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  1. Apparently MSC will be offering up to 50% for "healthcare" workers. Not sure who that will exactly apply to. Sale due to start on 31st August 2020. Hope I can take advantage of it! (Moodie Davitt Report online).
  2. Cruises cancelled through 31 Oct 2020. Will have to wait until 2021 for a Virgin Voyage. Just hope they can ride this massive wave out!
  3. That's a bit of a poor show! Our Anthem of the Seas, on 15th August 2021 from Southampton, was changed from 1 week to 2 weeks. Royal Caribbean have very generously said the extra week is on them. Just hope it goes ahead!
  4. Hi all - the only downside is that eventually the free transfer of cruises will end. I will then have to pay an "admin" fee which will no doubt to higher than said deposit!
  5. Forgot to say in answer to the original poster. We would cancel anyway. This is based on the cruise being in October to northern ports. With all the possible new protocols in place, we feel it would be miserable. (Hopefully you have seen how Aida plan to manage their upcoming August 2020 cruise)? I would only now cruise, if possible, during the summer months from the UK. It seems as though the only way to have an enjoyable, cruise that bears some relation to cruise of old ,is being out on the decks for most of the cruise and in fine weather!
  6. We have Iona booked for 24th October 2020 and final balance is 26th July. My bugbear is why is the final payment date for P&O and Cunard so early?!! Royal Caribbean has a final payment date of the month before. Similarly if booking through an overseas TA, MSC is the month before. Interestingly, I have also booked Cunard via a German TA and the final payment is about 6 weeks before. So it can be done. I "only" paid £60 so think will just absorb the loss. (I'll leave it until a couple of days before in case they announce another extension to the pause). There is nothing more that I can fit into the next 18 months! I have also noticed that prices have shot up. Two nights Britannia (16.4.21) is now £967 for a standard balcony!! I've also noticed the deposits have crept up so if I did wish to move my current booking, I would have to tie up even more money into P&O in the way of enhanced deposit. Fortunately, I have Iona booked for Easter next year, and have £60 obc, so that will negate my upcoming loss!!
  7. Hi all - re AIDA. She is more expensive as all drinks (wine, beer, coke/7up) are included in the price. We sailed on Aida Nova in 2018 and had a great time. Looking forward to sailing on her "sister" ship Iona, whenever that may be. We are booked for 24 October 2020 and are contemplating whether to pay the balance or not. See the AIDA board for more info. She was not as "German" as many people perceive it to be.
  8. I know this is the MSC site but regarding my earlier post today, Anthem has gone from a 7 day sailing to a 14th. I don't have to pay extra. Excellent news!! (If it goes ahead that is). Our 4 day sampler on Grand Princess has become the Regal Princess!!
  9. Hi Beamafar - what crazy times!! Hope you are well. We too have been cancelled but I have run out of cruises to rebook to! We were meant to sail on the Virtuosa on 18th December 2020. Through this forum, way back, I was told she would be delayed until next year. I contacted the German travel agent a few weeks ago; they said no delay and that the inaugural would be in November, as planned. Lo and behold - last week I was finally told that Virtuosa had switched to Grandiosa! We could accept the change, plus upgrade of cabin and 100 euros. At the moment, we are not keen on flying so have requested a refund of deposit. Not sure when we will receive it but hopefully by the end of this year........ We have also had Preziosa cancelled. We were meant to be sailing on 21st October. I only found out, again, through this forum last week that changes were afoot. I checked my reservation online and it had an error message. I got "formal" confirmation on Sunday. On this however, they are only offering a transfer. But as stated above, I have no room for anything else and am getting tired with all the switching! Presently we have P&O Iona booked (Oct 2020, Queen Victoria (Dec 2020), Costa Smeralda (Feb 2021), P&O Ventura (Easter 2021) P&O Iona (Easter 2021). Grand Princess (Apr 2021), MSC Magnifica (May 2021), Anthem of the Seas (Aug 2021) and finally - Harmony of the Seas (Oct 2021). What has everyone else rebooked from 2020 to? Luckily these are really small deposits, so if we are not cancelled, and depending on the pandemic will just cancel ourselves as we wish to have a more stress free 2022 with only 3 cruises!.
  10. Ok - how about we help the cruise lines out with ideas for future protocols! Imagine you are in your cabin and a crew member arrives to let you know that unfortunately, a passenger is showing signs of infection for covid or has tested positive. You are then told you MUST stay in your cabin and they will bring any of your cohorts back to the cabin. You are then all holed up in your cabin. If any passenger for any other health reason are in an inside cabin and they request a different cabin - they MUST be moved to an ocean view cabin or balcony cabin. Obviously this depends on how long it will take to get back to a UK port! With regard to ports, the cruise lines should be working with overseas governments to achieve assurance that if a passenger/passengers requires IMMEDIATE hospitalisation, they and their family members must be able to disembark and if necessary quarantine there. (Their repatriation to be sorted out at a later date). All other passengers MUST remain onboard and be returned to a UK port. With regard to all the other passengers. We will be isolating in our cabin. ALL drinks should be free flowing. There should be FREE unlimited wifi. There should be no denigration in the choice of food! The UK ports will then be on full alert that passengers will be disembarking at other ports and not just Southampton. Passengers can be disgorged in Hull, Liverpool, Newcastle, etc. On arrival at the port mini-buses or taxis will take passengers back home. On arrival at the port, all passengers MUST reconfirm the screening questionnaire they gave to the cruise line before boarding. Passengers will then be required to quarantine for at least 7 days. This can be checked by the local police. With the ensuing press interest in the ship arriving with said passengers, I am imagine this should be easy to enforce! Finally, affected passengers will be refunded their cruise fare! What do you think?! Be kind!
  11. Hi - don't know if you have seen this on another post. Travel Agent told me today CMV will be cancelling up to end of August. Official notification coming over the next couple of days. Hope that helps!
  12. Travel agent alluded that cruises will be cancelled up to end of August 2020. They are awaiting notification from CMV, which they reckon will be over the next couple of days.
  13. Comcox and Boltonian - you KNOW you have to cancel!! Say for some miracle my 19th July 2020 cruise and your booked cruises do go ahead. Do you trust Cruise & Waste of Time to deal with a possible covid outbreak onboard, never mind anything else unforeseen? If this is the way they deal with folk pre-boarding, can you just imagine how they will deal with an onboard emergency................... ? (Dad's Army at Sea springs to my mind). Their USP of treating people with old-fashioned manners and cruising "how it used to be", was appealing and that's why we had travelled with them in the past. However, this lack of basic information and, for want of another word, paternalistic/patronising manner is a bridge too far!! As said in my earlier posts - there is no way EVER I will sail with CMV especially not when I will be travelling with a child and having to potentially put our lives in their hands!
  14. To the original poster - I managed to read your post and had no problems whatsoever. In today's society some people have a very short attention span and are no longer able to read anything longer than a text message!! If I had had a problem, I would have just copied and pasted your post over to a word document and then just increase the font size. Easy to do. You have posted here asking for information. I'm sorry but I am unable to offer any advice. However, after your experience, if I can't lift and shift a booking, I will ask for a full refund!. I really hope you have a satisfactory resolution to this.
  15. Hi JMNATHAN - I hope you know I was joking and that you read all of my previous post? Of course its annoying, to say the least, that the decision is taken out of your hands and you don't want to lift and shift to next year. I'm finding that all the cruise lines I'm booked with - CMV/MSC are taking a similar approach and as stated earlier, only Royal generally seem to offer a bit more flexibility (though not in your particular case).
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