some of their ships. I didn't hear anything from Costa regarding our sailing on the Costa Luminosa for April 2021. I finally got an email on the 3rd September! Like you, the only choice was to change the booking to something else and they would apply a 10% refund. I thought that was a bit poor. We have had cruises cancelled before with our cruiselines and like you stated, they usual offer future cruise discounts, free transfer, free upgrades on known cabins and onboard spend! As there was no mention in the email about a simple refund on our deposit, our travel agent confirmed this can be done. The catch? It can be done but that is all we will receive!! Luckily we have a future cruise booked. We are on the Costa Smeralda, February 2020. Our Luminosa deposit will be transferred but that is all we will be getting. I must say I am a bit disappointed by this but not surprised by Costa. We will see how our Costa Smeralda cruise goes and thereafter, sadly no more Costa sailings for us!! As an aside, I think this has been a blessing in disguise for you. The older Costa ships (apart from the Mediterranea,) are in my opinion sorely lacking now. Our last Costa sailing was on the Costa Fascinosca in May and we had the Costa Fortuna booked. As soon as we got home we changed the Costa Fortuna to the Costa Smeralda!!
  11. Thanks, Preziosa. Just booked. See you there or on the Grandiosa!!
  12. I'm also on this sailing and was just about to ask the same question - which hotel?!! We have reserved the Marriott Courtyard, that is near the train station. We booked the cruise through a German travel agent. The only help they gave us was to say that Steinwerder is an industrial area and couldn't recommend any hotels.
  13. I'm interested in any short sailing out of Southampton on the Odyssey of the Seas. (Rumour being that would be an option for late 2020). I did a "live-chat" with a Royal employee today He told me that the only information was that the timetable would be out in fall 2020. I asked which month of fall but he reiterated that was all the info he currently had. Will carry on waiting to see what transpires over the next few months!
  14. Animalgirl27 - just saw your post. There is an interactive information touchscreen display/tv thing on most decks, which lets you know what is going on! It is offers a choice of several languages. Re the mandatory drill - on our sailing it was in German and English.
  15. FirstTimeFreddy - you will have a fantastic time!! We sailed on the AIDAnova in February, to the Canaries in February. We had sailed many lines and have been to most locations but we still had trepidation with this booking and sailing with Aida. We needn't have worried. The ship is beautiful!! Most the crew, and other passengers, spoke English. I have some rudimentary/rusty German but once people knew you spoke English, they were more than happy to switch to English. There are also information screens for the daily programme which will let you switch to English to find out what's going on. In terms of difference say between MSC and Costa, I really couldn't see any major differences. If anything, I would say I thought the food was better on AIDA. Added to that, wine/beer at mealtimes was included plus the service charge! For a family of three we paid 1098 for a basic inside cabin. It was over the half-term. I must add my 9yr did not use the kids club at all. There was enough for him to do without attending but on MSC and Costa we have to drag him out of there to spend time with us or to go ashore! Another thing, my husband and I booked spa days but because of childcare I couldn't go. My husband went and he said everyone in the spa was naked. (Some passengers sat on towels, others did not). Now my husband didn't mind using the spa but I would have wanted to wear a bathing suit - but that would possibly have made the other passengers uncomfortable so that is something you may want to consider!! To the original poster. We live in the UK. We booked though a German travel agent but they deal with absolutely all cruise lines all budgets and their website is easily found online. As we had used them before, we just booked through them just in case we had any queries. Out of interest I went onto aida.de and was able to make a dummy booking and would have had 100 euros onboard spend had I have done a confirmed booking!! I found the website easy to navigate. I then had other queries and went directly through AIDA and they answered promptly and in English, which I found reassuring.
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